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  • 19 weeks
    S8E25-26 - School Raze


    The Young Six and the Cutie Mark Crusaders stop an evil force from taking over the School of Friendship while the Mane Six try to escape Tartarus.

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  • 19 weeks
    S8E24 - Father Knows Beast


    Spike and the Mane Six provide shelter to an injured dragon. He claims to be Spike's father, but Smolder suspects there's more to him than meets the eye.

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  • 19 weeks
    S8E23 - Sounds of Silence


    Applejack and Fluttershy encounter a group of Kirin who are scared to hurt each other's feelings.

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  • 19 weeks
    S8E22 - What Lies Beneath


    The Young Six find a hidden passage underneath the School of Friendship.

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  • 19 weeks
    S8E21 - A Rockhoof and a Hard Place


    The Mane Six help Rockhoof fit in to modern-day Equestria.

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  • 22 weeks
    S8E20 - The Washouts


    Rainbow Dash fears Scootaloo's days as her number one fan is over when Scootaloo is obsessed with The Washouts, an expedition group of stunt ponies.

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  • 22 weeks
    S8E17 - The End in Friend


    Rainbow Dash and Rarity question their friendship when they cannot find anything they enjoy doing together.

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    Apologies for the upcoming dump but the episodes airing right now are a total mess!

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  • 24 weeks
    S8E16 - Friendship University


    Twilight is shocked to find out that Star Swirl the Bearded has enrolled at another school of friendship.

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  • 24 weeks
    S8E15 - The Hearth's Warming Club


    A prank gone wrong ruins Hearth's Warming Eve preparations. When Twilight Sparkle tries to figure out which of her students is behind it, the students bond over shared memories of home.

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    Man it's hard to keep up with this weird episode scheduling.

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  • 25 weeks
    S8E14 - Matter of Principals


    Discord becomes jealous when Twilight Sparkle leaves Starlight Glimmer in charge of the School of Friendship instead of him.

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Episode Discussion » S8E19 - On the Road to Friendship · 11:58am Aug 17th, 2018


Trixie tries to convince Starlight Glimmer to go to Saddle Arabia with her and do a magic show there.

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Comments ( 81 )

Let me this the episode where we get to see Starlight and Trixie flying on that rocket? :)

Ah, another episode with my two favorite Unicorns.

Oh cool, a Starlight and Trixie episode!
Mmmm.... yes Starlight-haters, your anguish sustains me!

Ah, so now we get to see Saddle Arabia.

TrixStar in Saddle Arabia. What could possibly go wrong?

>Last episode: 17
>this episode: 19

Edit: Oh wait, just noticed Yakity-Sax was apparently 18, nvmnd.

When exactly does this episode air today? I live on the east coast of the US.

Can anyone PM me a link to the episode, or is that not allowed also?

Hope it's not a total shoddy ripoff of Saudi Arabia.


Welp, it's official. Starlight and Trixie are now best Brian and Stewie. Someone make that a thing. :rainbowwild:

This was a fun one. I rate that Friendship Bound song as the best of the season, and it was quite a comedic buddy road trip. Though I'm not entirely sure what that Saddle Arabian gentlecolt's game was. Why did he want Trixie's crummy old wagon in the first place? Simply to give her a better one? And why didn't he want to trade it back when it was revealed that trading it wasn't Starlight's call to make? He's deliberately giving himself the short end of the stick just to... teach Starlight and Trixie that even good friends get on each other's nerves during long journeys? :rainbowhuh:

Ah, whatever. It's a confusing conundrum that doesn't truly mar an otherwise remarkable episode. I'm sure Trixie and Starlight will make better travel arrangements next time. First class or no class.


I'd better be careful with that joke. It's an antique. :raritywink:

We didn't see much of it in the episode, though. It is the biggest flaw of the episode. Maybe if Trixie didn't have the need to remind us that she's "great and powerful," we would see more. Unfortunately, maybe next time.

As for myself, I actually enjoyed this one.

  • Good humour throughout the episode, maybe way too many jokes broke the 4th wall, which is something I'd expect from Pinkie or Discord, but it still worked out well.
  • The song was catchy, although the last key was way too high for my liking.
  • The new pony seems like a fair, honest and charismatic character. It might be a small role, but his presence during the episode made it so much more pleasant to watch through.
  • Nice usage of what was on the screen. (for example the two ponies arguing during the song)
  • The conflict was very believable: Trixie underestimated the situation of a colleague, and it nicely rolled since then.

Of course, there were some issues with the episode as well, but they're all minor:

  • The already mentioned lack of the new destination, I hoped they would go deeper in the location.
  • What Trixie and Starlight did in the show are teleportation spells. Sure, not every unicorn can do it, but still, I don't think that is really "unseen" magic. I don't get why ponies go on these shows.
  • I understand that they're both frustrated, but intentionally ruining the show seems very harsh for the audience. Although sleep deprivation can do crazy stuff, I'd say they went over the line with this one.
  • Starlight sold somepony's else property. IANAL, but this seems pretty illegal.

As I said, all those flaws are rather minor. I don't rank episodes, but if I would, this one would likely battle for the top twenty of the series.

Why did they make Starlight go into full turbo asshole mode and literally sell Trixie's house out from under her? That... shouldn't have happened. At all. In any episode, ever. Why did the writers even think that was a good idea or a valid source of conflict?

And what was even the point of that Saddle Arabian guy who didn't even get a name? He was just there to bump the story forward a couple times. Wasting a good character design there. Bleh. Also, totally called it that they'd never even reach Saddle Arabia. Yeesh, they're just doubling down on the whole "no more interesting world building" it feels like.

im really disappointed we didn't get to see Saddle Arabia, i like to see the land of the horses at some point before mlp ends

Starlight does something illegal every other day. No one cares anymore.

My reactions:
I'll say this about Starlight, she really knows how to work up a crowd and amp up the drama.

Umm.... was Granny Smith not aware of what she signed up for when she volunteered?

Aww! Little Flurry Heart is here!
Starlight : "Don't stare at their butts, don't stare at their butts, don't stare at their butts..."

The look Starlight and Trixie share is just priceless!

I'm Starlight? If Twilight was willing to come and visit the show, I think she'd be more than willing to give you the day off...
Trixie: "Draw Trixie like one of your Prench mares~"

Saddle Arabia?! We finally get to see it!? WOOHOO!!

Behold! The Great and Powerful Trixie Lulamoonwalk!

Trixie: "Glimy are you okay? You okay? You okay Glimy?
Glimy are you okay? You okay? You okay Glimy?
Glimy are you okay…"

Starlight: "I GET IT ALREADY!!"

"Many fans?" How did Trixie accumulate a fan base outside of Equestria?

Also, why would that guy want to trade his more lavish and much bigger wagon for a smaller one??

Damn! I already used the Prench Mares joke...

Trixie, I know you love Starlight, but please stop trying to seduce her while she's at work! You giving the clopfic writers ideas!

Hi Cozy!

So... who exactly is Starlight's substitute? Maud maybe?

Oh! Somebody get Dr. Wolf!

Trixie, maybe you should store those smoke bombs somewhere more secure....

Starlight: "Thank goodness we're not like Twilight or the others, they'd probably sing a song about it..."
So you two are just singing ironically?

Okay, how was the wagon not already flooded!?

Oh wow, they're traveling through the fire swamp from "Somepony to Watch Over Me"? Watch out for Chimeras!

Okay, I know we're supposed to be focusing on the two unicorns, but I really want to know the story behind how these two got stuck in the swamp.

Is it just me, or is this song slowly becoming passive aggressive...?

I-but-what th-HOW!?

Noooo! I don't want to be reminded at the series is going to end!

Oh cool! Somnambula's old home! Wonder what she's up to in present day-oh hay! There she is!

Oooooh boy... here comes the passive aggressive part of every road trip... sadly speaking from experience here.

Aaaaaaand now I have no choice but to add this in:


Okay dude, you are getting weirdly obsessed with this show of hers...

Why does the volunteer have to be an old person in each of the acts?

I'd make an angry sex joke for their arguing scene, but I don't think any one of them could add enough light-heartedness to this...

*Shudder* Uh Starlight? That kind of expression makes one think you're contemplating murder...

Starlight, that wasn't your wagon. I know that the road trip wasn't ideal and the conditions weren't the best, but that doesn't give you a right to sell someone else's property without their consent.

Seriously, that was a dick. move.
What is this guy's deal with wanting Trixie's wagon so badly?
Starlight and Trixie: "FUUU-SION HA!"

Okay, this hastily put-together secret hoofshake is by far one of the most hilarious parts of the episode! It's so awkward yet funny!

Oh COME ON! I wanted to see Saddle Arabia!

Well this was one heck of an episode, it actually did capture the feel of being on an unbearable road trip and managed to make me laugh in a few places, the song was decent.

Though I have to admit as mad as Starlight was, it felt like she went too far when she sold Trixie's wagon, and the dude seemed a little too obsessed with getting his Hooves on it, why was it so valuable to him?

Anyway, I give this episode of 7 out of 10


It's so certain, that they actually don't have to show us.
Was interested to see new Saddle Arabian character. The worthless rest of the ep I shamelessly skipped :ajsmug:

The episode started off real good, with lots of what makes StarTrix so amazing. Then the inevitable problems start piling up, and things turn into a mess for sometimes mediocre reasons. I think I like it more when they work together as a bickering mess instead of against each other, and it does get better near the end, though I expected more from my favorite 'screw the rules' pairing.

I'll admit I have a lot of bias in favour of this episode. Starlight/Trixie ep that only furthered their bond, a roadtrip that brought back a lot of memories of the one me and my ex went on a few years ago (though I'd have preferred getting falafel from a stall over running to a kebab shop in Edinburgh at 10pm), Cadance and Flurry's first appearance of the season, one of the best songs of the last few seasons, a lot of interesting questions raised about Saddle Arabia. So on and so forth.

I know people are going to have their issues with this ep, but I get this one a lot. Pretty much the only thing bothering me is that Starlight isn't usually so literal minded when it came to Trixie saying she could have the caravan. Still, a minor point in an otherwise wonderful episode. Number one for the season and a serious contender for my top ten of the whole show.

A lot of nice poses for trixie in this episode, I also have another reason to relate to glim glam, my snoring can wake the dead. This episode just goes to show the truth of camping/road trips, unless you're willing to get all the frustration and arguing done early, you are going to suffer the entire trip. Oh and always bring a 3rd person, I don't know why but a trip can always be improved by having a third person. Seriously though, I hope the animators had fun with this one.

I was so waiting for an upbeat folk song with Saddle Arabian city backgrounds.


In Starlight's defense, she had no reason to know how much the wagon meant to Trixie before she sold it. Trixie never mentioned an emotional attachment to it (she spent the entirety of the trip complaining about how small it was, just like Starlight), and from Starlight's perspective, the trade just made too much sense NOT to take advantage of. Trixie even called out the Saddle Arabian dude for taking advantage of her absence to get his hooves on it. Starlight didn't have the right to make the trade... but if Trixie didn't have an emotional attachment, the trade would've been amazing for them.

The Saddle Arabian dude was easily the weirdest part of the episode. None of what he said or did made a lick of sense. He never even explained why he wanted Trixie's wagon in the first place, to the point where he was willing to trade his far bigger and fancier model for it.

That being said, I LOVED this episode. Trixie and Starlight make an amazing pair, and this episode was no different. I think the song is one of my favorites in the series, the inter-cut quips between the two of them were perfectly paced and timed, and genuinely cleverly written. Probably my favorite episode of Season 8 so far.

While I can understand that, Starlight could have at the very least asked before making such a drastic choice. Or at least waited until morning so that Trixie would be present when the deal was made.

The saddle Arabian dude was the weirdest part, that I agree with 100%. I'm still trying to figure out exactly why he would want a smaller wagon and would be willing to trade his bigger one for it. Considering how much trouble Starlight had bringing it back home, maybe he wanted it because it was smaller and more maneuverable while his was bigger and more cumbersome.

That's the closest reason I can come up with anyway.

However despite those flaws, I still found this episode somewhat enjoyable.

This episode was fine. I was surprised by the Saddle Arabian guy being a unicorn and I think he was genuinely trying to help Trixie...then he made the trade with Starlight who wasn't the rightful owner of the wagon and I was like 'ok, you crossed the line'.

Did Starlight expect a first class journey when she accepted to accompany Trixie? I mean, you are the guest and spend the money on what you want, snore in your sleep without telling Trixie, finish her pancakes without sharing some...
And then you trade away her wagon out of spite because don't sell me that you couldn't have realized that a larger wagon meant extra weight and such.

-During the song Starlight and Trixie don't stop to help those delivery ponies stuck in the middle of a fire swamp. What?

-Yes, Trixie makes some little errors along the way like wanting to make the line of that motel -or whatever- ending up with the door closed on her face. But maybe she knew from experience that it was a good motel? And she apologized to Starlight several times for their unconfortable journey.

This episode pictured well enough how this kind of trips go, even if you're with your best friend. I've got a similar experience myself and I can relate.
Too bad we didn't see Saddle Arabia but now that they mentioned it again, they are likely to show it someday.

I liked this episode. I liked the new song, and it was fun seeing Trixie and Starlight on a road trip together. Wouldn't have guessed that Starlight snores and Trixie talks in her sleep. :rainbowlaugh: Interesting to see a new character, though it did seem kinda weird to me that the Saddle Arabia pony was following them and was ok with trading his nice, bigger wagon for Trixie's smaller one. Anyway it was a fun episode. :twilightsmile:

still not hers to trade with

This was probably the most enjoyable episode of Season 8. Season 8, so far, has been filled with episodes that were okay, mediocre or just flat out bad, but this one is different. This episode was actually good. It felt as though Hasbro tried to make an episode that felt like it belonged with the earlier seasons of the series and I honestly think they did quite a good job at that. The plot is nothing too serious or complicated but it's such a breath of fresh air because we haven't seen an episode like this in quite some time. Starlight and Trixie really haven't had much time in the spotlight in the past and I'm glad Hasbro gave them another chance with this episode.

Like I said, the plot is simple, Starlight and Trixie had an idea to go on tour together, they have a few hiccups along the way but they manage to see their way past it and move on, they start getting mad at eachother due to complications on their trip, Starlight eventually does a royal screw up, they both go separate ways, they realise they need eachother and their friends again.

It's so simple, yet it's so fresh. I feel as though we haven't had enough Starlight and Trixie episodes before, so they haven't been given so much time to really bond. Starlight is Twilight's student to learn the magic of friendship. This is how Hasbro should continue to do that. No friendship school or anything. Just Starlight, Trixie, maybe Sunburst and even Maud. When Starlight said she wasn't ready to leave at the beginning of Season 7, she was completely right, because she hadn't been given a lot of time to actually bond with her friends.

So basically how it all goes, Trixie and Starlight set out to Saddle Arabia for a magic show. Along the way, a unicorn keeps following them, offering Trixie a bigger and better wagon for her small one. Trixie keeps pushing away his offer because she loves her wagon almost more than anything. I mean, why wouldn't she? It's her literal home, of course she'd love it. But eventually, without Trixie's permission, Starlight trades wagons and boy did that make Trixie heartbroken. After that, Trixie continues her tour with no wagon while Starlight goes home with the new wagon. Trixie ends up running into the stallion that took her wagon and she stops at nothing until she gets it back. Which she however doesn't. Starlight, on the other hand, is finding it very difficult travelling home alone since her friend was no longer there to either help or lighten the mood.

In the end, Starlight returns to Trixie and offers to trade back with the other unicorn. He, however, will only do so if they both prove that their friends. Trixie and Starlight then make a fool of themselves and make up their own version of Twilight's and Cadence's "Sunshine, Sunshine" song. The stallion finally sees that they're worth it and gives them back the wagon, but advises them that they tour when they really are ready. After that, they both go home and everything's fine.

This is exactly the kind of thing they both needed: an episode that felt like a classic episode in which they bond together and start becoming closer as friends. Hasbro finally dusted off the old shelf and it paid off. If this were a Mane 6 episode, it wouldn't have worked at all. That's the problem with Season 8; the Mane 6 are thrown into plots which just wouldn't work because they're in it. A perfect example of that would be the episode, "The End in Friend." I just couldn't see Rarity and Rainbow Dash stop being friends because they don't share the same interests. If anything, that episode could've been about two of the Young 6. Maybe Gallus and Smolder, or Gallus and Sandbar, I don't know. It's just that it doesn't work with the Mane 6. The reason just sounds so petty because of how good friends they are.

All in all, we should get more episodes such as this one. This was a good episode and I do see myself watching it again. It's definitely the best episode of the season, in my opinion.

The song gave me Road to Rhode Island vibes :rainbowlaugh:

But yeah, at least they made up in the end. Their faux hoofshake was hilarious and cute.

Well done.

I also saw the little ship-comic strip on Deviant Art. Loved it. And yeah, I hoped we'd have seen (more of?) Saddle Arabia too. I think they did come to Saddle Arabia (or just Mare-rocco? :pinkiehappy: ), as we saw mares with hijab scarves (like the picture you showed where they were once again denied a room for the night).


The town they made it to was Somnambula, from Season 7. The Saddle Arabian dude says it. And from the way he talked later, this is still in Equestria, and not in Saddle Arabia.


The problem with Season 8 IS that they're trying to make Season 1 episodes with the Season 8 characters, and the reason it doesn't work in other episodes is because the Mane 6 are so different from where they started that conflicts like this either feel too soft to be funny or borderline out of character. Putting FRESH faces like Starlight and Trixie in one of those episodes was the key, because their personalities play off of each other so well anyway, and their personalities also clash pretty easily. It worked because unlike most of the Season 8 episodes that tried to recapture earlier seasons, it MADE SENSE.

Which only goes to prove why the upcoming reboot is probably necessary. The main characters of FiM ran their course long ago, the show needs something new to do and someone new to do it with.


Yes. I literally said that.

This episode and the hearth's warming one were easily the best episodes of this season. Several people have remarked how this is feeling like we're back in season one, and I've noticed that too. Not only in the types of lessons being taught, but in the range of really good and really bad episodes. Here's what I mean:
Seasons 6-7 had some good ones and bad ones, but mostly okay ones.
Seasons 4-5 just had a lot of good episodes.
Seasons 1-2 had many really good ones and really bad ones, and not as many mediocre ones.
Now, season 8 is having several either really good ones or really bad ones... just like seasons 1-2.

Maybe I'm just seeing things, but does anyone else see that?

Also, is it just me, or was the first hotel they tried the same hotel Daring Do occasionally stays at?

This had a road to morocco reference

Apparently selling things you have no right to is a common thing in Equestria
Remember when Rainbow Dash sold Fluttershy for a book?

This was a great episode


I actually can't recall many times (if any) when Starlight actually levitated all that much. She visibly strained slightly when lifting up one of Sunburst's dense pieces of luggage after all.

Wait for what ?


I think they're trying to call Starlight OP for lifting a wagon the size of the bear Twilight once lifted.

Nevermind that a mostly hollow wagon isn't even close to the weight of a giant freaking bear.

Giant ethereal bear. Probably weighed nothing.

The water tower full of milk was substantial, however.

That said, if you're going to "can lift heavier objects than Starlight" for a saving grace to Twilight's magical prowess at this point, I think we can all see how desparate that is.


I just find it interesting more than anything. =P

Only it crushed a wagon like nobody's buisness. Bit through a roof easely. If he really weighted nothing, why would Twilight save Trixie from being under it?

Massless things (photons, for example) can be extremely destructive nonetheless.

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