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    Rule 34 Updates resuming June 2016

    I need to take a temporary leave of absence from the Rule 34 updates. I'll be back in a couple of months and will strive to have 3 months worth of data to discuss. In the meantime, please enjoy these pictures of shaved horses:

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MLP Rule 34 Update: June 2015 / Lawlee and Shawta Presents · 8:48am Jun 11th, 2015

[Disclaimer: While this blog post discusses Rule 34 statistics, it doesn't contain explicit imagery, embedded links to pornographic material or excessive coarse language.]

It's the tenth of the month, so you know what that means. That's right! It's time for another in-depth analysis of clop!

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Without further ado, here's the latest data from Rule34.paheal.net!

As of June 10, 2015, here's the state of Rule 34:

Pokemon still holds the lead with 96,763 images. 1,423 new explicit images were added during May.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is in second place with 72,014 images. 2,181 new explicit images were added during May.

Touhou is in third place with 58,008 images. 1,305 new explicit images were added during May.

DC Comics is in fourth place with 26,436 images. 193 new explicit images were added during May.

Street Fighter is in fifth place with 21,333 images. 309 new explicit images were added during May.

Naruto is in sixth place with 20,908 images. 247 new explicit images were added during May.

Marvel Comics is in seventh place with 20,246 images. 255 new explicit images were added during May.

Sonic Team is in eighth place with 19,996 images. 192 new explicit images were added during May.

Digimon is in ninth place with 14,785 images. 149 new explicit images were added during May.

Super Mario Bros is in tenth place with 14,718 images. 301 new explicit images were added during May.

It's been over a year since My Little Pony was able to generate more than 2,000 images in a single month! The fifth season has done wonders to revive the spark of creativity throughout the brony fandom. As we are on the cusp of the 100th episode of MLP:FIM, it's worth pointing out that this is the longest running series based on a toy. Even the original Transformers and G.I. Joe series never reached 100 episodes. Considering the hype surrounding the 100th episode of MLP:FIM, I anticipate that the remainder of June will be an equally strong period for porn production.

In other news, Super Mario Bros may soon surpass Digimon in terms of overall porn production.

Now that we've gone over the monthly update for the top ten porn producers, it's time to analyze the latest data regarding Rule 34 images for the mane six.

As of June 10, 2015, here's the state of Rule 34 for the mane six, according to Rule34.paheal.net:

Twilight Sparkle :twilightsmile: has 10,589 images. 315 explicit images were added during May.

Rainbow Dash :rainbowdetermined2: has 8,607 images. 215 explicit images were added during May.

Fluttershy :yay: has 8,183 images. 160 explicit images were added during May.

Pinkie Pie :pinkiehappy: has 7,451 images. 198 explicit images were added during May.

Rarity :raritystarry: has 7,003 images. 201 explicit images were added during May.

Applejack :ajsmug: has 6,802 images. 185 explicit images were added during May.

Congratulations to Rarity, who managed to surpass 7,000 explicit images!

Special thanks to Infinion, who made these amazing graphs of the data I collected.

To start off with, here's the master chart of the top ten Rule 34 producers.

This chart represents more than four years' worth of Rule 34 data. In order to more closely examine the numbers, Infinion has broken the data into more manageable semi-annual charts.
Oct. 2010 - Mar. 2011.
Apr. - Sept. 2011.
Oct. 2011 - Mar. 2012.
Apr. - Sept. 2012.
Oct. 2012 - Mar. 2013.
Apr. - Sept. 2013.
Oct. 2013 - Mar. 2014.
Apr. - Sept. 2014
Oct. 2014 - Mar. 2015
Which brings us to June 2015.

Here's a bar chart illustrating the monthly increase for the top 10 porn producers. (Total number; monthly increase)

To get an idea of how far My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has come since its premiere, here's a chart highlighting the monthly numerical data and moving average of MLP porn.

For those who desire a more consolidated look at the raw data, here's the numbers for the top ten porn producers, as well as their monthly increase.

Now let's take a look at the Rule 34 stats for the mane six. Here's their master chart.

In order to discover what these numbers mean, we'll need to delve deeper. In order to do that, we'll break down the data into semi-annual chunks.
Oct. 2010 - Mar. 2011.
Apr. - Sept. 2011.
Oct. 2011 - Mar. 2012.
Apr. - Sept. 2012.
Oct. 2012 - Mar. 2013.
Apr. - Sept. 2013.
Oct. 2013 - Mar. 2014.
Apr. - Sept. 2014.
Oct. 2014 - Mar. 2015.
Which brings us to June 2015.

Here's a bar chart illustrating the monthly increase for the mane six. (Total number; monthly increase)

For those who desire a more consolidated look at the raw data, here's the numbers for the mane six, as well as their monthly increase.

Since My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic will be airing its 100th episode on June 13th, I thought I would take a moment to showcase some recent data from derpibooru. Special thanks to BrownieComicWriter for making the charts.
First up is a chart showing the content rating for all images on Derpibooru, sorted by characters. You'll notice that more than one fifth of Celestia's images are suggestive, questionable or explicit. The trend is similar for other popular characters in the series. For every NSFW, questionable or suggestive image of a character, there are roughly four and a half SFW images created.

Next is a chart showing the difference in content rating between pony, anthro and humanized versions of characters. Less than one fourth of anthro images are SFW and nearly half of anthro images are explicit.

Lastly, we have a graph which highlights the number of times images on derpibooru feature a specific fetish. It also includes a series of pie charts which highlight how those specific fetishes are scored on derpibooru. Scat, gore and diaper fetishes have some of the strongest critics, while incest, femdom, futa, bondage and foalcon have the overall highest scores. In terms of popularity, futa, foalcon and bondage surpass all other fetishes by leaps and bounds.

An anthro clopfic involving a futa Celestia and foalcon Sweetie Belle in bondage would be hugely popular if the data is to be believed. Unfortunately, such stories aren't allowed on FIMfiction.

I recently tried to release a new clopfic starring Snips, Snails and Diamond Tiara. It was set in the Equestria Girls universe. After submitting the story, it was rejected. I was told that the humanized characters were "underage" and I needed to rewrite the story with them as adults in order to pass moderation. I've spoken before on the problem I have with criminalizing or censoring explicit depictions of underage fictional characters, but for the sake of keeping the peace, I decided to play ball with the mods and change my story.

So, with tongue firmly planted in cheek, I added some paragraphs which offered irrefutable proof that the fictional characters depicted in the story were 18-years-old.

“Oh no!” Snails said, “This stall is completely out of toilet paper! Snips, be a pal and share a square.” Snips looked around, only to discover, to his horror, that his stall was also out of toilet paper.

“What are we supposed to do now?” Snips asked.

“Check your backpack,” Snails said, “Maybe you can find some paper so we can wipe our butts.”

After searching his backpack, Snips pulled out two pieces of paper.

“The only paper that I could find was our birth certificates, which indicate that both of us are 18-years-old,” Snips said.

“Did you say 18-years-old?” Snails asked.

“18-years-old,” Snips repeated.

"It's a good thing you always carry those with you," Snails said, "Especially how often we're mistaken for 16-year-olds."

"That's true," Snips said, "We do look young for our age, in spite both of us being high school seniors who are legal adults. Yes sir. If it weren't for these birth certificates, it would be easy to mistake us for 16-year-old boys."

“I hate to wipe my butt with my birth certificate, but there's no other paper around,” Snails said as he reached his hand under the wall between the stalls and gestured for Snips to hand over the paper.

After wiping their butts with their birth certificates, Snips and Snails emerged from the bathroom and ready to hit the showers.

I also wrote a similar paragraph for Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara, in order to confirm that they were also 18-years-old in the story.

In spite of these safeguards, my story was rejected a second time by the mods. This time, it was rejected by the very same mod who had approved the story Daddy's Boy.

Daddy's Boy has been on the site for two years and has more than 6,000 views and 73 comments. Back then, clopfics involving underage characters who looked like this:

With dialogue like this:

"It started a couple years ago; just after I’d turned fourteen."
"My voice cracked as I spoke, which made my Dad chuckle. It was obvious that I hadn’t finished puberty yet."
"...he told me these were important skills every man needed to learn. He said I should be grateful that I was learning them so young."

Could be approved by mods without any issue.

Dear Bronystories,

Your story Daddy's Boy has passed moderation and is now visible on FimFiction!

Two years later, you can write the characters' actual birth certificates into the story to show that they're legal adults and it still won't be approved by the same mod who allowed Daddy's Boy on the site for two years.

When I asked the mod about the inconsistencies, Daddy's Boy was immediately taken down.

The mod informed me that approving Daddy's Boy had been a mistake. A "mistake" which had gone unnoticed for two years. Had I not drawn attention to it, Daddy's Boy would've likely been allowed to remain on the site in its original form indefinitely. The link to the riff of Daddy's Boy is still available on the site. Let's see how long that lasts.

My editor and friend Blue Breeze made a post to help keep my fans in the loop as to what's going on. The "We Focus on the Plot" group recently came under fire for including borderline NSFW art in one of their forums. One of their threads even included a veiled reference to Daddy's Boy.

"I've seen mods remove 2 year old stories over rules that weren't in effect at the time of publishing. I have witnesses who will back me up." -Blue Breeze

And follow up comments from the mods.

"With respect to removing older stories retroactively, I'm fairly certain older stories tend to get grandfathered in--except in cases where we'd literally face legal problems if we allowed those stories to remain standing, such as '8-year-old human has lots of child sex.'" -Obselescence

It's clear that FIMfiction is cracking down on any stories which involve humanized and anthro depictions of underage characters in explicit situations.

First they came for the lolicon, and I didn't speak up, because I wasn't in to lolicon.
Then they came for the scat, and I didn't speak up, because I wasn't in to scat.
Then they came for the diaper play, and I didn't speak up, because I wasn't in to diaper play.
Then they came for rape, and I didn't speak up, because I wasn't in to rape.
Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me.

You may think I'm exaggerating, but I can envision a day where stories involving rape are banned. The only way for such a story to be approved is if you write it so that the characters are all pretending and it's a fantasy. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm a fan and an advocate of rape fantasy, but it becomes problematic when you aren't allowed to become immersed in the scenario. When characters within the story have to constantly remind the reader that this is all pretend and no one is really getting raped, it diminishes the visceral impact of the scenario.

By that same token, having to clearly establish the ages of all the characters within the story so that there's no ambiguity for whether or not they're underage can break the reader's suspension of disbelief. Fan fiction is all about creating worlds where anything can happen. In the case of clopfics, it's about creating worlds where any fetish is possible. Banning humanized and anthro underage clopfics is deplorable censorship.

Let's not beat around the bush, shall we? If the mods want to play it safe, let's go ahead and just ban all clopfics! Stifling one form of creative expression is the same as stifling all forms of creative expression. As long as no one is being hurt or exploited, what's the problem?

I would like for us all to be adults and acknowledge that we are dealing with humanized versions of fictional cartoon horses. It should be clear to anyone that the characters depicted in the clopfics are not based on real people. Any similarity to any real children, whether living or dead, is entirely coincidental. I would like to say that it would be that easy. Just offer a disclaimer and a warning before the story, but it's not that simple. Not anymore.

I'm not even as extreme as I could be on the subject. I have a difficult time reconciling the fictional depiction of actual underage children. For example, I would be opposed to someone writing a story where a 15-year-old version of Asa Butterfield has an "Ender's Game" with Twilight Sparkle.

To me, using the likeness of an actual child in an erotic work skirts too close to the line of CP for my taste. Even though the actual child isn't directly involved, it still makes me uncomfortable. I feel no such discomfort from any of the fictional characters in My Little Pony.

Someone could make the case that there's no harm in creating a fictional story which involves real underage children. For example, one could write a story where 11-year-old Emma Watson is seduced by Alan Rickman while filming Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I would personally be opposed to that, since it involves fictional representation of actual children. However, I would have no problem with someone writing a fanfic where 11-year-old Hermione Granger is seduced by Severus Snape during the events of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. That extra level of separation between fantasy and reality is where I draw the line.

In an effort to create a safe haven for clopfics involving underage characters, we need to set some ground rules within the parameters the mods have set.

"Don’t post sexual content involving human/anthro characters under the age of 18."

So, the question is, how do you depict an explicit scene involving underage human/anthro characters without having them be underage? Make them adult changelings! Please allow me to introduce you to Lawlee and Shawta!

Special thanks to Jaxonian for the awesome artwork. Lawlee and Shawta are two anthro changeling OCs I created for the express purpose of perpetuating stories like Snips, Snails and Voyeurism Fails and Daddy's Boy. They're two fully-matured, adult changelings who share a common bond. They both like to have sex while in the guise of someone younger. It doesn't matter how they look on the outside. Beneath the skin, they are full-fledged adults who are able to give legal consent.

Lawlee has long, purple hair and matching purple eyes. She wears tight red attire, which hugs every contour of her voluptuous frame. It's important that Lawlee always be depicted as a grown woman when in her changeling form. She's not some barely-legal nymphet. Lawlee is a sultry siren who likes to take on the guise of pure and innocent girls during sexual roleplay.

Shawta has short, green hair with a small green soul patch and matching green eyes. He prefers to go around shirtless, in order to show off his well-toned muscles and wears orange cargo shorts. Shawta is not some naive and inexperienced virgin. His sexual expertise is matched only by his ability to pleasure his partner. He takes the skills he's acquired and uses them during their roleplays, where he often dons the disguise of a young boy on the cusp of sexual maturity.

Lawlee and Shawta spy on the citizens of Equestria under the pretense of collecting intelligence for Queen Chrysalis. When they aren't working, Lawlee and Shawta like to take the information they've gathered on the citizens of Equestria and use it to act out sexual scenarios. This primarily involves their fetish for pretending to be younger than they are during sex. Being a changeling allows them to further the illusion by making their outward appearance reflect their imagination. They may transform into the Cake twins for some teenage incest. Or maybe Lawlee might turn into Scootaloo, so she can lose her virginity to Rumble, who is really Shawta in disguise.

Working for the Changeling Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) offers Lawlee and Shawta the latest in magical enchantments. One of the more experimental devices they have access to is known as the Glamerdeck. It allows them to change their surrounding to recreate any location in Equestria. They can be in an exact duplicate of Sugarcube Corner one minute and in Cheerilee's classroom the next. Between their encyclopedic knowledge of Equestria and their ability to shapeshift, Lawlee and Shawta can pretend to be whomever they want. Their Glamerdeck helps to further add to the realism.

When two characters aren't enough for a given scenario, Lawlee and Shawta use some magic they stole from Equestria. Using water transported from the Mirror Pool, Lawlee and Shawta are able to create enough clones of themselves for any scenario, with each version of themselves taking a different disguise. For example, Lawlee and two mirror clones could transform into the cutie mark crusaders, while Shawta and one mirror clone might transform into Snips and Snails. After the scenario ends, the clones return to the Mirror Pool to await their next summons.

I dream of a world in which there's no need for Lawlee and Shawta. My hope is that erotica of fictional characters will one day be protected from censorship, regardless of age. Until that day happens though, we'll need changelings like Lawlee and Shawta around just so we can enjoy clopfics involving certain fetishes. I know I'm not alone, either! Daddy's Boy was on this site for nearly two year and had twice as many likes as dislikes, which even I found surprising.

I want to create a gathering place where fans of humanized or anthro underage erotic MLP fanfics can come together and share their love of shota and loli. I'm going to call it the Chris Hansen fan club!

No, seriously. The implication that those who enjoy fictional stories of underage sex are all pedophiles-in-waiting is as preposterous as implying that those who enjoy rape fantasy are future rapists. People will argue that the fantasies are just a place holder. People will pretend to rape women and children until they're able to do the real thing. In that same vein, people accuse Grand Theft Auto and other violent video games as being a place holder for committing actual violent crimes. It's all bunk.

Last time I checked, bestiality was frowned upon and considered highly illegal by a vast majority of the world. So why is a clopfic involving an adult human in Equestria allowed to have sex with Applebloom as a young filly, but not as a human or anthro child? Having sex with a horse isn't anymore acceptable in society than having sex with a minor. As long as the underage characters remain ponies, you can do any depraved act you want in your stories; but as soon as you change hooves to hands, suddenly your story is being flagged and taken down. Why is it okay to protect fictional cartoon children from sexual abuse, but not fictional cartoon foals?

No. I want to create a place on FIMfiction which is a safe-haven from censorship. Which is why I'm pleased to announce Lawlee and Shawta Presents. Feel free to use them as window dressing for the story you want to tell. The only requirement is that no actual underage humanized or anthro versions of fictional characters can be placed in sexual situation in the stories. The only ones allowed to engage in explicit behavior are adults or adult changelings who shapeshift to look like underage children. The stories must clearly identify that all children involved in sexual activity are really adult changelings in disguise. Each story should end with all disguises dropped so there's no ambiguity of the age of all characters involved.

The default setting will be Lawlee and Shawta using the Mirror Pool to have fun in the privacy of their home, but feel free to expand the universe. As long as they represent all underage characters, you can take Lawlee and Shawta anywhere, provided no humanized or anthro children are involved or exposed to anything explicit.

With this announcement, one of three things will happen.
- In the first scenario, the mods will relax the rules and allow underage anthro/humanized clopfics of fictional characters. Daddy's Boy will be allowed to exist as it has for two years in its unchanged form.
- In the second scenario, the mods will continue to ban underage anthro/humanized clopfics of fictional characters, but they will allow stories involving changelings who transform into younger characters. Daddy's Boy will be allowed to return, provided that I change the story so that it involves adult changelings having sex while in the bodies of a teenage Shining Armor and his father.
- In the third scenario, the mods will move the goalposts further away by banning clopfics involving characters who shapeshift into younger-looking characters. Daddy's Boy won't be allowed to be reposted unless I completely rewrite the entire story so that any sexual acts happen after Shining Armor is 18-years-old.

While I'm hoping for the first scenario, I realize it may take a while to become reality. I'll be satisfied if Lawlee and Shawta can help keep underage anthro/humanized clopfics alive on FIMfiction. I plan on reworking Daddy's Boy and Snips, Snails and Voyeurism Fails into stories with Lawlee and Shawta bookends.

If this idea doesn't pass moderation, then there's only one other option as I see it. Write all anthro and humanized clopfics vague enough so that they could be reasonably interpreted as sex scenes involving ponies. Avoid using words like hands and feet. Have your characters crawl around on all fours everywhere they go. Limit your sex scenes to positions that only ponies could easily do. You can read the stories as ones involving humans who walk on all fours, but others might read them as stories about ponies. You can get underage anthro or humanized characters past the censors as long as they could also be reasonably interpreted as foals. It's almost as if there's a quadrupedist conspiracy to encourage everyone to not walk upright, but on all fours like a pony. That's the only position to write certain fetishes.

Brother Theodore is an inspiration to me.

Let's not kid ourselves, though. There's a very real danger out there, but it doesn't involve anthro Applebloom, humanized Sweetie Belle or any other fictionalized fantasy. I'm talking about a danger that affects living, breathing children, who need protection.

A recent survey by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) found that more than one in ten children age 12-13 have made or been part of a sexually explicit video. In a survey of almost 700 children, nearly one in ten in the age group are worried that they are addicted to porn and roughly one in five children have viewed shocking or disturbing pornographic material.

Young people post approximately 18,000 messages regarding exposure to porn on the ChildLine discussion forums every month. To help combat children being exposed to explicit material, ChildLine has created a series of web animations to illustrate the implications of exposure to porn to both boys and girls. The series is called the Fight Against Porn Zombies (FAPZ). I am not making that name up.

In all this discussion of protecting anthro and humanized cartoon characters from being exploited, I think it's important to talk about pressing issues faced by young people today. I enjoy writing and reading clopfics, but I would never want anyone underage to be exposed to porn.

I salute the mods of FIMfiction for their tireless efforts to put age restrictions on explicit material on this site. This speaks volumes about their commitment to protecting children. I just wish they stopped at protecting real children without working to shied fictional characters from being sexually exploited.

Well, that's all for this month. Feel free to join Lawlee and Shawta Presents, where we hope to archive adult changelings enacting sex scenes in the guise of anthro and humanized cartoon children. Everyone is welcome to discuss their opinions regarding censorship on FIMfiction. Be sure to join me July 10th for another Rule 34 update!

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Comments ( 30 )

I'd like to point to another interesting case: Brotherly Bonding by CreepyPony
I'm not sure if CreepyPony was scared of mod reaction (despite Rumble being 100% pony) or just didn't want to be honest with the readers, but Rumble here is labelled as over 18 but the story content suggests he is at most 15-ish.

Um, as much as I hate that rule on general principle, in many countries, including Canada, fanfics containing underaged humanized/anthro ponies fucking is legally classified as CP. I rather like not having to worry about whether or not I'll click on something my idiot government considers illegal. :applejackunsure:

Wow that's kinda lame. The next step might be banning Lolita from every library. I can't conceive why pedophilia in literature should be wrong. :trixieshiftright:

The part about Snips and Snails reminded me of this

Scootaloo was totally 18 years old and legal by the standards of Equestrian law and also American law, and so it wasn’t bad, dirty sinful to think lustful thoughts about her so you can do that and not have to go to Hell or to jail. You can find her birth certificate filed in the Fictional Persons Registry of Fictional Persons who are Fictionally Aged Up in Fan Fiction.
At that moment, the barely legal girl--who was, as we have established, legal despite demonstrating so many childlike attributes that it was a wonder she didn’t have a helmet and court-appointed guardian--was propositioned by a rather hairy gentleman with a rusty van and crusty camera crew.

The two of them disappeared into bushes, feverishly moving in an effort to expend their bread-scented lust into one another. Money exchanged hands, but it was not illegal because they were taping it with the intention of distribution.
This is how the law works, and the Princess could not be more pleased to see it being put into such effective action.

I normally just change the humans to ponies in my mind anyways. Pastel ponies > Pastel pastey human-like beanpoles with melon heads. :x
(Futa DT, Futa Snails, Futa Silver anthros is fine too.)

Censorship of this kind though is ridiculous. Same age stuff is normal. Many people around here don't even have internet and they're as sexually active as humans have at those ages for long as humans existed. It'll never change. Censorship will change nothing. Why are we censoring STORIES about fictional multicolored biped characters of fictional consensual fictional age, is just plain ridiculous.

UK has some stupid laws. Knighty can be sued if enough trolls tried hard enough. Fictional characters over there can lead you to 3 years in prison, given fictional characters are being 'exploited'. Though not sure how screwed he'd be. I'd not want to ever live in the UK. Sex even with legal age people is frowned upon. In the U.S. porn is a freedom of expression and totally legal, especially fictional characters not based on any real people.

In most all of the US (save for Missouri) it's considered legal since it's not based on any real people. Knighty's in a tough spot though, because he lives in a most oppressive and conservative country. In the U.S.? You could have a whole hard drive of EqG of young x Adult action and they'd not bat an eye.

UK is now a One Nation or Fuck Off government. America 2 minus the constitutions that built our country to protect their people from unjust laws. UK is a very scary place now. I feel bad for the freedoms they once held before their new dictator being given insane power.

Far as your amazing story, it sucks balls that there isn't a U.S. based Fimfiction based place for mature fiction.

I'll be awaiting to see someone with actual sense to clear the story soon. Same age lovers is not illegal. And you said they're 18 so WTF? Clear the damn story!

It's stupid to imagine that foalcon is 100% OKAY but an EqG fic of fictional characters that are all same age consequential, so what the hell? There are kids on this site writing clop and reading clop but writing anthro or EqG universe fics are now illegal on a MLP fanfic site?

GG UK. GG Anti-porn SJWs. Eventually everything is going deep underground. Until parents start neutering and spaying their teens, this sort of censorship is in no way going to prevent people who want sex to seek sexual content. It's instinctual curiosity and a biological reactional want. If no one speaks up over this ridiculousness then eventually their prime target to ban ALL porn will come to pass. It's going to happen. No one believes it. They've been trying to pass this agenda for well over a decade. It only ever gets worst.

inb4 ban from butthurt mod...

But for real, I agree 100% with you, BS.

:D Brother Theodore is hilarious! Also, great idea!!! I would totally write something for that.

Oh- well, shit. The Mounties should've been knocking on my door a while ago, then. :twilightoops:

To be fair, it's like the "no over-tinting your car windows" laws. They're not gonna pull you over for just that normally, but if you were speeding or just plain pissed off a cop, you're getting written up for that too.

I think underage stories would be a line that I will always be hesitant to cross, I've read my fair share, but writing them is just not my style. Even with my story: "My Awesome Camping Trip with Rainbow Blitz", I almost listed it as Mature just in case, but then I realised to myself, it's just a description, none of this is real.

I look forward to what is published in this group in the future, maybe one day I might write my own, but I don't think I'd cross that line just yet. Even if it is two anthro changelings doing role-play.


“The only paper that I could find was our birth certificates, which indicate that both of us are 18-years-old,” Snips said.
“Did you say 18-years-old?” Snails asked.
“18-years-old,” Snips repeated.

That's the best middle finger ever! Haha, take that mods. Just this dialogue is enough for a story on its own.

Believe me. I'm well aware of the legal ramifications. I would not presume that Knighty awoke one morning, drank a glass of pickle juice and decided to ban underage anthro and humanized clopfics of his own accord. It's just depressing to live in a world where such censorship exists.

I love it! The best way to fight an oppressive rule or law is through parody. Mockery is sharper than any sword.

Pray tell, could someone get hold of that version of the aforementioned story's original version that displeases Her Excellence the High Regent Queen oh so much?
NSFW anthro: The often ridiculed folly of thought crime.
Also, that Celestia - Sweetie cropped pic. Sauce please. Thanks!

As for the Sweetie Belle x Celestia pic, just type in "Celestia, Sweetie Belle, Anthro, explicit" on derpibooru. It's one of the only results.

Thank you, indeed it is. I thought there would a LOT more. :X
Would you be at liberty to share with me the original story too?

Daddy's Boy? Or the Snips and Snails story? I plan to post both of them under the Lawlee and Shawta banner.

Snips and Snails, I will keep an eye out, and I am doubly curious about the rejected version.

The original version will remain intact. I'll just need to include a first chapter with Lawlee and Shawta and and ending chapter with them as well.

3139724 Well, considering how many masterpieces parody has brought us I must agree. Being unserious works really well against people that takes themselves too serious.

And let's not forget that it's bloody funny. Just read the Satyricon

Gotcha! I am just ever so terribly greedy for SnS content that I had to ask.

Obeying the letter of the law while avoiding obeying the spirit. Not into underage characters myself, though I personally consider under 16 to be underage, an opinion backed by the majority of states here in the US.

Good on you, you spite pervert.

Criminey. It's far off, but we're getting there...

Bronystories, will there be fireworks when Pony officially has more porn than Pokemon, therefore ruling the internet with a marshmallow hoof?

I have never understood the whole "foalcon is okay so long as it is regular ponies and not humanized or anthro stuff" thing either. Unfortunately some rather idiotic laws have been passed in certain countries which have classified that as apparently the same thing as real child porn which if you ask me makes a complete mockery of the actual exploitation that goes on in real child porn.

None of those laws are going to fix the problem of the sexual exploitation of actual children and if anything might make it worse by scapegoating the overwhelming majority of people that are able to keep those sorts of thoughts in the realm of fantasy.Foalcon is okay today but due to the precedent set how do we know that that will be the case tomorrow? Once censorship becomes the norm than it perpetuates itself or as the saying goes "give them an inch and they will take a mile."

I also love the Chris Hansen fanclub idea, seriously I would like to join that if it ever gets set up. This does give me an idea for a parody fic though, has anyone done a Chris Hansen in Equestria fic yet?

Yeah Fancypants, bend over... :raritywink:

So, I see the Lawlee and Shawta loophole idea wasn't a success. The foalcon group was also told that you can't even talk about where off-site underage anthro/human materials might be found, let alone giving anything like broken links.

Yes. I'll be addressing this in greater detail as part of the July 10th update.

This was merely meant to be a canary in the coalmine. I had no idea how toxic things had become around here regarding certain ideas.

"An anthro clopfic involving a futa Celestia and foalcon Sweetie Belle in bondage would be hugely popular if the data is to be believed. Unfortunately, such stories aren't allowed on FIMfiction."

Not as popular as anthro-femdom-bondage-lactation-princest.

3139281 The UK's got those laws about using characters, but they're basically never enforced. We're no less free than you are - in many ways we're more free because we have more social services, like free healthcare.

What is the explicit pony fiction archive's position on this? Can you still put anthro/humanized foalcon there?

Not sure. I haven't been to that site in years.

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