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Last updated: 29th Oct 2014


  • Fimfiction is a website dedicated to hosting fanfiction based on the cartoon/TV series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It's also a community gathering place for fans of FiM, and a pillar of the fandom in general. Fimfiction is the largest collection of MLP fanfics around!

  • Fimfiction is the correct usage

  • That's a pretty big question! Here's the basic idea: people join Fimfiction by creating an account (and verifying their email shortly thereafter). You don't have to be a writer to join; people of all types are welcome to create an account, whether it's to read and rate stories, participate in the groups or chat, or just hang out. For the writers, you can participate in the site by writing stories, publishing them, and engaging in discussion with other writers and users. You might make a group for something you think is missing, or help other folks out by commenting on their stories. Maybe you just want to hang out and make some friends - really, the sky's the limit! There are a lot of pieces that go into everything above, but the summary is succinct: the site works by having cool people join and participate in whatever way they see fit, while we, the mod team, try to keep the gears running smoothly to make the experience great for everyone. Individual sections are broken apart below, so keep reading if you want to know how any one individual part works.


User Account

  • Seriously? To make an account, click on the 'login' button in the top right hand corner of the site and then follow it to the registration page. Fill out the required account details, and be sure to check your email for the email validation sent out shortly after your registration.

  • If you didn't get your sign-up email, first check your account information to make sure you gave us the correct email address. If you did, check your spam folder/filters to make sure your verification email didn't get blocked. If you've done all of that, you can hit the 'resend verification email' button on the main navigation bar; but make sure you're positive about that, because verification emails can only be sent once per hour. If you're still having issues with receiving your email after that, send an email and he'll look into the problem for you.

  • Account deletion is not supported at this time. If you have a reason to have your content removed, you can always delete your stories themselves - if it's for a personal matter, you can PM one of the site mods/admins to request a ban.

  • You can change your account name by editing the 'user name' field under the 'edit account' section from your username drop-down in the main navigation bar.

  • Passwords can be changed from the 'edit account' section of the username drop-down in the main navigation bar. Just make sure your password meets our minimum security requirement of 8 characters in length; heck, throw some uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols in there too!

  • To upload an avatar, select the 'avatar' option from the username drop-down menu.. Then, you can either upload a file from your computer, or provide a link to the image hosted on another site.

  • Make sure the image you're uploading is a jpg or png and is under 1mb. If using an offsite image, make sure you link to the image itself (ending in .jpg or .png) rather than the page it is located on.

  • To peruse Fimfiction with a Rainbow Dash to call your very own, click on the 'Enable Interactive Pony' checkbox on the settings page. Warning: Interactive Pony is currently in beta status, and as a result does not feel pain or joy, nor does she have an understanding of innuendo.

  • If you don't activate an account within 24 hours of signing up, the account will be purged from our database and you'll need to sign up again (you'll be able to reuse the same name and email).

  • Send an email to and, depending on the circumstances, we may be able to help.

  • Automatic logins are currently tied to IPs, so if you login from a different computer or network you'll need to login again.

  • The total story views number on your profile page is actually just the sum of the most viewed chapter on each of your stories. For example, if you had a story whose highest-viewed chapter had 300 views, and another with 200 views, your Total Story Views would be 500.

  • Don't fret! If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it from the main nav bar while being logged out of the site. Note that this means you'll have to log out to see the reset option if you're still in your account but just want to change your password because you can't remember it.


  • For writing advice, including grammar, storytelling, cliches to avoid, and other helpful advice, please check out this excellent guide by Ezn. You can also seek help in The Writer’s Group, The Proofreader Group, and The Equestrian Critics Society.

  • To create a story, select the 'stories' section from your user drop-down in the navigation bar, and click on the 'new story' button in the top left corner.

  • Stories can be edited by selecting the 'edit' button from the stories page from your user drop-down.

  • Submitting a story can be done by clicking the 'submit' button at the top of your story (from the main story page). Submitting a story sends it into the site's approval queue, where it will be looked over by our prereading team. If the story meets our submission standards, it will be added to the 'approved queue', and will appear on the front page of the site under 'new stories' shortly thereafter. Submitting a story also makes it possible for it to show up in the 'featured box' and 'popular stories' bar, as well as allowing it to be submitted to groups. If you haven't submitted a story, users may require a password to view it, which you can set in the 'edit' section for your story.

  • 1,000 words is the minimum story word-count for submitted stories. You're free to post a story with fewer words and share it as an unpublished link to your friends or anyone else, but we believe 1,000 words is an acceptable minimum threshold for telling a proper story. Note that for smaller stories, such as flash-fiction or prompt based writing, a good solution is to collect two or more stories as chapters and submit them as one story. Please also note that padding a story with fewer than 1,000 words with spam/garbage/author notes is not acceptable and may earn you a ban.

  • To publish a chapter, simply click the 'publish' button in the top left-hand corner of the bar at the top of your chapter's text (while viewing the chapter). Publishing a chapter makes it visible to other users of the site - until it's published, the only people who can view a chapter are you and site mods/admins.

  • While the idea of 'maturity' is a difficult one to properly define, for the purpose of stories on Fimfic, the detail of a story's maturity level lies in the description and events contained therein. 'Teen' is anything more risque or salacious than content you might see in the show - overt shipping, foul language, minor violence with cursory descriptions, physical affection more intense than a quick peck on the lips - where 'mature' is anything that should require an aged or mature perspective to read; things like extreme violence, explicit descriptions of physical intimacy, or content intended for older audiences.

    This is an answer that's difficult to pin down, so here's a quick guide to follow: 'Everyone' = content that would be acceptable in the show, with some bending for things like alluded shipping or very light affection, 'Teen' = content that is more mature than the stuff that appears on the show but doesn't push the envelope too far (light foul language, some romantic description), 'Mature' is anything that involves material that would require an 'adult supervision' recommendation on a tv broadcast (sex, extreme violence, etc). Just use your best discretion, and feel free to PM a mod if you have a question about the specific content of your story. At worst, you can always submit and be told that a change is required if the maturity tag you've selected doesn't match the discretion of the story-approval team.

  • This is simple enough: use 'gore' when there is explicit description of violence/grotesque imagery in your story, and use 'sex' when there's... well... sex. On a Teen rated story, 'sex' can be used to indicate sexual humor or situations that are heated but don't have explicit sex.

  • Categories are designed to be broad descriptors of a story's content or themes; they're designed in such a way that no more than six should be required at any time, and in fact, some of them conflict and cannot be used together (see the section on 'category conflicts). For this reason, we ask that you restrict your story to 6 categories - any more than that and you probably need to reconsider what your story is about, and find the best way to express which ideas and moods are central to the story you're trying to tell.

  • Adventure and Slice of Life

    Given that an Adventure involves going completely out of your daily life (even by Ponyville standards) it completely takes precedence over the Slice of Life, which can only happen in day-to-day experiences. Defeating Discord is not a day-to-day experience, even if characters can change or grow while that's happening.

    Comedy and Sad

    Sometimes people get confused and think that morbid humor is equal to a sad comedy. It isn't. You cannot have sadness in equal measure to comedy in a story. One will take the spotlight, because in the end your story will achieve primarily one outcome: either it makes someone sad... or it makes them smile.

  • A good way to avoid a lot of problems is to find a proofreader or two (who have some experience writing) and ask them to take a look at your story for you and tell you their honest opinion of it. You can refer to 'I need some help with my writing.'

  • Character tags on stories are largely in place for readers, and not for authors. While you might have a great deal of characters in your story, the character tags are intended to make it easy for people to search for stories that feature one or more characters in a prominent role within the narrative. For this reason, we have a limit of 5 character tags per story, as the notion of focusing on any more characters than this as key players in the story is not really tenable. If you feel your story is an exception, we would ask that you consider ranking your character tags in order of significance, and try to apply the ones that would best correspond to reader interest in your story.

  • Author's notes can be added to each chapter by editing that chapter and typing the notes you wish to add into the 'Author's Notes' box a the end of the text editing interface.

  • Clicking on the 'stats' button on the main page of your story will allow you to view detailed information on its statistics, including views over time, favorites, and referrals.

  • While we have a hard-working team of dedicated prereaders and mods on staff, the Fimfiction approval process is still subject to human participation. As such, it might happen sometimes that none of the site's staff have had the time to get around to approving your story. In instances like this, all we ask is that you be patient with us, and know that your story will be looked at as soon as we can get around to it. For further information about the approval queue process, please see Poultron's Blog Post.

  • The 'view mature' checkbox can be toggled from your user drop down in the main navigation bar. It can also be enabled from the settings option in the main navigation bar.

  • Story chapters can be reordered by dragging the four-dotted symbol to the left of the chapter. Just make sure you save the order by clicking the 'save chapter order' button below!

  • Story views are only cached every 20 minutes, so you may need to wait a little while to see new views

  • Various actions add 'heat' to stories which falls off over time. The popular stories list shows the stories with the highest amount of heat.

  • Revoking a submission makes a story invisible on the site again. It will need to be submitted again and go through moderation before it is visible on the site again.

  • Featured stories are completely automated. They are calculated on a mix of a few things. The number of likes a story has received, the proportion of likes to dislikes, the total number of ratings, how frequently it's being viewed and the time since it was approved are all factored into the equation.

  • Use the Report button at the top of the story to report the story, and one of us will look over it to see if it does. Note that we hold the final decision as to whether or not a story violates our rules.

  • By giving a story a view password, you can restrict who can see your story while it is not approved. Approved stories can be viewed by anyone. If no password is provided, everything will be visible except for unpublished chapters.

  • You need to create the story before you can add chapters. Once you've done so, use the Add Chapter button on the story page to add a new chapter to the story

  • Your story can only be bumped at most once a day. If you are caught bumping by adding and removing chapters, your story will be removed.

  • To download individual chapters, hover over the [img]/images/icons/download.png[/img] icon to the left of the chapter, and click the .txt or .html icon that comes up. To download an entire story, hover over the [img]/images/icons/download.png[/img] below the chapter listing and you can download it as a txt, html or an epub file to read offline.

  • This is a list of web pages that have linked to your story, so you can find out where people are discovering your work on the rest of the internet.

  • Well, that could be one of two things. One, it might not actually be on the site! If you know that it's on the site, make sure that you have the "View Mature" option checked, or you won't be able to see Mature content at all.

  • If you’ve accidentally deleted a story, you can PM one of the moderators to have it restored.

  • Yes. You can PM a moderator and ask for a story transfer, but there better be a good reason for it.

Blog Posts

  • To make a blog post, select the 'blog' option from your user drop-down menu in the main navigation bar, and click the 'add blog' button at the top of the page.

  • At the bottom of the blog creation page you can select one of your stories to tag in the blog post. If the story is not relevent to the blog post then it is considered spam and will be removed, possibly with punishment.


  • Groups are one of the coolest parts of the Fimfiction community, and we hope you'll take a minute to check them out and see why we like them so much. Groups combine the functionality of some of the raddest bits of Fimfiction's infrastructure. For one, they can be used to find stories that interest you; groups exist for all types of stories. So, if you like adventure stories, enjoy tales of humans in Equestria, or just want to read about cute pony pairings (shipping), there's a group for you - especially useful if you want to get updates any time a story is added to a group with an idea you particularly like. Groups are also the site's de facto forum interface - in most groups, any user can create a thread, and you can get notifications sent to you when a new one is created, as well as seeing thread activity on your dashboard. Finally, groups are just an awesome place to meet members of the community - they're a whole subsection of Fimfiction's functionality, where users can run events, organize contests, or just hang out.

  • If you can't post comments or add stories to a certain group, the administrator of the group you're dealing with has likely configured the permissions of said group to restrict certain actions by basic users.

  • To join a group, just go to the page of a group you're interested in and click the 'join group' button. If the group isn't accepting new members, you could also try sending a message to the groups administrator to request them to open it long enough for you to join.

  • To add a story to a group, go to the page for the story you want to add and click the 'add to group' button at the bottom of the story's description. Then, select the group you want to add the story to (and the relevant subfolder if one exists).

  • To edit a group, just select the 'edit' next to the group you want to change from the 'group' page from your user-name drop-down in the navigation bar.

  • To delete a group, use the 'delete' button next to the group in your group-nav page. Make sure you're really ready to delete the group though, as deleted groups (and subfolders, threads, etc.) are unrecoverable!

  • To prevent people from joining a group, edit the group from your groups page and turn the status to 'closed'.

  • Custom banners can be added to groups by pasting the url of the image you'd like to use in the 'banner' section of the edit page for your group. NSFW banners are not permitted.

  • Group notification settings (dictating whether to get notifications from new stories, new threads, both, or neither) are selectable from the 'settings' button on the actual group page itself.

  • When you create a folder in your group (with the 'add folder' button from the group edit page), you can select the permissions of adding to that folder with the drop down, with the three options being 'User', 'Contributor', and 'Admin'.

  • Forum threads can be created from the group's home page by clicking on 'Forum' section in the group, and then clicking on the 'new thread' button below.

  • To change the title of a thread, select the 'modify thread' button while inside the thread.

  • A forum thread can be deleted with the 'delete thread' button on the top right within the thread itself.

  • To pin a thread within the forum, select the 'sticky' option from the 'modify thread' button.

  • Posting in a thread can be locked by picking the 'locked' option from the 'modify thread' button.

  • Searching for groups is easy: just use the search bar and the 'find a group' button from your groups page.

  • To delete a comment, just click the delete button at the top right of any comment in the group or a thread. To ban members, go to the members page at the top, search for the user and click the ban icon next to their name.

  • Admins can set the permission levels of any other users except for the founder, as well as delete comments and modify threads. Contributors are like regular members, but you can set folders to only allow contributors and admins to post in them.

  • For issues within a group, please PM the administrator of the group in question before bringing the problem to the attention of the site admins. An exception applies for problems regarding user security or site stability.

  • Explaining forum functionality in the context of the site is a bit of a big task, but the basic idea of a forum is a collection of conversations and discussions participated in by users on topics relevant to their interests. Forums/threads are a subfunctionality of groups, and can be accessed by clicking on the 'forum' button within a group. Replying to threads works just like comment replying, bbcode and all. If you have further questions about how forums work in general, more information can be found here


  • You can reply to a comment by hovering over it and clicking the 'reply' button in the top right corner of the comment - it's the one that looks like two speech bubbles.

  • Comments can be ordered to show latest comments first or last.

  • The basic rule of thumb for comment posting is the same for behaviour across the site: don't be a dick. That said, for more concrete guidelines; don't spam, don't advertise, try to be constructive and pleasant, and try to restrict yourself to commenting to when you have something worthwhile to say. Eg. 'First!' and 'I'll be reading this later' as well as similar comments are worthless, and we would ask that you avoid making them. Keep in mind that particularly bad comments may be downvoted, and repeatedly downvoted/flagged comments may result in administrative action.

  • The short answer? When you like a comment, upvote it. When you don't, downvote. For a more elaborate explanation of comment voting policy, please see knighty's already existing comment guidelines.

  • You can go to a user’s page and use the report function to notify moderators. Be sure to include details and links to where the comment was made.

  • For a full explanation of BBCode and its role on Fimfiction, please see this helpful guide put together by CosmicAfro.


User Page

  • Either click the 'Edit User Page' button from the user drop down menu or the 'Edit User Page' button at the top left of your actual user page.

  • After clicking edit user page, click on any of the buttons in the 'Available Modules' panel to add a module of that type to your page. By default they are added to the bottom left of the left hand column.

  • In the edit user page mode, drag the header of any module to move it to a new location. You can switch column by just dragging it between the columns. Make sure you click 'Save Module Layout' at the top when you're done.

  • In the edit user page mode, click the 'Delete Module' button below any module to remove it. Make sure you click 'Save Module Layout' at the top when you're done, otherwise the modules are not really deleted.

  • The biography module provides important site functionality so it is required to be on everyone's user page.


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Story Approver
#400 · 3h, 34m ago · · ·


Click the Statistics icon on the story.


Hover over your username in the top menu bar, select the story in the list on there.

#399 · 4h, 20m ago · · ·

I accidentally created my story without adding a description. How do I go back and add it?

#398 · 6h, 59m ago · · ·

Where do I find the "site referrals"?

#396 · 21h, 35m ago · · ·


#395 · 2d, 16h ago · · ·

Bug: Some user pages can never be viewed.

Users are allowed to use almost any characters in their usernames, but I can't view the userpages for users with weird characters. For instance, try this search for users with DarkLightning in their name. Then click on the link for DarkLightning'sSting . It doesn't work; the apostrophe was translated into %27, because URLs can't have utf16 in them; but the fimfiction webserver can't find the page . The guy even has a story, and you can view it, but you get "User not found" if you hover over his username.

#394 · 2d, 23h ago · · ·

>>743 ...nevermind, there was still one, because a story had actually updated.

#393 · 2d, 23h ago · · ·

>>739 It clears it, but, when I turn it back on, it comes back.

#392 · 3d, 20m ago · · ·

How do I edit blog posts? I can't find a button that says "Edit" anywhere!! Maybe it's because I'm on my tablet.

#391 · 3d, 35m ago · · ·

>>739 thanks, sorted now. Feel a little stupid now. :derpytongue2:

Story Approver
#390 · 3d, 38m ago · · ·



Toggle the setting for tracking on the bookshelf. This typically clears the ghost notifications.

#389 · 3d, 1h ago · · ·

>>736 I'm having that same issue. Though, it's with only 1 unread chapter that is leading me to an empty page.

#388 · 4d, 21h ago · · ·

Is there a way to check how many favorites you've gotten on your stories?

#387 · 5d, 5h ago · · ·

I apparently have 2 unread chapters but whenever i want to view them they don't appear and i just get an empty box.

Story Approver
#386 · 5d, 15h ago · · ·


They are very uncommon and do not have the character tag support that we have for G4, but G1/G3 are fine; you just have to make do with how little tags we have for it.

#385 · 5d, 16h ago · · ·

Do all stories submitted here have to specifically feature/include G4 ponies, or can previous-Gen-only stories (a cast of only G1/G3 characters) also be submitted?

Story Approver
#383 · 6d, 16m ago · · ·


Edit the story, add a password, then give any user the link to your story and the password you set.

#382 · 6d, 52m ago · · ·

How does the password thing work? I have no idea how to let other people see unpublished chapters!

#381 · 6d, 20h ago · · 1 ·

>>726 Take your "no's" back. People are just too lazy to write stuff in their own words. It takes too long. There has to be a faster way.

Story Approver
#380 · 6d, 21h ago · · ·


There are stories that still use more than 5 character tags, & we want to go back to doing that.

Iunno, we'll see.

We demand the rights to write our stories in script format.


We demand the rights to copy from resources.


We demand New character tags based on Sea Swirl, Cherry Berry, Twinkleshine, etc.

Meh, maybe.

#379 · 6d, 21h ago · · ·

>>724 ALOT of rules.

There are stories that still use more than 5 character tags, & we want to go back to doing that.

We demand the rights to write our stories in script format.

We demand the rights to copy from resources.

We demand New character tags based on Sea Swirl, Cherry Berry, Twinkleshine, etc.

More rules that we plan to have null & void will be on their way.

Story Approver
#378 · 6d, 21h ago · · ·


Which rule?

#377 · 6d, 21h ago · · ·

>>722 A removal of rules?

Story Approver
#376 · 6d, 21h ago · · ·


Request for what?

#375 · 6d, 22h ago · · ·

>>720 I already figured out how before you came up with a response. Oh, & by the way, can you take a request?

Story Approver
#374 · 1w, 2h ago · · ·


Click browse at the top then go here

#373 · 1w, 6h ago · · ·

>>716 Where is that?

Story Approver
#372 · 1w, 14h ago · · ·


Type in the character's name in the tag box.

#371 · 1w, 16h ago · · ·

How do I search for stories by characters?

#370 · 1w, 3d ago · · ·

>>689 That strike / color / etc. bug is browser-dependent. It's affected some browsers for at least 2 years.

I found a weirder bug a few days ago: the [ hr ] (or [ hr ][ /hr ]) tag sometimes doesn't display in a story (in Chrome). It's very hard to replicate; it depends on how many lines are in the story before it, and how many of them are also [ hr ] tags. It happens less than 1/10th of the time, and only for the second [ hr ] tag in the chapter. I thought at first it was because the first [ hr ] tag wasn't closed off, but that wasn't it.

#369 · 1w, 3d ago · 1 · ·

I lost another follower to green-eye syndrome today. This has been happening pretty often since the site changed the watching / not watching icons.

Current system:

On their user page:

Black eye = You are not watching them

Green eye = You are currently watching them

When hovering over a link to their use page, on the pop-up:

Eye of any color = You are not watching them

Eye with a slash through it = You are currently watching them

This confuses a lot of people into accidental unfollows. It would be less confusing if the user page and the popups used the same icons to indicate following / not following.

#368 · 1w, 3d ago · · ·


OH! Thank you! ^^

Story Approver
#365 · 1w, 3d ago · · ·


No I mean the exact URL.

And is it the direct url or one from the address bar?

#364 · 1w, 3d ago · · ·


Facebook URL

Also Deviantart URL

Story Approver
#363 · 1w, 3d ago · · ·


What is the url you're using?

#362 · 1w, 3d ago · · ·

Everytime I try to add an image in a custom box it says image invalid. I was trying with my facebook artwork and it didn't work then it still didn't work for Deviantart when I tested it there. Help?

Story Approver
#360 · 1w, 3d ago · · ·

>>695 Still seems kinda goofy to not have it available in the FAQ for referencing along with everything else.:unsuresweetie:

Story Approver
#359 · 1w, 3d ago · · ·


The rules were never removed from the popup when you hit Submit.

#358 · 1w, 3d ago · · ·

So when is the stuff regarding submission rules/forbidden content going to be added back? As it stands right now, I can't find anything about Human/anthro under-age nor the copyrighted lyrics bit, so feasibly speaking people might start assuming that the lack of these rules means that this is all allowed once more.

#357 · 1w, 4d ago · · ·

>>687 It was, I had already managed to find it using a Google search. Already forgotten what I used as search terms to get it to be the first hit though.

#356 · 1w, 4d ago · · ·

>>688 I'm sorry, but that wasn't what I meant. Let see, how to rephrase it...

I could rephrase the problem I have in a way that's more understandable, but that's less important than the actual question.

Is there a list somewhere of all the characters tags that are currently used on the site?

Scratch that, I'm an idiot, you already answered the question and I misread it. Thanks for the help.

On a side note, appearantly strike through doesn't work properly if the selected text is on separate lines, it only strikes the first line.


Neither does font size or text color. Guess I have something to poke knighty about.

Story Approver
#355 · 1w, 4d ago · · ·


Creating a story still displays all categories/tags. There are very few of them other than Characters.

#354 · 1w, 4d ago · · ·

>>680 Hey, is this the story you're looking for? Why Can't Rainbow Dash Manage To Become A Princess?

#353 · 1w, 4d ago · · ·

Since the tags aren't in a drop-down menu anymore and you have to type them in now, I sometimes have trouble finding certain stories because I can't remember all the tags.

Is there a place where all the tags on the site are listed?

I don't get the reasoning behind removing the drop-down functionality, I can't see how that did anything except reduce the ease of finding specific stories, but them's the breaks sometimes. *Grumble,piss&moan,whine,etc*

#352 · 1w, 4d ago · · ·

There is an error in which I try to make a folder inside a folder for my group and it doesn't save.

#351 · 1w, 5d ago · · ·

>>666 I once had a problem like that, I turned off 'track unread' and turned it back on and it revealed the chapters that were unread,

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