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Should I continue? · 5:12pm Jun 11th, 2015

After all the negative feedback, I think I'll stop writing my only posted story. For now, at least. What do you guys think?

Although it seemed like most didn't understand the purpose of the curse, I couldn't explain without spoiling the story. So I think maybe it'd be best if You Can't be Interested in HIM! retires to the Cancelled stories of FimFiction, or possibly just put on Hiatus.

I'm not sure.

I have a lot of other story ideas I'd like to try out; you should see my unpublished story box! Waaaay too many.

Let me know what you guys think!

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Greetings, I'm Anemptyshell, I for one enjoy your story, but what happens here is in your hands.
I would love to see it continue, but herhaps an intermission would help you gather yourself. In the end it is your story and i'll respect what ever choice you make. :pinkiehappy:

I wish you a pleseant day, and a brilliant tomorrow. :eeyup:

Continue. Write this story for the people who like it, not for the people that don't.

Also, look at the up vs down vote count.

+1,125 ยท -54

After all the negative feedback,

95.2% of people "liked" your story though.

This isn't even counting people like me who can't remember to"like" things.

That's better than literally every story in the feature box sans one. Your story has a higher percentage of likes to dislikes than the large majority of stories on this site. It doesn't matter what people say, It matters what people do. In this case what people are doing is "liking" your story.


the upvotes vs. downvotes aren't what's bothering me; it's being accused of being misleading with my synopsis and the like.

Then edit your synopsis in a way that make both you and them happy, but if a compromise is impossible don't just give up. A good number of people would rather the story be continued even with an inaccurate synopsis than have it outright cancelled or delayed into oblivion.

There's been negative feedback?

I guess I didn't notice it because I'm too distracted by how much I enjoy your story.

3139705 I never thought it was misleading. I mean, an intentionally misleading synopsis with a clever twist inside the story makes for an excellent combination. :moustache:

Forget those that tear your story a new one, I enjoy this story immensely, and would love for you to continue.

I enjoy the story immensely, and would dislike if it went down. I say, if it bothers you enough, you put it down. But, that's only if putting it down would make you feel better. If putting it down would be detrimental to your emotion state, I would not suggest it. I agree with GlowCloud, Fonypan, and Anemptyshell.

Whatever choice you make is okay with me, and will be okay with any person who loyally reads it.

3139705 People like your story. In fact the majority of people like your story. You can't just give up because SOME people don't understand it. I can guarantee you that not 1 story out there has had everybody who ever read it understand perfectly. and you as a writer should already know this so I refuse to believe that this is about somebody not understand your story. If you don't want to continue the story thin say that and don't insult us by saying that it's because not enough people like it.:facehoof:

Its an amazing story I truly like it. Forget what people say in negative and just look at the positives.

Feel yourself apreciated.
Here is something for more motivation:

If you enjoy writing your story, then by all means continue to do so. Some may not like the story you're writing, and if they're being helpful about it they'll tell you why they don't, which you can use as constructive feedback if you choose. But it's always your story, so tell the story you want to tell. :twilightsmile:

3139705 if that's the problem just change the synopsis. Or don't, they can't tell you what to do.

Don't let people complaining stop you from writing this story, DiscoLight shipping don't come around that often and yours is awesome.
so for the love of :fluttercry::applecry::unsuresweetie::fluttershysad::raritycry::raritydespair: Ponies, Pleas keep writing your story it is not that bad. but maybe you cud do some thing about the accusation change the things that are the basics for the accusations i know that you probably can't change all the things that people complain about but TRY. :coolphoto: like editing the synopsis so it's closer to what is in the story

It sounds like people are just being whiny or trolling. If you want to continue, continue. If your done writing, your done writing.

For what its worth I liked the story.

You'd better not

Let me preface this by saying, I have not had the chance to read this story yet, but I plan to read it in the near future.

There is nothing more frustrating than watching a story quit just because of negativity.

I can only remember one other time when I read a story that was interesting, then one chapter screwed up...they decided to cancel the story instead of fixing the bad chapter.

I would rather have seen how it ended after the bad chapter, instead of just having it end on that chapter.

Also, 3139715 has the right idea. If readers are upset with the synopsis, find a way to compromise, or just deal with people not liking the synopsis if you can't at all.

I love ur story, so please Do not stop it!!! <3<3<3

I know how dispiriting it is to get really negative feedback and it can ruin your day if you're not especially thick-skinned. I'm like that... I can forget 10 praising comments over one negative. It's not rational, but strongly worded negative comments can really hurt and make you question everything.
Here's an idea: imagine those few people standing across the street from your house and shouting complaints at you.
Well, you've got no chance of noticing them due the thousand+ people clogging up the neighbourhood who all want to tell you that they like your story and you make them happy by writing it and they actually want to spend time enjoying your story every time you post an update. Try it. :twilightsmile:

1k + up-votes and <100 down votes is a negative feedback? This is simply a case of large chunks of negativity (comments) overshadowing the smaller nibbles (up votes) of positivity. Clearly a lot of people like the story including myself so just because a few bad apples can string together some sentences does not mean you should ignore the more silent but none the less positive people who enjoy it and think it's fine as is. Would you like all of those 1k + to write a one line comment along the lines of "I like it" ? Their up-vote and possibly favorite should be enough to earn a place in the scale of positive to negative you are presenting.

I'm one of the people who didn't enjoy turn of this story (even If I didn't comment on it). I will probably not come back, but come on! Your story is success! Most people enjoy it and even people who think it is controversial are better than people who ignore it. Ride this story and don't stop on small bump on the road.

Personally, I stopped reading after a love curse was mentioned. I thought it was well written and it still gets an up vote from me, but I don't like the concept of cursing someone to go out with you. I'll probably go back and read it sometime once its finished.

From what I've read, the reason you're getting all this is because of the curse. A curse that resembles, some kind of mind altering drug that results in modified emotional states and compromised rational thinking. This resembles many dangerous drugs used in real life for heinous crimes. Although not closely resembling, but it has Twilight falling in love with someone against her will, and that's what's pissed people off. It's a serious topic in real life (the drug relation/curse), and it being in a romantic comedy can feel a bit jarring to some.

Second, the introduction of the nobles in the most recent chapter, compounded with the curse, basically turned your romantic comedy into a political drama. Which appear doesn't fit any of the tags except "adventure". (That and I feel like the whole jerk nobles plotting something has been done before many times on FIMfic, but that's probably just me.)

You have a bunch of people who've left your story, so you won't hear from most of them again. They left because this romantic comedy suddenly turned into serious drama, and most of them have left, a lot of them didn't even change their upvotes to downvotes, which means the story didn't become bad, it just was no longer what they were looking for.

Frankly, I like this story. Yes, it's going down a path I didn't expect, but as long as it still keeps a comedic tone (while being respectful of certain topics) and a good romance, I'll probably keep reading.

The problem I think that's different this story and other romance comedies that took a dark/serious tone, was that your story took its turn too early. Chapter 5 was your change in place, or about 10K words in. In many other stories, the twist/turn/critical point/genre shift occurred much later, generally well past 50K words in three different stories.

Of course, I have no idea what you are going to do in your story, and I have no idea how long this will be, but the setup in the last two chapters indicates a minimum of 80,000 words to resolve all these subplots. (The romance, Celestia's deal, Discord's deal, the curse, the nobles, Twilight's deal.)

Tl;dr don't really worry about the people who left, they're gone probably. They did have serious and meaningful criticism, however. The serious issues (drug stuff) need to dealt respectfully. Romcom turned drama, that's why people left. I hope it continues, as I still am intrigued. Seems to have changed tones a bit early, but that's my opinion, so take with a grain of salt. I also hope this story remains a romantic comedy with just a little bit of drama.

Even shorter tl;dr : keep writing, but I think (just an opinion) some things in the story need a little reworking.

Sorry to be a cynic but I have to ask if you have just lost interest in the story and are posting this give yourself and other people a more deep and less self-responsible reason for the story stopping. If interest has fallen, so be it and I'm sure we can all understand that if forced to continue out of sense of duty and responsibility to the reader, the work would lose the spark that made it good in the first place. I'm sorry if I sound accusatory, but I agree with another comment on this post that says something along the lines of, if you like the story you should write it regardless of the response to it. If it is a story inside dying to get out, you should let it out, but you are stopping, it should only be because you want to.

You can work on more than one story at once, if this one is exhausting you. Burnout happens. Drop this for a while, write what you want, then come back when you feel like it.

Keep writing!

I for one really enjoy the story.
Don't let bad feedback stop you from getting your work out there for the people that love it! :twilightsheepish:

I am a bit surprised to hear you had a lot of negative feedback. I for one enjoyed it enough and would love to read more. Of course, you need to be willing to write more as well.

You've over a thousand likes. Negative feedbkac will always be there. Remember, for *each* single one that leaves a negative comment, at least 25 left a positive one.

Negative feedback will occur for any story no matter how good. My personal rule of thumb is that I will continue with a story as long as the good is equal to or greater than the bad. I'm not concerned with how many people want to pick apart flaws. I'm human, I'll make mistakes. But as long as you are making people happy, even if it's only one die hard fan, then it's worth it. I say keep writing as long as it makes you happy. But don't let the opinions of a few haters be the reason you are UN happy. Unless you yourself become dissatisfied, then I say keep going. :pinkiehappy:

Oh, and if you think I'm coming from some lofty position, come check out my page. Your one story has more likes than most of mine has views... lol! But of the few that do read my stuff the majority likes it, and that's good enough for me. :raritywink:

In my opinion: suck it up and finish it. (Yes, my opinions have sharp edges. :)

You obviously started it because you wanted to tell a story, so do it. If people are not happy with certain things - and there will always be those people - ask your self a question: do they have a point? If you disagree with them, ignore them. If you agree with them, or at least think they are on to something, then maybe you need to adjust whatever it is. But the point is, it's your story, do it your way.

However, I strongly recommend everyone finish what the start (unless there are extenuating circumstances, such as getting hit with a meteor or something) because one of the most annoying things in fan fiction is when authors just stop. For me, I'm more inclined to *start* a story if it's complete. Stories that are years out of date and were never finished bug me, and they bug me enough to possibly ignore the author completely. So, do your self a favor and at least finish it. You'll be happier you did. And possible future readers will be happier as well.

I've been along for the ride so far, and I admit I was a little bummed out with the whole 'curse' + 'drug' thing, but I'm gonna stick around to see where it all goes. Because, why? You may surprise me, that's why. I have no idea where you're going, and that makes this interesting.

Are you writing yet?


Continue writing. It is quite obvious You Can't be Interested in HIM! is popular. A lot of people love it.

I have a lot of story ideas myself. But shortly after my first published story, I realized that I have a lot to learn about writing and literature. Just because the authors of the novels and stories that I like makes it look easy, doesn't mean that it is. So I put my first published story on hold (it's future books), and started writing other stories (which were supposed to be short) whose major purpose is for me to gain experience with.

If that's the case, then all the more reason to go on with it, so people can understand.

Look hun. I'm going to be frank. Just because you have haters, don't feel bad. Think of them as critics. Take every thing bad they say with a pinch of salt and a pound of sugar. That means, if you do what you want with your story. Think of all the bad, as ways you can improve. Or just realize that's their opinion and it doesn't amount to a pile of pony poopie to what you want. If they don't like it, they can go some place ells. No one is forcing them to read it.

My opinion. That is all.
And all I can do is hope you keep writing the story.

While the last chapter threw a massive curve ball, I still love the story. Haters are going to hate, and they can only sink you if you let them in. If they don't like your story, well, not only is it yours to do what you want with, but I'd like to see them do better.

-Sanity is overrated

DO NOT STOP, the story is far to original for you to give up now.

It's really above average rated for any story on this site. There will always be negative feedback on the most popular stories; the more popular the story, the more negative feedback it receives. I love your story and will follow it to it's conclusion.

Please ignore the critics, and continue writing.

Thank you so much for writing this! :twilightsmile:

The decision is ultimately yours but I think you should continue not only because you shouldn't let negative feedback/criticism get to you like that but also because this is your first story.
I wouldn't advise you to set a precedent for yourself when the audience is not happy by cancelling a story if you start now who's to say you won't do it again for the same reason?

Sorry to hear you've been getting whined at. I can understand why you're torn here. Trying to tell the story properly is what an author strives to do, and that means no spoiling things early regardless of how easily that would shut up complainers .
I'd like it if you continued the story though. It may have taken a bit of a seemingly serious detour, but from what you've said in the comments so far I'm guessing that's not really what was intended. Seems to me that this curse is just supposed to be one of those things that Twilight and Discord will have to get over in their relationship before they can be happy together. I can get behind that.

Perhaps I too am trying to assume too much. Doesn't really make my input any more valid than the whiners' . My best advice is to not take comments too seriously if the comments come from people that try to jump ship before even seeing where the story goes.
I'll happily continue to follow your story as long as you continue to write it. Judging the majority of the comments on this blog post tells me that I'm not the only one hoping you keep up the good work.

The comments are not the best way to judge how much the story is liked. Look at the likes. That is all you need to really look at to see that this story is really liked. If it was really that bad, then you would have saw the 1k likes disappear. They didn't. The story is great; you should continue.

Don't listen to those naysayers. I think you should continue the story not just for yourself, but for those who do enjoy reading it. (like myself.)

Unfortanuately the story in question is still sitting in my read later queue. Its the second one, but still in there. As such I can't offer advice tailored specifically to your story.

What I can say is that the reaction of canceling it is extreme, and is usually not necessary. Your issue is something that plauges stories released in pieces. If this curse were to happen, but the readers still had 20k words to read and tiwas resolved it wouldn't be a problem. The negative feedback is likely them taking it a face value instead of thinking of it as a cliff hanger.

Or maybe I'm completely off the mark. I'll try to get more reading done, but no promises. Good luck, and I hope you don't let the vocal few ruin your groove.

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