• Published 22nd Oct 2014
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But you can't be interested in HIM! - Flowey the Flower

With Discord's obvious advances on the new Princess in town, everypony is a little unsettled. Some more than others.

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Why not? (Revised)

Author's Note:

Some nifty revisions here and there. Story is the same, don't worry.

Every Tuesday afternoon, Twilight Sparkle ate her lunch at the Hayburger, an appointment that stuck after the Crusaders invited her there once before. She'd always loved burgers and fries, and she loved, perhaps even more, the looks on the nobles’ and other high society types’ faces when they found out that a Princess - heaven forbid! - loved the food of the "lowly peasants".

Of course, the novelty was wearing off quickly, especially as the upper crust of Canterlot began copying her eating habits. Needless to say, The Hayburger was now doing very well across the nation.

But trends and silly celebrities aside, Twilight was enjoying her hayburger in peace.

Until he showed up, that is.

"Ah, Twilight Sparkle! What a surprise to see you here," exclaimed a certain draconequus. Said draconequus appeared out of thin air in the seat across from Twilight, drawing the attention of all eyes in the room.

"Actually, it shouldn't be. Everypony, whether I like it or not, knows that I eat here every Tuesday." With a sigh, she glanced over at a nearby trashcan. "Hello, Quick Snap."

A stallion wearing a fedora and a camera peeked out from behind the trashcan, and smiled bashfully. "H-hey there, Princess ma'am."

"See?" She asked, turning her attention back to him.

"Well, forgive me if I run out of original things to say from time to time," he snorted as he rolled his eyes. Suddenly his talons became remarkably interesting.

"Why are you here, Discord?" She popped a hayfry in her mouth and chewed, not making any effort to pay him much attention.

He put his talons down and looked her in the eyes. "Well, why not?" he asked with a shrug. A smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. "It's a free country, isn't it?"

"Yes, but you're obviously here for a reason." She rolled her eyes—another hayfry, more chewing.

"Maybe I just wanted to see you."

Twilight started hacking wildly, as if his words had jammed themselves in her throat, hindering her breathing.

"Excuse me?" She asked once she could breathe again.

"What? Is it really so surprising? What’s a draconequus to do being in the presence of a creature so strikingly beautiful? Hardly a minute passes when I'm not thinking of you," he said with a smirk on his face.

A few ponies snickered in the back of the restaurant. The attendees of the restaurant could hear the furious clicking of Quick Snap's camera taking pictures at 2,000 miles an hour. They could already see tomorrow's big headline...



The occupants of the fast food restaurant waited for Twilight to say something, to turn him down.

But it never came.

"R-really..?" She blushed, using a fetlock to partially cover her bashful smile.

"How could I not?" he said, head resting in his palms, elbows on the table. "You're simply divine, Princess. Your eyes are sparkling amethysts, and your smile shines brighter than Celestia's Sun. Your beauty is greater than Luna's night sky, and your heart is kinder than even the Princess of Love. You're the most dazzling creature I've ever met."

"What have you done this time?" Her wings fidgeted a little, and she looked everywhere but at him. "You're obviously buttering me up for something."

"Am I? I'm pretty sure I haven't caused any major disturbances lately. I'm here for one thing, and one thing only—a chance to take you to dinner tonight, Princess Twilight Sparkle." He took her hoof in his paw, his talons resting on top. He looked into her eyes, his own more serious than she’d ever seen before. "Will you do me the honor?"

Everypony was hanging on to the edge of their seats. There was still a chance for rejection here, surely she wouldn't—

"I'd love to," she said with a smile. Her eyes danced with glee.

"I'll pick you up at the castle at seven then?" he asked, letting go of her hoof and leaning back.

"Okay," she squeaked. Discord then vanished with a grin, leaving a very happy Twilight. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Ye-" her joyful shouts were cut off as she teleported away to get ready for the date she now had.

The ponies inside The Hayburger were silent.

A grey pegasus fell out of his chair and began to wail. "But I wanted to ask her out!"

Rarity's Boutique.

Now that was a place that high society could tolerate a princess visiting, even if it was in an odd place like Ponyville. In the conversations of those who knew of her, there were almost always a few comments about how the charming fashionista would do better in a place like Canterlot. She'd definitely do better in a bigger city, preferably somewhere comfortably close to the nobility.

But alas, she wasn't in any other city, and Twilight Sparkle was glad. Teleporting such a distance, which she could easily do as an alicorn, when she needed to see her with such high emotions was risky. And she needed to talk to her now.


"...Can you please repeat that, darling?" Rarity said, startled as anypony could be when a best friend of theirs pops in quite literally in front of them, even if there was a certain length of frequency to it, with a various number of her friends. Meanwhile, Twilight glanced around erratically, and tried to catch her breath. "Breathe, Twilight, breathe. What is it?"

"I need to buy a somewhat casual, somewhat semi-formal dress for a date I have tonight!" Twilight exclaimed.

"Something for a night out on the town, you say?" Rarity asked with a warm smile. It wasn't every day her friend had a date. In fact, she didn't think she'd been on one since moving to Ponyville, and that’s considering if she'd ever been on one at all. She was excited, to say the least. "I think I have something you'll look simply marvelous in. May I ask who the lucky stallion is?" she added with a teasing smile.

"Oh, well umm..." she trailed off, blushing. "Actually, he isn't a stallion, per say..."

"Oh, who is she then?" she amended, somewhat surprised. She hadn't expected that.

"Nonononono!" Twilight yelped. "It's a he!"

"Oh." Rarity arched an eyebrow. "Ohhh, is it a dashing griffon from across the sea?"

"Um, no.."

"A muscly, adventure seeking minotaur?"


"A handsome, charming dragon you met by chance while exploring the caves for jewels?"


"...A diamond dog?"

"NO!" Twilight shouted. "Ew, Rarity! No way would I ever go out with a diamond dog!"

"Then who, Twilight? I'm running out of guesses here."


"...What, darling? I didn't quite catch that."

"Discord! Discord asked me to dinner tonight and I said yes!"

"Wh—" she began, but she was stopped by a hoof to the muzzle.

"And you can't stop me!"

Silence reigned for a few moments before Rarity cleared her throat. "And why would I do that, Twilight?"

"Why wouldn’t you?" she said, exasperated. "It's Discord! You know, King of Chaos, Master of Entropy, the last of the draconeqi!"


Twilight thought for a moment.

"Well, I just thought—"


Rainbow Dash smashed through the large window of the boutique, an angry look on her face. In mere seconds she was a feather's length from Twilight's startled face.

"Twilight! You aren't seriously going out with Discord, are you?"

"—that you'd be more like that."