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Flowey the Flower

Howdy! =]

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STATUS UPDATE: But you can't be interested in HIM! ON HIATUS · 2:07am Mar 23rd, 2016

First things first; I've changed my name from Pumpkin Spice Unicorn to Flowey the Flower.

And as for BYCBIIN, I seem to have come to a standstill in the writing process. Going in to the story, I did have an ending, and I did have a basic outline. But now it all just seems wrong :rainbowhuh:

I will continue it eventually, but I would like to give it a break for a while so that I can get more inspiration.

I actually have a LOT of unwritten story ideas...

So, I'll get around to writing SOMETHING soon, but not that silly dark little twicord fic you've all been following me for. For now...

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It's cool, but your images are broken.

Also, no friendliness pellets for me.

Yeah, Fimfic prevents images hosted on Imgur from displaying (due to Imgur's site guidelines). Direct links still work, I think.
Image One
Image Two
EDIT: No they do not. Okay then. Go HERE first, then type
into the addressbar, should take you directly to the images.

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