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Can anyone guess where I am today? · 7:34pm Sep 17th, 2019

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No, I can’t, sorry

Mars? (Hey, you never said the guess had to be correct.)

The Globe of Science and Innovation.

That display looks like the standard model. I figured it's CERN related. My next guess would have been Batavia, but Google found the answer for me with CERN wooden dome.

This is just a guess, but...somewhere on Planet Earth?

Somewhere on earth

EPCOTs looking a bit run down. :twilightoops:

Author Interviewer


I'd agree. I think Pineta took the picture standing here (though the aerial/satellite view is woefully out of date):

Vous êtes à le conseil européen pour la recherche nucléaire!

Wherever you are, at least you have the most sciencey of princesses with you!

5122637 Ye gads. The fandom has some serious investigation skills.

Enjoying your time at CERN?

Whoah! All sorts of flags now. When did they put those up?

If Homestuck fans can track down the specific random Burger King Dave was staring at in a matter of hours, I think MLP fans can find something that's an actual landmark.

You win
Well on the scale of the universe, you're pretty close
5122614 5122626
Well that's accurate, but not as precise as it could be
Very close, but it was actualy from the other side of the tramway on the Esplanade des Particules
C'est exact. Et bravo pour le français

Aha! So roughly here, or a bit further back?

Daniel Terdiman used to publish this sort of guessing game during his tenure at CNET over the course of his annual science and technology “Road Trip.” As the online visual search tools improved from year to year, he was forced to keep upping the difficulty by first stripping out EXIF data, then posting pictures of less frequently photographed places and objects, shooting them from less common viewpoints, etc.

Or that thing where they figured out where the flag was by looking at contrails in the sky and cross-referencing with airplane flight paths.

You obviously have discerning followers...


Ye gads. The fandom has some serious investigation skills.

In the course of Silver Glow’s Journal, there were often times where people would send me a link to a Google Streetview or a satellite view (for some of Silver’s flights) and have me confirm or deny that that was where she was . . . in most cases, they were right.

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