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  • T My Little Caboose II: Friendship is Fragmented!

    Church, finally freed from his stone prison after a month of having Discord trapped in his mind along with him, must readjust to the pony world with nothing but twisted memories, as well a group of equally twisted friends.  · DarkWing
    148,849 words · 5,367 views  ·  962  ·  27  · 

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  • T My Little Caboose II: Friendship is Fragmented!

    Church, finally freed from his stone prison after a month of having Discord trapped in his mind along with him, must readjust to the pony world with nothing but twisted memories, as well a group of equally twisted friends.
    148,849 words · 5,367 views  ·  962  ·  27
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  • 3w, 1d
    "The My Little Caboose Halloween Special!" Has Begun!

    It's Spookyween, you guys, and that means it's time for the My Little Caboose Halloween Special! There are currently 5 chapters clocking in at 11k words, and the exiting conclusion will be released by the end of tonight. The reason that it isn't written yet doesn't have anything to do with wanting to cram in another game or two of the Evolve Alpha before writing it or anything, though, so don't even think that. So beware, because the story is certainly spooky!

    The password is "wdihtbb"!

    (Acronym for "Why did it have to be bats?")

    1 comments · 109 views
  • 17w, 4d
    Long Time No See (RvB S12 Ep11 Spoilers) [If You Haven't Seen it, Don't Read]

    I've decided for the rest of the season I am going to do little recaps and afterthoughts of episodes. As such, like it states in the title, there will obviously be spoilers in the blog, so if you haven't seen the episode you should probably hop over there before you see any spoilers. I will also probably mention things that work out in my favor (two are already in this one), as well as things that I might try to implement in my own way in the fic. But enough about that, here's quick little recaps and notes.


    Slow Down Time:

    In Halo, Cortana mentioned how one second to humans was a super long time to AI, and I'm glad they utilized it in a cool way in this. Eta and Iota, silent as always, jumping into the gun to make it more accurate was really cool, as was Theta suggesting they use the door as cover, I hope that they use this more and we really get to see Epsilon being used on the battlefield usefully (AKA without a weapon),

    Fragmented Memories:

    Well, it's official that Epsilon can recall all the other personalities, and he does not seem to really "control" them, making them essentially back. Take that those two or three people that messaged me/commented on my fics trying to say that they were all gone and he only had a clip of Delta in his head (when he talked to Carolina), the return of the fragments in MLC is totally justified and not inaccurate. I also have to mention that Theta, as long as he is with his AI brothers, is not nervous/scared at all. I also had a few people commenting that Theta wasn't as shy as he was when we first met him, so him being slightly more comfortable (mostly only around the CMC) is also justified. Really wish Sigma talked, though, but I can only assume that Sir Frodo might be difficult to get a hold of.

    Carolina's Helmet:

    Glad they finally "explained" where she got the new helmet. It was bothering me slightly that she had a new one (yes, I know there isn't a Rogue helmet in Halo 4 so she had to switch for that reason, but still. Even if it WAS just a simple "helmet is shot, just grab that one that you punched off".

    Overall it was a good episode. We got to see the good ol' fragments again, and I hope it won't be the last. I can imagine RvB doing something like what I did and Epsilon "remembering" the fragments. Would be nice to get the good old Doc'Malley combo once again.

    9 comments · 318 views
  • 18w, 5d
    Holy Fuck, That Last Episode

    I mean, I pretty much knew what what was going to happen, but I'll keep the spoilers out of the blog post itself. Like, the buildup to the episode, the execution of the speeches, and the ending were just perfect. By far the best episode of season 11/12 to date. Be warned, though, because the comments most likely will have some in them.

    Still really hope the female Doctor ends up being Sister.

    22 comments · 320 views
  • 20w, 2d
    Anyone Still Here?

    I mean, I have 1,300 followers, but I wonder how many of them never come on anymore/have just lost interest and forgotten about me...

    Anywho, hello to everyone who is still here!

    Sorry I haven't been on lately, been doing a bunch of shit IRL. Like moving to a different city with a buddy, dealing with shitty roommates, moving BACK home, planning for the future and the like. Haven't had much spare time, and what spare time I did have I didn't want to do jack shit besides smoke it up and sleep. Plus writing was getting harder for me to do what with me not wanting to reuse too many jokes (and there are only so many I can do without them being the same), without repeating similar stories (again, pretty difficult to do) and whatnot. Plus doing my own ACTUAL stories instead of fanfiction. I probably will never return to my one chapter every day/every other day, but I'm going to try and finish MLCII. I know I keep saying that, and I keep not delivering, but I'll keep trying. I hate leaving it unfinished and I'll try to get it done by next March. It'll probably be an open ending so people can write their own fanfictions about the gang using it as one of those "verse" things.

    Also, as for MLP itself, I've seen all of season 1 + 2, only seen about 5 episodes of season 3 and only one of season 4. That might have something to do with the lack of inspiration and creative juices, but during season 3 the game REALLY started to show its whole doing the "new dress to buy for your pony doll in real life every episode" thing and that really turned me off the show. (Still watch every RvB and ZP tho. Can never get enuf of dose.) But enough about that. Sorry for dropping off the face of the Earth for, like, the ninety-gazillionth time. I'm back and I'ma start writing again. Won't be at the same speed as MLCI or the first 50 chapters of MLCII, but it'll at least be one chapter a week. I'll aim for 2 or 3, but no promises what with life and everything being a real creative downer.

    57 comments · 304 views
  • ...

What happens when the Reds and Blues finally get Church out of the Epsilon unit? Caboose decides he wants a turn in the unit, of course! What happens next? Well let's just say he always did say he wanted a pony, now he has a world full of them.

[Before asking questions in the comments, please read!]

- The first chapter is the end of the ninth season. I put it there just to ease the flow of the story.

- You will probably be extremely confused if you have not seen the last two seasons of Red vs Blue.

- You will probably be even MORE confused if you have never heard of Caboose.

- I placed a series of hyphens to show when the story becomes my own work during the prologue.

- Click here to watch the series if you have not.


Uploaded to FimFiction: Monday, March 5th, 2011 at 2:30 PM.

Uploaded to RvBfics: Monday, March 26th, 2011 at 11:50 PM.

Linked on Saturay, March 31st, 2011 at 3:29 AM.

Proofread/Edited By - Pissfer

Current Title Image:

The Group by ~Butts-are-Nice

Past Title Images:

Caboose and Pinkie by ~SarahWidiyanti

Caboose and Pinkie by ~Farore769

Church and Twilight by ~Farore769

Dramatic Readings:


Fan Art:

Caboose's Drawing by ~Depressing Rain

First Published
5th Mar 2012
Last Modified
5th Mar 2013

We need about 50 milligrams of boom chicka wow wow in this fic STAT!!!

Ponified Red vs Blue? With Caboose? Pardon me if I don't read this immediately, but I have to clean my pants.

Well, you've captured Caboose's personality perfectly. The writing is fairly well done, but there are a few errors, mostly in comma placement. Nothing I feel like detailing right now.

One issue: it was a little difficult to tell if Caboose was still human or had been turned into a pony until Rarity called him a stallion. The personalities of the mane six are a little flat as well, but they're not really the stars of the story.

In any case, this isn't bad. Might have to check back on it some time.

I can speak just like sarge. I mean it's scary how good I can do his voice. I have actually help a friend do a fan dub of RvB and I did sarge, it was amazing.

wow, i never though i would see such a perfect characterization of caboose before.  with that + pinkie pie X caboose shipping!? how can i not track?


Yeah, I wrote this at about 5 in the morning so there will be quite a few errors and you are correct, I am not going to be really going on any of the ponies in much details besides Pinkie.

An now that you mention it I will go and fix it so Caboose finds out about his no-hands much faster.

And everyone else, I thank you for your nice words :unsuresweetie:

Pinkie Pie x Caboose.

The word "terrifying" comes to mind.

*Finishes first chapter.

YES :pinkiehappy:


This is brilliant.


Thank you, I did not expect there to be so many RvB fans on here, but I am happy that I am playing it off right :raritywink:

You sir, are a genius. Please, I need more!:pinkiehappy:


I feel bad for thinking this but I can't wait for Church to come and ruin Caboose's fun

"A loser." Church said" i didit even read the whole thing and saw this.  fix it, NOW!



Fixed, thanks for catching that. I originally had planned for Church to be there now, but decided I would like to make it a longer story then I had planned, seeing as people seem to be somehow liking this story ;P

D'aaawwwwww. You gotta love Caboose. Also Pinkie is perfect for him.:pinkiehappy:

Reading back this chapter (and not for proof reading) I actually daw'd a bit myself. Didn't think I would :twilightblush:

>>291734 also, you should probably ad a romance tag.  alternate universe doesn't fit.  

>>291740 and the best part is that nopony considered that untill today.  this IS the best day EVER! also, no dislikes yet! (cant say im surprised, everyone loves caboose. except for tucker.  and church. and the reds. and tex. and... i think il stop now)


Changed that. I had not originally planned for them to get together, I really planned on them just hanging out, but I am glad a changed that :pinkiesmile:

>>291756 i would say get rid of the random tag also, but EVERYTHING with caboose is random.


And everything with Pinkie is random.

That makes it a double random.

Just making Caboose a pony has melted my brain. :derpyderp1:

You have done what many have only thought of even bothering to do...

And now I'll have to kill you for doing it before me :pinkiecrazy:

Who's to say (that is if Caboose goes back) that Pinkie won't go back with him? :twilightblush:

So George threw Caboose out over Equestria. :rainbowderp: It all makes sense now.


Shhhh you're guessing one of the other ones :O

i just hope they don't mention spiky kittens!


The soundtrack of rvb is helping me think of the endings and I don't know how I'll choose now :twilightsheepish:

I LOVE THIS! PLEASE KEEP IT GOING! church better never come and get him :pinkiehappy:

i have always wondered why no one made something like this and now i have found it. this is to great keep going

It's... too... epic...:fluttershyouch: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH-*explodes*

Church: "Caboose! What'd you do to him?!:twilightangry2:"

Caboose: "That wasn't me...:rainbowderp:... Tucker did it."

Tucker: "Hey!"

This is the 3rd Red vs Blue crossfic I've read, and it is so amazing.

Keep up the good work. I just might support CaboosexPinkie :pinkiecrazy:

i cant believe this thing still has no dislikes.  its amazing.  i support this fact.  we might even get it up on the featured bar!

Dun dun DUN.

pfffffffft :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

cant say i saw that coming.  id prefer if this went on a littel longer.  theirs so much potential for this to be a great fic. but if you really want to end it, don't ask us for an opinion, do what you think will be best.  

edit: feels?


F***ING GENIUS.:pinkiehappy:

Alright guys, I'm letting you guys choose how the story ends/continues. The choices are at the end of the fifth chapter.


Yes. Pinkie/Caboose might end up getting hurt... badly.



this is the key word efend, use it!


Choose one of the actual choices :twilightsmile:

#1 - Caboose stays put.

#2 - Church tries to make Caboose leave, but he fights back.

#3 - Caboose get's forced out.

#4 - Caboose goes out, but Pinkie Pie tags along - (Warning, this ending may contain feels meaning something sad WILL happen)

#5 - Celestia intervenes in a good way.

#6 - Celestia intervenes in a sad way.

First one to get three votes will be the ending I play off of :twilightsheepish:

>>292409 #7 all the endings.

What, Caboose saying that Church isn't his friend:pinkiegasp: HERESY:flutterrage:

joking aside very well done.


He just finally had enough time to think :rainbowderp:

This is defiantly one of the greatest cross over fics ever...of all time:pinkiehappy:

Lose and Win or Win and Lose, my fellow bronies we must choose.

Has this story reached its end, or is something waiting around the bend?:unsuresweetie:

Personally I vote 1,2 or 4.

Honestly I'd really like for Church and Sarge to stick before they all left or what have you.

For endings (which I hope is NOT going to approaching just yet) I'd pick #2

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