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More popular than the "Celestia's Homecare" omnibus, better selling than "Fifty-Three More Things to do When Trapped on the Moon", and more controversial than the infamous "Cupcakes", how does the story of this remarkable book differ in a universe full of... pony?

After escaping the destruction of Equestria at the hands of some big ol' meanies, Pinkie Pie leads her friends on a series of baffling, mind boggling and downright nonsensical adventures through a galaxy where harmony is in short supply, but aliens, monsters and chaos are most definitely not.

Gasp! As they meet strange alien creatures!
Cry! As emotional torment assails our characters!
Groan! As the Author includes yet another 4th wall break!

And most importantly, DON'T PANIC

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You are Fleur-de-Lis, a retired model who still hangs in her upper-class social circle. When Fancy Pants decides to host a large fashion show, you take the opportunity to invite Rarity. When she finally arrives in Canterlot, what do you have in store for her?

Author's note: This is my experiment into second-person fiction. It's a bit of a departure from my usual writing, but I hope you enjoy it. Many thanks to TheGentlemanCreeper for the inspiration of turning this concept to second-person, and to Coffeebean for the support.

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Barney Trotter and his valet, Cheese, struggle to assist young Prince Blueblood, who has accidentally become engaged to be married. On the night of the Grand Galloping Gala, Barney unfolds a masterful plan to rescue his pal from the harness of matrimony.

A parody of PG Wodehouse's Jeeves & Wooster stories.

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Are pegasus wings really fragile? Do unicorn spells really fail catastrophically? And just how explosive is chocolate milk, anyways? Join Applejack, Rainbow Dash and the rest of the MLP crew as they not only tell the myths, but put them to the test!

Thanks Pustulioooooo for his WONDERFUL Coverart!

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Vinyl is an unicorn whose life has been a complete mess. After the death of her grandparents, she gave up on life completely. Yet through a series of events that started one day, she again became the happy pony and wonderful musician she once was.
Author's note: I've been asked to explain the timeline a bit more. This contains spoilers to new readers.
Click "More" to see the timeline.

Vinyl's age : event
0 : Vinyl's parents die. Grandparents take her in.
7: Vinyl gets her cutiemark
9: The bully-incident.
11: Octavia leaves for the Academy
12: Vinyl makes her first record
14: Vinyl makes her second record under the name DJ PON-3
18: Vinyl plays at the Great Galloping Gala. 2 months later, her grandparents die. She moves to Ponyville, to her old parents' house.
20: The story starts.

Hope this clears up some misconceptions


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