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After somehow being transformed into Wallflower Blush of Equestria Girls, Blake must find out a way to get back home.

Displaced in a brand new world of Drama, Magic and Adventures.

The perfect escape from reality.

Just one problem, as the new heroine of our story would say...

"I'm Still Invisible!

Takes Place Before Forgotten Friendship.

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John was a full-time gamer. He was popular on YouTube for his gameplays, his hilarious commentary and funny rages posted online. But, he was alone. No one knew he had a secret thing for My Little Pony, nor he was actually a brony.

Well, that all changes as a package ends up on his doorstep, granting him friendship, a better life, and a loving girlfriend!

Though, that also comes with being his most-faved character in MLP, a 12 year old kid gamer named Button Mash!


Part of a collaboration based off of The Blue EM2’s story, An Apple a Day.
Collaboration group can be found here: Canterlot Adventures

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Hi there, I'm Douglas Edwards of the Lone Star State of Texas. My girlfriend wanted to go to Bronycon and being the supportive boyfriend I am I got us passes to the convention. I personally only watched when she watched it with me and it became somewhat of a thing for us to watch it together. While she was waiting in line I found this cool stand with Doctor Who stuff. I liked the show and bought the Fifth doctor's screwdriver and a gallifreyan style pocket watch. Yeah that was a stupid move...

In this story, The Doctor has the same age of the fifth of 29 so picture is a younger looking than his actual appearance. Also this is a part of Canterlot Adventures series link below:

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