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Changes · 4:15am Oct 14th, 2019

The final show has aired, the final canon ships have been launched, the final spoiler warnings have been lifted, and we now find ourselves in a brave new era ...

... an era where the pony infosec parody account @ShiftOnSecurity is no longer anonymous.

Seriously, you have no idea how long I've been waiting to take credit for that silly parody of "The Raven" I wrote. :ajsmug:

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...I can't believe that was you.

And yet, of course it was you.

I'd reveal that any tweets replying to @ShiftOnSecurity by @BelleSweetAI were by me, but that's not much of a reveal, is it?

--Sweetie Belle

Hm, first time I've seen that, I think.
[reads a bit]
Nice. :)

The weird thing is, I've known this for a while, but I don't ever remember explicitly being TOLD. Somewhere in the last year or so I was just like "Yes, that's totally Horizon" and I don't know why.

But I've loved Shift on Security for ages.

Buckle your pants, because it all makes sense now. :rainbowderp:

I have never seen this twitter before, but I read that Raven parody and I just have to say: Have coded. That do be how it is. Can confirm.

Wonderful work as always, Horizon.

Well this caught me completely by surprise. Bravo on creating one of my favorite novelty Twitter accounts :moustache:

Yep, me too. I've kept my twitter handle fairly close to the vest because I'm a loudmouth political junkie, and figuring out how to wrangle two accounts... I'm lazy.

Wait, you are on Twitter?

WAIT, you're the one behind that account?! :pinkiegasp: :pinkiehappy:

That's so awesome!!

Ooooooh can I follow your twitter?!?

I'm neither a poet nor an IT pony, but damn that was a good poem parody. :twistnerd:


First time I saw that poem. I am very glad I don't have to spend months wondering who to thank. Blessings upon you, guardian of the realm of electric dreams.

Nice. I've been following that account for years, pretty sure it was my gateway to the Swift on Security account as well.

Author Interviewer

literally what c.c

well, at least now I have something random to read on Youtube someday :B

That strange feeling where I realize "oh, that was a secret?" but I didn't tell anyone because I assumed everyone already knew. I avoided making a mistake! :scootangel:



Turns out you're, like, one of two reasons I ever went to Twitter.

I should've known…
I should've known…

For the record, you and kazerad are the two reasons I ever went to tumblr. We should do an Infosec Luna/ask-miss-harshwhinny crossover!

Man, it would be pretty great to see Harshwhinny take on InfoSec Luna, but I'm not sure what dire situation would force them to work out their differences together.

This post is totally a weird thing for me. I remember when you told me you were doing the pony-infosec thing parodying shift-on-security and I was like "oh cool, that's clever I guess." As someone that hates/avoids twitter (despite working in tech) I was amused when you showed me the parody potential for that account, but I didn't realize (and never followed up on) the full potential. That was years ago. But I had no idea that was literally a secret from the pony community for all this time. I assumed it was an open secret. Same way you're "Totally Not a Changeling!"

But now I'm by dumbfounded these reactions... I mean, I was somehow let in on this secret so long ago and didn't realize it was an actual secret! Holy crap! Why didn't you tell me I could lord that knowledge over others? I would've abused the crap out of that :-)

Regardless, I hope you all had fun. And if I can have your full attention now. But, now that I have your full attention, I just want to point out that the real owner of the pony infosec account is...

Hehe. :)

It's been a wild ride. At one point I had a post go viral and my phone was melting down with notifications. It's this weird mix of intimate and public space; I've got over 700 followers there but it's usually about the same five people who are actually interacting with the account. And it can be a huge time sink if I let it!

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