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    The Plan Going Forward

    Now that I have announced my return, it's important I let everyone know where I am in life and what I am meaning to do. Before I get into any details, I want everyone to know that I love you all. Seriously. I haven't posted a single damm thing in... what? 4 years?! Something ridiculous. I genuinely thought this website would be nonexistent by now and I am pleasantly surprised to see that I'm

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    I Don't Remember How To Work This Site???

    My friends,

    It has been much too long. I was away for a bit but never gone. I am trying to come back. Still writing a bit. Doing lots of outlining. Stay tuned my friends.

    I know exactly how I want to end my stories, it's just a matter of how I get there. I love you all so much and have missed you dearly. I hope if I update my stories that you take a look at them.

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    I know everyone has been waiting a long ass time for EVERYTHING, but the waiting is soon to come to an end.
    And then probably continue again, but we'll deal with that later.
    I am going to update This Magic Moment AND I Can't Help this Friday night and/or Saturday morning.

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    Alright Check It

    I've actually been working quite a lot, even though none of you reading this believes me in the slightest.
    Let me do a quick rundown of wtf I've been doing.

    This Magic Moment

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  • 323 weeks

    Told y'all it'd come back at some point. Now that I got the ball rolling with it hopefully I'll keep it going.
    No one wants another 2 year hiatus, I'm guessing.
    Enjoy the two new chapters I posted. I worked really hard on 'em. I had to reread my whole story like 4 times to get all the facts straight, and even then it was really hard.

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Alright Check It · 7:50am Jan 28th, 2017

I've actually been working quite a lot, even though none of you reading this believes me in the slightest.
Let me do a quick rundown of wtf I've been doing.

This Magic Moment
I'm a little conflicted about how to make Celestia's character. I personally think it's hilarious when she's portrayed as immature and a glutton, but I know that's not how I've been portraying her, so I've been wrestling with it. I got a chapter right now at 11,000 words and it's only halfway done, so I'm trying to figure out how to splice it up so I can get it out to y'all. Stay tuned, ideally it'll be out soon.
But "soon" for me means anything, so who the fuck knows. I'm trying here!

I Can't Help
Just editing some sexy times for y'all. Clop is heading your way you degenerates, so stay tuned. Trying to make it sexy and funny so it's a bit of a challenge. I'm rusty with the clop stuff.
Also trying to work out wtf I'm gonna do to end this story in a way that satisfies everyone. Working on it.

With My Wonderbolt
Forgot I was writing this, not gonna lie. Just started picking it up again. Probably won't be for a while tragically.

Now I know y'all hate when I introduce more stupid stories that you all know I'm going to neglect, but here's the thing:
I've been intentionally not publishing these stories because I want to publish the entire thing at once so y'all don't have to wait 4 years for it. I got some great shit cooking, check it out. I got...
YOU x RAINBOW DASH (almost done, just needs heavy editing)
YOU x PRINCESS LUNA (several chapters complete)
YOU x PRINCESS LUNA (ANTHRO) (less than halfway done)
YOU x TWILIGHT SPARKLE (being outlined)
YOU x MILKY WAY (first chapter complete)
YOU x GRYPHON OC (several chapters complete)
YOU x BAT PONY OC (outline complete)

This story is something I'm gonna publish chapter by chapter. I'm gonna try to keep the chapters around 1,000 words so the idea is I'll throw out more chapters more often. I already wrote two, so I'll get them up real quick for y'all to peruse and be amazed I'm not dead yet. It's my attempt at comedy with some clop I'll be sure to throw in probably towards the end.


I'm most excited for the YOU x PRINCESS LUNA story though. I wrote the first chapter and, in my opinion, it's fucking adorable. It gives me diabetes and I'm the guy who wrote the shitting thing, so I hope y'all will enjoy it even more. Let me know if you want me to upload the whole goddamn thing when its ready (whenever that'll be) or by chapter. I'm debating with myself which one will be best.

That's all for now I think. I've been busy with school and garbage but whatever. I've been getting back into writing these past few weeks so I'll try throwing up something whenever I can to appease the masses

Read responsibly,

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Comments ( 10 )

Not dead? Then only mostly dead? Kidding aside, good to see you're still working on these. I enjoy your stories. Although I'll be honest and say, even I don't remember With My Wonderbolt...

It seems even the afterlife couldn't hold him back from coming back to us. Good thing the system is flawed. Now you better stay with us breh!

Gotta say, its been a really really long time since I saw any stories from you. Enough to worry that you've just dropped your work entirely without so much as a single word. (its because of your neglect)

But I'm happy you're back. Any details you can share about those bat/griffon OCs?

I'm one of the (apparently few?) people who were keeping up with With My Wonderbolt XD it's still one of my favorite fics I've read, and I do hope it gets finished one day!
Glad to see you haven't left for good! <3

Yaaaaaas. Can't wait to see more of This Magic Moment and some of the You x Luna fics! keep up the good work!

I'm remarkably invested in I Can't Help for something I only spent so little time on so long ago.
Something about the pseudo-mythology of the adventure archaeologist taken to it's natural conclusion in a setting that can simultaneously be a parody of the real world, a high fantasy romp and remain in that saccharine head-space of an 80s blockbuster is more inviting then the real thing ever was. Add some actually decent characters and you've got something like Venture Bros in terms of being directly wired into my pleasure centres thanks to nostalgia.

My recommendation for an ending is to leave everything unresolved with a huge possibly literal cliffhanger and then write 20 sequels.


Seriously, I've been anxiously waiting for thennext chapter of I Can't Help even moreso since a lot of my favlrote authors appear to have quit the aite (like RainbowBob and Capn_Chryssalid).

I'm gonna do to end this story in a way that satisfies everyone.

Nuuuuuuuuuuuu! Do what you want to do! Do what you feel is right for the story!!! :fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry:

I like when people post stories after they're finished so as you said we don't have to wait forever for it, but you do you man, also great to hear you're still around. I thoroughly enjoy your work

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