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So Long And Thanks For All The Sharks · 5:39am Apr 1st, 2018

Guys, it's been a great 3 years, but all good things must come to an end. As of today I'm jumping ship for the Zig and Sharko fandom. Proper farewells after the break.

Something something, watching for the plot, something something

“Zig and what,” you say? Well, Zig and Sharko is another animated show that debuted back in 2010. If you don't believe me, check its official website. It features the titular duo of Zig the hyena and Sharko the shark, as well as Marina the mermaid, in episodes set on or around an unnamed island. The basic premise is that Zig goes to Wily E. Coyote-esque lengths in his quest to eat (yes, to literally devour) Marina, and Sharko (whom Marina is dating) goes to equally absurd lengths to foil (and pummel) Zig. The result is a truly ridiculous romp that might best be described as the unholy love-child of Looney Tunes and Spongebob Squarepants, in all the best ways.

Not even necessarily the funniest episode, but representative of the style

Now I’m sure this move will catch a few of you by surprise, but the truth is that this has been building for a while. My Oldest originally got me into MLP, but their interest has been waning for a long time. Discovering MLP and catching up through Season 4 was sheer joy; season 5 was something we eagerly anticipated and watched together religiously; season 6 was greeted with a little less enthusiasm, but still some; season 7 started limp and dropped off in the middle; and now Oldest has no real interest in catching up on either the end of S7 or the premiere of S8. :fluttershysad: Meanwhile, with Zig and Sharko, we watch it together, laugh together, talk about the episodes… it’s really become the dominant thing.

Also, frankly, the MLP community continues to be dominated by high-octane creative talent riffing on 7 seasons of content and a growing number of technicolor human shows. In contrast, Z&S has only spawned 2 seasons, 1 mobile game, and a single misspelled piece of merch on Amazon. Fan-work-wise, it’s really a prime opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an inevitable revival.

I think what clinched it for me, though, was Best Pony Limestone Pie not only getting a significant speaking role in yesterday’s episode, but even getting to deliver the lesson. Frankly, that’s more than I expected the show would ever do with her again. I’m ecstatic on the one hand, but very aware on the other that this was it; this was the big one; it’s never going to get this good for us Limeheads ever again. Best to pull the ripcord now and end on the highest possible note rather than sit around for the next 1.8 seasons and pine for still more of that sweet, sweet Limey goodness.

Look at her just lounging there, smug in the knowledge that she’s ruined me for all other ponies forever

I know there will be some bruised feelings from my departure. I guess I’ll never get around to properly finishing To Serve In Hell. It’s for the best, though; I’ve been trying to figure out how to build to the dramatic reveal that Shadow Pony is actually Fluffle Puff and it’s just time to admit it can’t be done. My reach exceeded my grasp with this one. Mea culpa. I’ll be posting the unedited remainder of the story later today and marking it as complete.

Lastly, and in all honesty, please take a moment to check out a couple of shark-themed MLP stories from last year that first helped me realize the potential that writing shark-related fanfic could offer. Of course I’ll take a moment to mention my own contribution to a long-ago Sharktavia contest, but you should really focus on two others. First is a piece that helped establish my current fanon of Sunshine Smiles as a smiling but secretly evil item merchant; it’s just plain funny and well-done. Second is a first chapter of what will hopefully become a longer fic published by my longtime buddy and collaborator Moosetasm, which received a criminally minuscule amount of attention despite its gorgeous custom cover art and its strong blend of humor and shark things. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be asked to leave.

So in closing: may you have a blessed Easter, and Live Every Week Like It’s Shark Week.

CoffeeMinion :heart:

Comments ( 16 )

*checks the date*

you had me for a moment


Also, that Zig and Sharko episode was... interesting

With all the overly dramatic amd poorly argued "the show is dead" posts and comments I've seen, I was really struggling to figure out if you were joking or not. Until the end of paragraph 4, actually. I watched that entire video.

:ajbemused: And there was me gearing up to write a friendly send-off post. I hate April Fool's Day.

:applejackconfused: Also what the hell did I just watch?

Could be worse I suppose; could be leaving for Sonic fandom...

Oh no! This is my fault for introducing you to Zig and Sharko! :raritydespair:

I'll admit, I haven't seen a DBZ Laser Battle played out with burps before.

(What does Marina get to go to absurd lengths to do? Not much, it looks like.)

🍋🍋🍋A P R I L F O O L S🍋🍋🍋

You're not my real dad, you can't tell me how to live my life! :derpytongue2:

Hee hee hee. I tried to inject enough truth to make it pass a surface inspection. In all honesty, Z&S truly is the #1 show in our house these days, and I'm carrying the flickering flame of Pony pretty much on my own. But Baby Wubs has accepted early gifts of Pony, and in a year or so will be about the age when Oldest first got hooked... :pinkiecrazy:


I prithee, forgive me this one Fools Day indulgence. I don't usually go in for this sort of thing, but the sudden rise of Z&S in our house prompted some jokes a couple months back about, "Oh, pretty soon daddy is going to have to start writing Zig and Sharko fanfiction and going to Zig and Sharko cons." And it was such an absurd little thought that I couldn't help but squirrel it away to unleash on the one day when such a thing might get across.

Yes... yes it could...

*hides old VHS tapes of SATAM*

You MONSTER! :trollestia:

Sadly, Marina's absurdity comes out in her constant obliviousness to Zig's depredations. She generally seems to treat him as a friend when she notices him, and occasionally gets mad at Sharko for beating him up. Because a lot of the time she doesn't notice him literally trying to cram her entire body down his gullet.


I prithee, forgive me this one Fools Day indulgence. I don't usually go in for this sort of thing,

:applejackunsure: Oh, all right. No harm done, after all. And it was kinda funny...

...not that I like April Fool's Day, of course! Just this one joke. That's all I'm admitt-- That's all it is, buddy.

(death glare)

but the sudden rise of Z&S in our house prompted some jokes a couple months back about, "Oh, pretty soon daddy is going to have to start writing Zig and Sharko fanfiction and going to Zig and Sharko cons." And it was such an absurd little thought that I couldn't help but squirrel it away to unleash on the one day when such a thing might get across.

:twilightsmile: Firstly, that is adorable child logic and I love it, though goodness knows what that con would look like. :rainbowderp:

Getting serious again: Until you mentioned it, I had no idea this even existed, though that's not much of a feat given I'm a bit out of the loop at the best of times. Part of me feels kinda bad for the show; I find it too easy to forget the MLP fandom is exceptional in many ways.

Not sure I entirely like Ralph Wolf Hyena and Sam Sheepdog Shark; it's amusingly surreal, granted, but the animation kind of puts me off (I'm not a Spongebob fan, for the record), and at best it strikes me (not its target demographic, admittedly) as an entertaining sideshow.

That said, it's got some creative choice of critters (a hermit crab sidekick for the hyena is just flat-out fascinating as a piece of lateral thinking) and some of the gags were kinda funny once you adjusted your expectations to the setting (the bit where Sharko desperately tries to hide his bad breath, for me). But I still can't quite believe what I actually watched. This may be a flaw in my character, but there it is.

But Baby Wubs has accepted early gifts of Pony, and in a year or so will be about the age when Oldest first got hooked

And with any luck, Oldest will rediscover Pony around college age, which was when a lot of us first got into it. I call this phenomenon "Horse Voice's Fandom Waveform Theory." :twistnerd:

What... the actual Fyay!... did I just watch?

Rarely have I experienced a Western cartoon so bad yet so bizarre I can't turn away. Although Japan has it beat with the greatest bad cartoon of all time: Chargeman Ken!.

Ha! Well if you've got Netflix and some free time, I strongly recommend binge-watching as much Z&S as you can handle at some point. I feel like there eventually comes a point where all the WTF starts turning into giggles. It's also visually rich enough that I feel like it has pretty good re-watch value.

...you actually had me going for a bit there. :facehoof:

Well played!

Ha, ha, ha, cute! :pinkiecrazy:

Well I always knew this day would come ... much like this day came:

It's always when you least expect it! Hope it was a good Easter!

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