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Vinyl is an unicorn whose life has been a complete mess. After the death of her grandparents, she gave up on life completely. Yet through a series of events that started one day, she again became the happy pony and wonderful musician she once was.
Author's note: I've been asked to explain the timeline a bit more. This contains spoilers to new readers.
Click "More" to see the timeline.

Vinyl's age : event
0 : Vinyl's parents die. Grandparents take her in.
7: Vinyl gets her cutiemark
9: The bully-incident.
11: Octavia leaves for the Academy
12: Vinyl makes her first record
14: Vinyl makes her second record under the name DJ PON-3
18: Vinyl plays at the Great Galloping Gala. 2 months later, her grandparents die. She moves to Ponyville, to her old parents' house.
20: The story starts.

Hope this clears up some misconceptions


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Well, I haven't been very descriptive, but I think it kind of suits the situation, seeing as how it's told from the viewpoint of a pony that is sick of life.
It was a very useful read, however, so I am going to make a couple of changes. Thank you for the feedback :twilightsmile:

wow, some powerful stuff in this chapter... kinda made me sad actually

Another great chapter! Keep 'em coming!:pinkiehappy:

ABout writing;

Maybe want to use Enter button more?

This story makes me rather sad...
It reminds me of my own life...and how much I hate myself so much...

...and it makes me feel pathetic that Vinyl is so...much more fluid to music than someone like me, who supposedly is choosing it as her life...

I hate my life...

This chapter made me even more sad than the first...

I wish Princess Luna would...come teach me to escape my nightmares...

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