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Horizon sighting opportunity: Babscon! · 2:18am Apr 16th, 2022

I know I haven't been active around here lately -- kinda fell out of the habit of everything during the pandemic, including writing. But I'm still forcing myself out the door for conventions every once in a while!

Case in point: I'm in San Francisco this weekend for Babscon, doing my not-actually-patented Drunken Pony Tarot Readings and mostly just kicking it and seeing what other authors are around. Come say hi!

If you happen to be attending, word on the street is that there's going to be an author get-together late Saturday night after the toasty writers panel, sponsored by the Sad Sac crew (aka me, Caliaponia and Rocket Lawn Chair). Hit one of us up for details.

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Sadly, I won't be at Babscon. Any chance you'll be heading to EFNW?

Wanderer D

Man, I'll be missing Babscon. I'm with 5651079, you visiting EFNW?

I’ll be at EFNW, hope you can make it there, too!

File Yarn and I under Wish We Could Be There. I hope you all have a great time! :twilightsmile:

I had considered going this year, and a little glad I didn't because I've got a miserable nose-honking cold right now. (and that would have driven people a little nuts in the close confines of a con)

Party on in my place, dude!

Wish I'd been able to go, but I'll see you at EFNW if you're gonna be there!

Hope you have a blast! n_n

5651079 5651083 5651086 5651109
I went last year and I do hope to make it again :twilightsmile: In between the pandemic and a possible family vacation I can't be 100% sure, but I'll probably firm my plans up in a couple of months.

I am not going to babscon but good to hear from you in any case :)

4067 after Toasty Writers finishes in about an hour!

Oh no I'm not at BABS, but I'll be at Everfree. :pinkiesad2:

Tuesday morning, I had a tickle in my throat that became a small sore throat that became a I could no longer deny its existence bonafide cold by Tuesday afternoon (and the first and several years honestly. I think I have an amazing immune system because I eat so much food off the ground and pick my nose and whatnot). Thank God or your higher power of choice that it came Tuesday and progressed from sore throat to runny nose to coughing to fading quickly and was neither a day later nor covid. I'm at the con and the last two days I have had to clear Gunk from my lungs and my nose, but I've had a great time and haven't suffered because of it, but I very nearly didn't get to go because being sick at a convention is neither fun nor responsible. I hope you feel better soon, friend.

Wish I could have been there. Disability is stopping everything, but the semester is almost over (and may be my last).

Sunny mentioned you on Discord. :trollestia:

Hi, I literally haven't existed for several years but just want to post a review on your Drunken Pony Tarot Readings (TM): deadass it's been 5-ish years since my reading and things panned out REMARKABLY in alignment with the reading you provided. I am almost unsettled at how well you foretold the Actual Big Conflicts I was set to encounter. Things worked out. In addition to being fully 1000% satisfied with my reading, I am now interested in learning how to read tarot myself. 100/10 would recommend.

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