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  • 2 weeks
    The My Little Pony Renaissance Contest


    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to one of the final grand acts of My Little Pony Generation 4. Generation 5 Is scheduled to be released this coming September 2021 and in order to get ready I (Dezmo) have decided to host a major writing contest in the spirit of the upcoming change in the show.


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  • 6 weeks
    May 2021 Pairing Contest

    It's May! You know what that means, right?

    Welcome to the May 2021 Pairing Contest!

    The May Pairing Contest? What's that?

    If you've been on fimfiction for more than two days, you've probably noticed that the characters you see used in stories are typically only used with each other (for instance, the mane 6 plus Anon, Vinyl Scratch x Octavia, Derpy Hooves and Dr. Hooves, etc.) The May Pairing Contest is a competition to see who can write the best content by using two characters who we rarely see interact with each other. It's basically a fun way to get your creativity out and discover what would happen if two ponies who never get stories with each other (such as Princess Cadence and Fleur De Lis) just happened to be involved in the same plot!

    So what are the rules?

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  • 11 weeks
    Friendship is Optimal Writing Contest

    Contest By: GaPJaxie, Cold in Gardez, and Skywriter

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  • 40 weeks
    A Most Delightful Ponidox

    Contest by: FanOfMostEverything

    Ever since Equestria Girls established that parallel universes are very much a thing in this setting, I’ve loved having different versions of the same person interact. There are only a few hundred stories out of more than a hundred thousand on the site devoted to that. Those are, in the words of Mark Hanna, rookie numbers. Let’s go bump those numbers up.

    The prompt for this one is simple: Two or more distinct instances of the same person have to interact. Whether it’s double Rainbows racing like Superman and the Flash, two Sombras going to war against one another, or just a blessing of Sunsets in the Isekai.

    Word limit: 15,000 or fewer.
    Rating limit: Everyone or Teen

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  • 44 weeks
    AppleDash Warm and Fuzzy Feelings Event

    A lot of us have been stuck inside for the better part of the year, and might need a little bit of a pick-me-up. That's why this event has one, simple mission:

    Bring a little warmth and happiness to someone's day!

    During the month of August, each person who writes an AppleDash (romance or friendshipping) story full of the warm-and-fuzzies and publishes it to FIMFiction will receive $15! It's that simple! This is not a contest and there’s no judging involved!

    Beyond that, there's no prompt, so feel free to write a grand adventure, cute romance, captivating mystery, or whatever else your heart desires!

    In a nutshell: someone should be able to read your story and walk away feeling better about their day.

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  • 45 weeks
    Cozy Glow Short Story Contest

    The time has come to celebrate our favorite filly! The Cozy Glow group is delighted to host its first short story contest. Cash prizes in the form of amazon gift codes will be awarded to the top finishers. In addition, the first place entry will receive a work of visual art depicting a (SFW) scene of the author’s choice. Why not enter and express your devotion to the true Empress of Friendship?


    All stories must:

    -Adhere to the site rules

    -Be between 5k and 10k words in length

    -Contain Cozy Glow as a central character

    -Not endorse or feature any specific sexual theme beyond the existing categories and tags on Fimfiction

    -Be written in English

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  • 54 weeks

    Hey everyone!

    So it's been a long time since I've had the opportunity to host a contest, but you know what they say: There's no time like the present! That being said, I think it's high time I host another one... and an interesting one at that!


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  • 58 weeks
    The May 2020 Pairing Contest

    It's May! You know what that means, right?

    Welcome to the May 2020 Pairing Contest!

    We had such a great turnout last year, so I've been waiting for months to announce that we're going to be bringing it back this year as well! If you competed last year, the rules are going to be basically the same. If this is your first time, welcome to the contest! Let's get started.

    The May Pairing Contest? What's that?

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  • 64 weeks
    The Halloween in April Horror Contest

    It’s coming up on April, and the world is a very scary place right now. What better way to distract ourselves than to frighten everyone around us with horror stories?! Fimfiction doesn’t feature as many good, scary horror stories as ‘Slice of Life’ or ‘Comedy,’ and we here at the Barcast think it's time to change all that!

    Announcing: The Halloween in April Horror Contest!

    That’s right, we want YOU to write a genuinely scary horror story or two to help spooky up this difficult time. You can have your story featured prominently by the Barcast, and win fabulous prizes!

    What you’ll be judged on:
    -Is it error-free?

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  • 72 weeks
    Anon Filly Contest - Pony Transformation General

    Hello Everyone!

    Today we have a contest centered around Anonfilly to share with you. As a reminder, unless otherwise stated, this and all other contests featured are neither officially run by any staff members of Fimfiction nor officially affiliated with us; they are entirely run by the community. If you have an event or contest of your own you think may qualify for a social site post like this, you can find the criteria here.

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Competition » Jake The Army Guy's Horse Word Extravaganza · 1:41am Jan 20th, 2020

Hello Everyone!

We have the pleasure of sharing with you info for a contest featuring different species from Friendship is Magic. Below is a brief summary with a link to the full contest info. As a reminder, unless otherwise stated, this and all other contests featured are neither officially run by any staff members of Fimfiction nor officially affiliated with us; they are entirely run by the community. If you have an event or contest of your own you think may qualify for a social site post like this, you can find the criteria here.

Fillies, Gentlecolts, and everypony in between, it's time for the second installment of Jake The Army Guy's Horse Word Extravaganza! We got some amazing stories out of the first go-around, and I want to bring more awesomeness to the public! As with last time, stories will be judged by a panel of fantastic authors, and with several great prizes up for grabs! The prompt this time around is...

"Friendship Beyond Equestria!"

Over the course of Friendship is Magic, we've been introduced to a veritable menagerie of species that inhabit the world. Some of them—like griffons, dragons, and yaks—we got a pretty good look at how they operate. Others, like changelings and hippogriffs, we didn't spend as much time with. And still others—like Diamond Dogs, Kirin, or Breezies—we know next to nothing about. And that's the point of this contest.

I want you to take a deep dive into these cultures, and show me what makes them tick. You can tackle any aspect you want: historical figures, political systems, religious beliefs, whatever. You can also write any type of story you want. Romance, sci-fi, horror, adventure, slice of life, anything goes. For a full list of the rules regarding what species you can focus on, please see the full blog post here.


  • Any rating is allowed, but no pure clopfics. I allowed them in the last contest because that was all about romance, and sex is a logical progression of romance. Now, you can write a Mature rated story, and you can have sexual elements in your story. It just can't be the main thrust (huehuehuehuehue) of the plot (huehuehuehuehue).
  • Max word count is 10K. Last time we got forty submissions, so I don't want to bog down the other judges and myself with massive stories. I feel 10K is plenty of page to get your story out there.
  • Only new stories. I know you may have written an absolutely epic exploration of griffon culture last year, but any submission has to have been written for this contest.
  • All submissions must be placed in the Jake's Horse Word Extravaganza group, which you can find here. Please be sure to place your story in the appropriate sub-folder in the 2020 contest folder.
  • All submissions must meet FIMFic's posting guidelines and be posted to the site.


DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION IS FEBRUARY 29TH, 2020! All stories must be submitted to FIMFiction no later than this date. This give you over a month-and-a-half to write.


  • 1st Prize - Cold Hard Cash, Baby! Amount will depend on how many people enter the contest:

    • 5-10 entries: $25
    • 10-15 entries: $30
    • 15-20 entries: $40
    • 20-25: $50
    • And if we top the last contest's number of 40 entries: $75
  • 2nd Prize - A spotlight interview with The Barcast!
  • 3rd Prize - A dedicated review by one of FIMFic's most respected reviewer, PresentPerfect!

I am really eager to see what y'all can come up with! Once more, check the original blog post for full details, and let me know if you have any further questions! Get your writing shoes on, go buck wild, and have fun! Jake The Army Guy out!

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Comments ( 12 )

That picture is amazing and so are you, Jake.

Aw, dangit, I sent in the wrong title.


The prompt in this post is "Friendship Beyond Equestria," while the prompt in the main blog is "Beyond Equestria's Borders." I derped, but the intent of the prompt is the same: a look at how other cultures in the FiM world operate.

Sorry for the confusion! :twilightsheepish:

Oh heck yeah. Finally, an excuse to put pen to paper and try out that Breezie villain idea I’ve been kicking around.

We are Equestria of Borg. You will be asnuggulated.

I wonder if this would be the contest where I can try out my idea where Luke Skywalker is sent by Obi Wan Kenobi to learn the ways of the force from Master Celestia in the Eqqus system, a reclusive Jedi master who has secluded herself away from the galaxy for thousands of years. For his destiny is to bring the Force back into balance, like Master Celestia and Master Luna have managed with their own world. Only young student Twilight Sparkle, recently ascended to Alicornhood, is upset that this new student of Celestia's is being taught things she never was permitted to know, and finds herself being tempted by Sith Master Chrysalis to the Dark Side.

"You mean I can check out books from the restricted section?" asked Twilight breathlessly. "Without permission?"

Mine won’t be ready anywhere near that deadline, but it’s good to see some attention given to some worldbuilding.

Why is this in my feed?

Comment posted by Fracturedheart deleted Jan 21st, 2020

This is a site blog, meaning it appears for everyone.

5188975 Tempting, but idk if I'd be able to make it in time. If anything, maybe I can just write something in the spirit of the thing for funzies.

Either way, hope the contest goes well o/


Thanks! :pinkiehappy:


Aww, I'd be really eager to see what you could come up with.

Gonna submit something just to run the prize money up and put a bigger dent on Jake’s wallet.

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