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John was a full-time gamer. He was popular on YouTube for his gameplays, his hilarious commentary and funny rages posted online. But, he was alone. No one knew he had a secret thing for My Little Pony, nor he was actually a brony.

Well, that all changes as a package ends up on his doorstep, granting him friendship, a better life, and a loving girlfriend!

Though, that also comes with being his most-faved character in MLP, a 12 year old kid gamer named Button Mash!


Part of a collaboration based off of The Blue EM2’s story, An Apple a Day.
Collaboration group can be found here: Canterlot Adventures

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Welcome aboard Button!

Good to be here!

Choo Choo, here comes the greatest gamer in Canterlot, Button Mash!

Just don't set your train on fire! I'm fond of 4-4-0s.

Uhh... wut.

Was that supposed to be a reference to something?

Edit: I think I know what you were referencing to now. It was the Button Mash animation where Button was playing with his toy train, and it lit up on fire, isn't it? xD

Well, it's fine. I'm definitely gonna be more careful. Besides, I'm more into playing with toy cars if I don't have my games with me~

OK. That'll certainly shake things up a bit.

Hey Button Mash, Tempest Shadow the Gym Teacher at Canterlot High it's good to see more faces around.

Button Mash did first find "Sweetie Belle" near the portal/CHS statue (or what's left of it since Midnight Sparkle destroyed it during Friendship Games. It would appear that Equestrian magic is leaking out of the base of the statue and causing some issues (like in Roller coaster of Friendship with Valencia Vignette, or Mirror magic with Juniper Montage and her mirror, or Sci-Twi's watering can in the latest short where she's asked to tend to Principal Celestia's garden while Principal Celestia and Vice-Principal Luna are going on a summer vacation.

Another good chapter.

Sorry fer not commentin'. Y'all did good with thechapter.

Nice work once more.

You should probably check The Blue EM2's work, An Apple A Day. I'm just filling in background stuffs, that's all.

Aww, thank you so much! :twilightsmile:

He's just afraid for his fellow 'transported' friend. That's all.

HELLO! Good worm.

Sorry, good work. Bloody autocorrect!

Nah, he said that it was damn auto correct. :rainbowlaugh:

Well, truth be told, Button told a truth to cover up the real lie. So, ehh...

Aww, thanks! :Twilightsmile:

Welp I wonder who is the guy/girl that turn into sweetie belle

Well, that person happens to be JimmyHook, who already wrote Sweetie Belle much longer compared to me. Just check the Canterlot Adventure group and find his story "The Belle Rings True"!

He already did. He did a spit-take of all his food onto Rumble. :rainbowlaugh:

I don't know, don't ask me. :rainbowlaugh:

Huh neat thanks for the info should have klicked the group link. Kinda feels sad though for the real sweetie and button mash must be real confusing to go from world of happines and in literal seconds goes to human worlds full of complications and easily made people suicides °~°

Err... Well, technically, the longer one person spends time in another person's body, they become more like the person and finally ends up as him/her wholly. So, technically, by this time, the real Button Mash is already accustomed to John Rooke's body, and probably had adapted to his body and world, just the same as vice versa for John Rooke in Button Mash's body.

A second what now?

Ohhh... Well, that's just spoiler stuff. SO, of course I can't reveal when he's gonna get revealed. :rainbowlaugh:

Sorry, but what I can tell you is, it'll be soon.

"Your on!"

Your, as in your car is blue.
You're, the contraction of "You are", and what it's treated as in the story.

Yeah, noticed that. But, I just followed JimmyHook's dialogue, so I don't know.

Then I guess it's his typo.

Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom as well as Emily/Scootaloo's conversation is covered in The Belle Rings True and In Apple Bloom's story.

“It isn’t wrong, but we just don’t do it” - Gordon
A3 with a stuck whistle... I spotted that reference! (Being a Railfan, I got the train talk thing)

It’s cool so far! I’ll be sure to continue looking in on this story!

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