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Seattle Bound · 8:15pm May 15th, 2019

I mean, y'all know that already; I've blogged about it a few times here and there. But in case you just signed on, I'll be at EFNW again this year. Should get there around 8pm Seattle time tonight.


My manager thought I was going to work today--I don't know why he thought that. Especially since last week I told the Matco guy I would be gone on Wednesday, and my manager overheard and then started speculating about what I was going to be doing in Seattle.

He also decided he was going to punish me for taking time off, by giving me a whole slew of rusty trucks for underbody work. Put a rear axle in an 06 Chevy, lift blocks in a 02 Chevy, and then front spring perches on a 96 Ford. Had to shovel the rust and dirt off the floor of the shop after I got done with those, and my shirt pockets got filed with rust flakes and dirt, too. Surprised I didn't set off the metal detector at the airport.

I did get a personalized pat-down after I went through the x-ray tube, so I guess that's a plus. Nothing like a little personal attention from a TSAgent. :derpytongue2:

Anyway, I'm about to logoff and mosy towards my gate. Hope to see y'all in Seattle!

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See ya there. PM me your telegram/number/discord and we can arrange dinner one night

See you there! I made sure to pack my Biscuit shirt.

See you tomorrow afternoon!

Good luck! Don't fall off the plane! :derpytongue2:

Did you find the gate that Silver Glow departed from back in December 2016?

Makes me glad I work in title research. >^_^< Whether I have anything to do or not is fully dependent on the whims of the real estate market, and as a result I never get any complaints from my boss if I need to take time off while nothing's going on.

Enjoy yourself in Seattle.

Could be worse. Spend some time at the range then go through TSA later. Amazing how the 'random' patdown works. I'm having serious angst issues about tomorrow's Salina to Kansas City run. The flight, not so much. Provided I can reach it.

Wow... what did you do wrong man?

I went to Hawaii, even went through JFK, with a pair of nail clippers and a small multi-tool in my coat pocket and it NEVER got flagged. Coming OR going

Oh shoot! All my pony shirts are in storage somewhere at my moms house. I forgot to grab that one for this trip!

If you're looking for somewhere new to go in the Seattle area, try Tacoma. It's a nice city for a daytrip just south of Seattle- just take the 574 bus from Seatac Airport and when you get to Tacoma Dome station, take the streetcar to Union Station in downtown Tacoma and wander around,

Welcome back to the Emerald City. If you havent had the chance yet, go to Beth's cafe on Aurua. Best 24hr diner in town. Oh and the friendship bread is the best (not actually called that but the staff know what you mean when you ask for that, I just can remember the actual name on the menu.)

Equestria Airlines? Pffft. If you gonna fly in style, you need to take CelestiAir:

I'll be there!

... For an extremely expansive definition of "there" which means "convention occurring this weekend on the west coast". :( But I hope you enjoy EFNW while I'm at BLFC!

Was great seeing you there and hanging out!

I didn’t, coming or going!

She never specified which one it was, but I got to the airport early, and I rode the red train from one end of the terminal to the other, so I would have passed by it.


Wow... what did you do wrong man?

It’s just me. I’ve come to expect it.

Nearly got deported from Canada once, even.

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Sadly, I didn’t have any free time to do anything other than con-related stuff. Which isn’t bad, but I really do need to get some extra time off some year and spend more time exploring the Seattle area, visit the Space Noodle, etc.

Next year we need to collab on a crackfic.

...we’ve got discord; we could do that sooner. You know you want to.

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