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A collection of Equestrian lore, fables, and other stories.

Princess Celestia missed the times where she could settle down and read to somepony. The last pony to share that experience with her had been Twilight Sparkle, when she was still but a foal. But, as luck would have it, Celestia would once again be able to share the magic of reading.
This time, she wouldn't hold anything back.

Dark tag for mildly dark themes
Teen to be safe
Additional tags: Supernatural, Family-shipping

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Anypony would have laughed if you'd told them that Discord was flirting with Twilight Sparkle a few weeks ago. She'd never give him a chance, right?
Well, once his spectacularly obvious advances on her commence, Equestria is shocked; she isn't out right rejecting him. In fact, she may even be interested.

WARNING: The dark tag is for a reason. Ye be warned. :pinkiecrazy:
[Other] tag is to accommodate additional characters.

EDIT: Featured 10/22/14! Thank you so much! I didn't expect this to happen at all.

The wonderful people who edit and proofread my story ^^

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