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Stephen has a nice chat with the Princess

Chapters (3)

It is the year 2552 and the Pillar Of Autumn has just entered Slip space to escape the Covenant fleet at Reach. A malfunction occurs with the Slip space drive and sends the Autumn and her crew into unknown space. The first planet that comes into range is very Earth like, and is giving off intelligent life signatures. What they don't know is that their only way back home is on this planet. The Autumn dispatches a scout party and what they report back is unbelievable. A world completely inhabited by ponies, millions of them..... Welcome to Halo: Equestria.

I'll add in more character tags as they are introduced in the story.

Cover image is: My Little Mjolnirs: Friendship is Mark VI
by *COBilly
Fan Art / Digital Art / Drawings / Games ©2012 *COBilly

Halo is the property of Bungie and Microsoft.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, is property of Hasbro and Lauren Faust

I do not own the cover image, Halo, or My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

Chapters (8)

Luna, knowing she still must improve her standings with much of Equestria asks a favor of Celestia:To let her host the next Grand Galloping Gala. Celestia refuses and offers a better idea, To let Luna host her own Individual celebration. Luna soon finds out the troubles of planning such a grand event.

Chapters (6)

Octavia has hit rock bottom. After the Gala and being forced to play that song, she was cast out by high society. Now she must gather the shreds of her pride, only to have to swallow them to work under the only pony that seems willing to hire her. Now it's time for her to make a name for herself all over again, and she's determined to make it no matter what, even if she has to start over from Scratch.

Chapters (17)
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