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Artistic Expression · 4:04am June 2nd

It's been too long. Things are great. Really, really great. Not so much for writing, but for different modes of expression and life.

We're remodeling our house. I know: at what seems to be the end of the pandemic in the US, not the beginning, when we'd end up spending so much time in it. Well, maybe it was enough time to come face-to-face both with what we loved and what we hated about the place. We're changing a lot of things. It'll barely be recognizable when it's done. Though right now the kids are crabby because it's about 50% re-sided and only 50% of the living room is accessible. These are great problems to have. We're finally making the place our own.

I'm being treated--quite successfully thus far--for depression. I think I spent too long fighting the obvious diagnosis there. Obvious in hindsight. I thought I just needed to try harder and keep my head up. I think there were some discrete things that got me there, several ways I could've avoided getting stuck so deep in it, and numerous things that I could've done differently to address or mitigate it. But that's not how it went down. Now I'm just glad for improvement. I feel like I can create again... though (again) that creativity has been finding different outlets than writing.

I've been vaccinated. I've gotten to seen a couple people. Not many; just a couple. But that was great. I'm remembering what it was like to be a functioning human in a semi-functioning society again, after a year spent learning that I'm more of an extrovert than an introvert when you boil it all down. It's more a question of which kind of interests I tend to align with--I generally run with the introvert crowd, even though I'm not "really" introverted, as it turns out. Anyway, I love it.

I, uh, haven't been writing.

I mean to, certainly. I'd like to. Still a lot of stories to tell, ideas to explore, et cetera. Still several requests to fulfill. Still a load of Writeoff stories to finish editing & importing to FimFiction. Still pones who deserve fics.

Lately, though, I feel like I'm painting more on the canvas of life than on the blank page. And to be honest, I'm overjoyed to have made it that far. I suspect that the pendulum will swing back at some point; I'm particularly looking forward to Ciderfest later this year, which gives every appearance of actually happening. That's gonna be great.

I hope you find similar joy as we head into what may turn out to be a better summer.

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I'm happy to hear that you're happy as the page finally turns on this horrific chapter of history. I hope you'll find the time to put fingers to keyboard at some point, but don't feel like there's a rush. For now, enjoy life. :twilightsmile:

Ooooh Ciderfest, so long an unremembered dream will be ours! I look forward to pone conventioning again. Good to hear you’re getting that treatment, I too know the ravages of untreated depression. I look forward to reading your work again once you get back to it, always a pleasure.

Dude I’ve always wanted to go to cider fest holy shit it’s actually happening probably?!

I’m really happy you’re getting depression treatment that works and your life seems to be doing all right. Mental health issues Solidarity. Also, we should write a Quick dumb collab, that’s a great way to get the words flowing again.

Happy to hear from you, and that things are well.

Well, I'm glad you're doing better. Glad that the family is doing well too. One day maybe I too will put out a story again. Maybe. Best of luck on the house work and hopefully fun times at the convention.

Glad to hear you are doing well and things are improving

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