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Born and raised in the beautiful city of Baltimore. I write Second-Person Stories that are pretty popular, I think. Celestia is best pony and Rarijack is best ship. Feel free to PM me with questions

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    I know everyone has been waiting a long ass time for EVERYTHING, but the waiting is soon to come to an end.
    And then probably continue again, but we'll deal with that later.
    I am going to update This Magic Moment AND I Can't Help this Friday night and/or Saturday morning.

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    Alright Check It

    I've actually been working quite a lot, even though none of you reading this believes me in the slightest.
    Let me do a quick rundown of wtf I've been doing.

    This Magic Moment

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    Told y'all it'd come back at some point. Now that I got the ball rolling with it hopefully I'll keep it going.
    No one wants another 2 year hiatus, I'm guessing.
    Enjoy the two new chapters I posted. I worked really hard on 'em. I had to reread my whole story like 4 times to get all the facts straight, and even then it was really hard.

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    There We Go

    I've been having problems on google docs. For some reason, I was getting cut off and couldn't write anymore. I think it was an internet problem at my house.
    Now I'm back at school, and the only reason that's good is because the internet doesn't seem to be as awful as it usually is.

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  • 273 weeks
    This Friday

    I've set a deadline for myself, and it will be this Friday.
    On Friday, expect an update of ICH along with some other things as well. I wrote a full chapter of a second story I'm working on, so I'll post that too. It'll be more of a clopfic than an actual story, so it'll be relatively short.

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I'm Not Dead Yet · 9:34am Feb 8th, 2015

Yes, yes, I'm alive.
It is 4 o'clock in the morning, so I will try to keep this brief.
I've been gone for a long time. I've been gone because I'm trying to get my shit together and determine what I want to do with my life, as I need to declare a major within a couple months.
That's a large distraction.
I enjoy writing, so I've been trying to find ways to do that and make some $. In my shitty efforts to do that, I have neglected my stories on this website.
I've realized that's incredibly stupid. Only way for me to get any better at writing is to practice all the damn time, so that's what I need to do (not that I necessarily view my stories on here as 'practice').
Anyway, I should be around more.

I'm really enjoying this story right now. I got a lot of potential with it and I haven't had this much fun writing something since I first started ICH. For the 5 of you that actually read this story, thank you and expect updates. I will probably update this story more than my other ones just because I'm really liking what I got going with it right now.
Ironic how my favorite story right now is the one with the least amount of views.

Just posted another chapter after a long hiatus. Thank you for sticking around for it. For those who have been waiting for the sex, I guarantee, I GUARANTEE, the sex will come within the next 4 chapters, but more like 3, but potentially 2, and maybe even the next one will finally have some sex. I gotta outline it.
You guys have been waiting for the clop for like 7 years now, and it's on its way.

I saw someone added this story to the "cancelled/inactive" folder. At first I was like "wtf" but then I was like "yeah I haven't updated that one in over 365 days so I guess that's fair." I know exactly how I want the story to end, and it's gonna be epic as fuck, but there needs to be some things that need to happen in between now and then. That's what I'm having trouble with.
It's also been so long since I updated it that I have forgotten a lot about the story. I'll have to get on that, and I will, and it will (eventually) be removed from the inactive folder.
I'll tell ya, there will be an update, but don't be expecting it this week.
God bless all of those who are still waiting on this story. There is a special place in heaven for you.
Please pm me with questions or comments, or feel free to leave them below,
Love you all,

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Omg! Your back! And you just updated the best story on fimfiction! :pinkiegasp:

Damn it! It's 2:30 am... If I didn't have to get up tomorrow I would be reading that chapter rigth now. Bleh I'll read it tomorrow...

Anyways... thank you for the update, and I wish you all the luck in finding a way to make money off of the medium you love. :pinkiehappy:

Also I'm glad your okay. :twilightsmile:

Thank god, I thought something bad happened to you.:raritydespair:

Wonderful news indeed! Huzzah!

Man now I'm gonna have to get caught up in I Can't Help, oh well! Back to the adventures with one of the sexiest of pegasus mares in all of Equestria!

Awesome man! Can't wait for more of ICH! And I think you have more than 5 or so viewers for this story. I mean 1500+ likes! You got some serious attention there!

Hey man, happy to see you're okay. I hadn't given up on TMM but I can definitely admit that I was scaling down my expectations of seeing an update for it with every day that passed.

Ironic how my favorite story right now is the one with the least amount of views.

A not uncommon condition.

Hey man, no worries on the lack of clop. I like me a good plot more than some good plot, if you catch my drift.

Good to see you back mate. :ajsmug:

Whoo, I'm happy that you're back!

2778778 I think it's the most common condition.

I was so sure that you were kill

Welcome back! We missed you! :pinkiehappy: (and your updates:twilightsheepish:)

Yay, you're alive and according to this TMM is not dead. :P Hurray, Hurray. Plus an update to another story I like to read.

Good to see you back. Not enough stories feature Daring, and ICH is a great story.

Now about the sex, this may be an unpopular opinion but I don't want the sex to come soon. I see it a lot and it simply ruins the romance for me when a couple has sex right after the confession. In a long story with progression there simply is no place For something like that. If people gest wont sex there are plenty of oneshot clopfics, to make it worth it in a long story you really need to build on the relationship, and not rush into it.

Woah, you're back! Thats great news!

I loved the new chapter on ICH btw c: , best Daring fic I've readed yet, and I hope TMM comes around eventually, its a reaaaally good one :rainbowwild:

Holy shit man it has been a while. Glad you are back.

It's great to see your back in business. Regarding the clop in ICH, while I'm looking forward to it, I'm actually interested in seeing the protagonist's final decision. Should he go home, or stay with Daring. will they have more adventures in the future? Will they have kids!? Probably not, but I'm looking forward to finding out!

WMW and ICH are going can hold me off for now, I actually like WMW and I'm intrested on what direction you'll be taking it in, as for ICH, it's a god send that you'll be delivering on the clop! :pinkiegasp:

Personally I don't care if I have to wait another year for TMM to be updated; That's a lie please don't make us wait another year for an update. As long as you are going to continue it, and if the ending is half as good a you say it is I'll be satisfied that the story that got me on this site will end. :twilightsmile:

This is the greatest news I've heard all week, after failing my first linear algebra exam this puts me in a real good mood.

This magic moment when you find out it's still alive
This not so magic moment when you find out it's 3rd on the update queue

You want to make $ weighting, we want mare chapters. Lets set up a Patreon page and see how that works. I for one would pay a few dolors for every chapter.

Hi dude, any news from TMM story? or is still too soon for an updated?

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