Groups Posts are a monthly group advertisement blog open to anyone who wants a signal boost. If you're interested in having your group advertised in one of these, send me a PM with the name of the group, a link to its front page, and a brief description of what the group is for. I'll copy this directly into the post, so write it like you're trying to tell other people about why they should join or pay attention to your group - anything up to around 150-ish words is fine.

Equestria Girls, where the look of friendship may change, but its magic is forever.

However isolated it may (currently) be, Equestria Girls is a piece of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic canon now, and there are quite a few people who are interested in it! If you're one of them, this group is for you! Discuss Equestria Girls, its world and its characters in the forum to your heart's content. Also, if you've written an EQG story, we'd love to have it!

Family Fictions is a group for all types of family oriented stories. If families are bonding, or fighting, or just doing whatever it is that families do, then this is the group is the place for you and your fics. All types of family relationships are welcome: Parents with their child, siblings, foster or adoptive families, chosen families (like the Cakes and Pinkie). As long as it's about some type of family, it's good. We welcome lots of discussions and will hopefully be running contests and writing events soon. Open to whoever wants to join.

SunsetDash is a group for gathering shipping fics and fans of Sunset Shimmer x Rainbow Dash pairing. If you've been looking for a place dedicated to appreciating one of the most underrated shippings of MLP, this is it. Whether you just want to read fics or discuss about our favourite ship, feel free to join us and make us grow.


A shipping group devoted to Rainbow Dash and Indigo Zap. This group is open to anyone who likes RainDigo shipping, or anyone who likes Rainbow Dash and Indigo Zap in general.

LoliRock is a group that welcomes the fans of the LoliRock TV cartoon.

Feel free to discuss whatever you want in the forum section (related to the cartoon)!

Equestria's Pet Play Society (EPPS for short) is a group dedicated to those that enjoy the act of Pet Play, non-sexual or otherwise. Although not an extremely active group, the community is very considerate and thoughtful, and the group offers a Skype chat as well! They really enjoy new pets and masters in the group, and the moderators treat everyone with respect while also upholding the rules to keep the group civilized and fun. EPPS is always happy to get new members and new stories, and they welcome every curious user with open arms!

Printed Fiction Hardcopies

Ever wish you had known about a print run project for a story before it was too late to participate?  Are you an author who would like to let others know you would like to do a print run of a story?  Are you someone who would like to receive notifications of stories that may be attempting a print run?  Then this group is for you.  If you are doing a print run (or know of a print run project), let us know!  You can post a comment on our page or our forum with details about the project.  Or, join us to see notifications of project details.

That's it for February. See you all next month!

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Imgur has blacklisted us for image embeds, stating that they do not allow images on their service to be used as content on other websites. Their ToS seems to confirm this, stating:

Also, don't use Imgur to host image libraries you link to from elsewhere, content for your website, advertising, avatars, or anything else that turns us into your content delivery network.
This apparently applies to users uploading images to post on other websites (including this one, and I would have to assume most others), which we were not previously aware of. Unfortunately I do not have a recommendation of an alternative site for users to host images they need to embed on our site or elsewhere.

They do have an official embed function, however is highly limited and incompatible with various aspects of our code due to requiring a <script> embed that is both a security risk and makes certain assumptions about how the page being embedded on works, which don't hold up on our site. I cannot find a functional <iframe> embed solution, so for the moment I have no workaround that will allow the image to appear on the page or behind an expand button. I'm not sure that we can use their embed under their ToS anyway...

You should still be able to link to the gallery page if you need to share an Imgur image on-site, however it is unclear exactly how their ToS applies in that situation, so it's possible they will block that too at some point.

For users that need to include images in their story, we should be able to offer an image upload function that will enable this soon, however as this could potentially be a large number of images we need to make sure that everything is properly ready before we enable such a feature. Unfortunately I cannot promise any particular date, but hopefully it won't be too complicated to setup.

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There's a very simple reason to read today's story: it's an intimate and moving portrayal of a troubled relationship.

Just Give Me a Reason

[Romance] [Sad] [Slice of Life] • 3,653 words

[NOTE: This story contains sexual themes.]

She waited for Rarity’s face to bloom into softness, the way it always did when Rainbow made some big romantic gesture like this. Rarity’s face stayed impassive. But she smiled. It was a smile that was reserved and slightly tired—barely genuine. The warmth in it was quiet, self-contained.

And that’s when Rainbow’s entire world came crashing down.

She did not need her any longer.

FROM THE CURATORS: "Call me a sucker for tragic romance," Present Perfect said as his vote spurred this story to its feature, but this story was richly rewarding to more than just genre fans.  "Even though this one had my guts twisting almost from the get-go, I loved it," Chris said.  "It uses the relationship that's falling apart as an opportunity to explore its characters, and to really get inside Rainbow's head in particular, all while offering authentic and rewarding hope."  He wasn't the only curator commenting on authenticity.  "As someone going through an amicable divorce, I can confirm that this is heart-rendingly authentic to the way that two people treat each other when they care for each other but are no longer quite in love," Horizon said.

Those two people — or, rather, ponies — were central to what made this story exemplary.  "The author sells me on the romantic relationship right from the start," AugieDog said. "Of course, 'romantic' is probably the wrong word, but the portrait of the two characters in the dust and ashes stage of things is just marvelously well done."  Present Perfect also agreed on the excellent character portrayals.  "What really makes this work is you can't tell this story with two other characters," he said.  "More to the point, this is very obviously a Rainbow Dash who's been Rarity's marefriend for three years. She can read Rarity like a book; she understands nuances of decor! She can, in a perfectly matter-of-fact manner, talk about her feelings. It's one of the most believable 'the ship already happened' stories I've ever read."

That sense of realism drew us all in, and the end result was a story that was gripping and powerful from start to finish.  "This hooked me early, and my engagement extended straight through until the very end of the story," Chris said.  "The very end of the story provided perhaps the most honest and believable reason for Rainbow Dash and Rarity to be in a long-term relationship I've ever seen, and managed to somehow be completely cynical and emotionally reaffirming at the same time.  No mean feat, that."

Read on for our author interview, in which SleepIsforTheWeak discusses invincible bouncing, sweet torments, and the benefits of professional jealousy.

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Everfree Northwest presents Scribblefest 2016!

Art by Dark Flame http://darkflame75.deviantart.com/

Everfree Northwest, Seattle's premier pony convention is known for having one of—if not the—strongest writing tracks in the MLP fandom. As part of that, we run an online writing contest (now called "Scribblefest") every year. Entry is open to everyone, whether or not you attend the convention.

This year, we're changing things up a bit. Instead of ranking stories in simple order, we're giving out six special awards, each of which comes with a $20 Amazon gift code!


The Jaw-Dropper Award ("The Dash")

We all know the type, the stories that make us go "Holy cow, THAT just happened!" This would go to the story with the best twist, surprise, or simple moment of hoof-pumping awesomeness!

The D'aww Award ("The Fluttershy")

A staple of ponyfic... the story with the sweetest, most touching moment that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

The Nasally Ejected Beverage Award ("The Pinkie")

You know, the one that makes you laugh so hard you snort milk out your nose.

The True Fable Award ("The AJ")

The story that is most true to the spirit of the show. By definition, a fable is "a short story, typically with animals as characters, conveying a moral." This goes to the story that best teaches a life lesson, especially using old fashioned, honest-as-apple-pie wisdom.

The Elegance Award: ("The Rarity")

For services to poetic language, beautiful diction, haunting prose, and overall elegance in writing.

The Checklist-And-Caliper Award ("The Twilight")

The story with the most attention to detail. This could be a puzzle or mystery type plot, stories that rely on actual math/science, or ones that show well thought-out rules underlying the use of magic. Basically, any story that makes you wonder just how much time the author spent on research, calculations, plot diagrams, or anything else that wasn't actually writing.


It's up to you, the author, where you want to focus your effort. Good stories will often include elements that make them eligible for multiple awards, and we encourage everyone to focus on good storytelling, rather than myopically targeting a specific award. Do note however, that no story may win more than a single award.

How to Enter

Publish one new (never before published) story to FIMFiction.net between now and March 6th, then submit it to our online form at: http://goo.gl/forms/aa5LY4s9gi


Each of the six awards mentioned above comes with a $20 electronic code good for use at Amazon.com. International contestants may request a code for their regional Amazon affiliate (such as amazon.ca, amazon.co.uk, etc.) instead, and we will attempt to provide a code worth the equivalent of $20 US in that region. This may not be possible however, so non-US residents enter at their own risk.

In addition to the $20, winning stories and authors will also be featured on the EFNW website, various media/blog posts, and in the EFNW Convention Book.

Word Limits

Stories must be between 2000 and 6000 words in length. Note: FIMFiction’s word count uses a different algorithm than most word processors and we will allow some leniency to compensate for this.


Scribblefest 2016 will accept entries from February 1st, 2016 until 11:59 pm PST on March 6th, 2016. Judging will begin immediately afterwards, and winners will be announced 2-4 weeks later, depending on the number of entries we have to judge.

Judging Process

Judging will be done in phases by a a combined panel of EFNW staff and invited guest judges from the community. Judges will be given a randomized set of stories to read and each story will be assigned to a minimum of two judges, to reduce the chance of personal taste/bias disqualifying a story unduly. Judges will vote for their favorite story in each award category to advance to the next phase. After each phase, votes will be tallied, and the top stories in each category will advance to the next phase, where the process will repeat until only one winner in each category remains.

Additional Rules and Details

1. All entries must adhere to a PG rating. Submissions using elements that could reasonably be considered above a PG rating, including but not limited to adult situations, intense violence, or drug use will be ineligible for the contest. If you are unsure if your story meets these guidelines and wish to ask, please contact our writing track lead,  Xepher, directly by PM on FIMFiction. https://www.fimfiction.net/user/Xepher

2. Any material that violates the rights of a third party will be disqualified.

3. Submissions must be relevant to the My Little Pony fandom. If it's not MLP-based fiction, an entry may be disqualified.

4. Stories must be an original work by the submitting contestant and must not have been released prior to the start of the contest.

5. Contestants may submit only one (1) story for consideration. If more than one (1) story is submitted, the submitter will be asked to select which entry they wish to enter into the contest. If the submitter cannot be reached in time for judging, the most recent entry will be used. Contestants that attempt to subvert this rule and submit multiple entries under different accounts or aliases may be disqualified at our discretion.

6. Co-written submissions are allowed, but disqualify all authors involved from submitting additional solo or co-written stories.

7. Editing/proofreading assistance doesn't count as co-writing, and authors may submit their own story even if they help edit for someone else.

8. Contestants may only win one award each. If an entry is found to be the best in multiple award categories, the judging panel will decide which award is most suited for it, and will give the other awards to lower ranked stories in the other categories.

9. Winners will be selected based on many judging criteria, including, but not limited to: technical skill, characterization, creativity, originality, impact, and personal tastes of the judges. This is in addition to the criteria defined for each award itself.

10. Submissions must be submitted via the linked Google Form. http://goo.gl/forms/aa5LY4s9gi If you have trouble submitting, please contact our writing track lead, Xepher, directly via PM. https://www.fimfiction.net/user/Xepher

11. Final interpretation of the contest rules and judging criteria are left to the discretion of the judging panel, and their decisions are final.

12. Submitters retain ownership of their submissions, but by entering the contest the author agrees to allow Everfree Northwest to share their submitted stories on our website, social media, conbook, and in other promotional media and materials.

13. Contest judges are not permitted to enter the contest.

Final Thoughts

Good luck to everyone! We look forward to reading your submissions, and hope to see you all at Everfree Northwest this May. As always, keep up-to-date on the latest Everfree Northwest news by visiting our website, viewing/following our FIMFiction account and group, liking us on Facebook, and following us on Twitter and Tumblr.


Seattle's Angels is a group that promotes good stories with low views. You can find us here.

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It's always sunny somewhere in the world, and it's always a good time to dig into the mysteries buried in today's story.


[Mystery] [Slice of Life] • 11,639 words

Once every month, a mare appears on a remote beach, far from her home. She plays, she reads, she sleeps, and she wastes precious, precious time.

FROM THE CURATORS: Princess Celestia taking relaxing vacations on an idyllic beach — certainly not the first thing you'd think of when browsing through the archives of FIMFiction's new Mystery tag.  But this one was positively arresting in the slow build of its revelations.  "Wow, what a remarkable piece," Present Perfect said.  "Hardly anything made sense throughout the story, until the final chapter tied it all together in the most satisfying way possible."  Chris agreed, adding: "The real brilliance of this story is in how often Celestia or the narrator does something that doesn't seem to make any sense, even as the story gives you enough clues and assurance to convince you that yes, there's a reason for all this.  And when that reason comes, it's invariably satisfying."

That's not to say that the mystery here is the only thing to appreciate.  "The narrative voice is unique, and I really appreciated the way it manages to pull off multiple levels of headfakes as it slowly unrolls its core plot," Horizon said.  Chris also appreciated the characterization: "This story manages to tell us a lot about both Celestia and the narrator, in ways both obvious and subtle."  And AugieDog found Analemma's pacing exemplary.  "Puzzle stories like this are really hard to do; they're all about doling out the information at exactly the time the reader needs it," he said.  "This one added each compelling detail just when I needed one, and kept that pace right up to the end. Even the point-of-view switch in the last chapter, something that throws me out of a story 99% of the time, didn't bother me that much."

It all added up to a story that left us unanimously impressed.  "The story makes a lot of promises and fulfills them all, which is an exemplary quality in a mystery," Horizon said.  Chris summarized it as "a clever little bundle of a story," and Present Perfect found it "a joy to read" throughout.  "In the end," Present Perfect said, "it shows us that there are still creative new ways to tell age-old stories."

Read on for our author interview, in which Miller Minus discusses poetry creeping, trampoline jumping, and magical husband lamping.

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Today's story is more methodical than one might think.


[Sad] [Slice of Life] • 6,834 words

The tensions of estranged family run high when Cloudy Quartz's mother, Change, comes to see her newborn grandfoals.  Things only get worse when Change makes a discovery that spells hope for her species, and promises disaster for her relationship with her daughter.

Pinkie Pie has the soul of a draconequus.

FROM THE CURATORS: This piece definitely went in directions we never expected. In the words of Present Perfect, "It could easily have been, 'Wow, Pinkie's part draconequus, that explains so much!' but instead, that's merely the backdrop for this tale of family tensions." Added AugieDog, "I also love how the author made this into a story about Pinkie in which she doesn't actually appear."

The curators agree, the author's decision to focus on family dynamics is what drew us to it. The conflict between Pinkie's mother and grandmother is relatable and approachable. "A lot of authors would have let themselves get caught up in the mechanics and backstory of the draconequui," said Chris. "The central conflict is one that anyone with an extended family has seen play out firsthand." Augie agreed: "The struggles here are the sort that go on in families every day."

Relatable, too, was the character of Igneous Pie. "He provided not just a writer's tool for promoting reconciliation," Chris said, "but he also ended up being the character I related to best."

Read on for our author interview, in which Bugle discusses the MLP collectible card game, diversity in the fandom, and the tribulations of writing for an ever-evolving canon.

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Seattle's Angels is a group that promotes good stories with low views. You can find us here.

“I need that write-up on my desk by four!”

“Where’s that review of Holder's Boulder?”

“Incoming one-hundred thousand word story!”

RTStephens hid under his desk and covered his ears in the vain hope that drowning out the insistent commands of the Seattle’s Angels admins would help his case. It did not.

“We know you’re there, newbie!”

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Today's story reminds us that even loving spouses sometimes will make cold decisions.


[Romance] [Slice of Life] • 2,556 words

Marriage is the hardest thing Carrot Cake has ever done, second only to being a father to his two foals.

Woken by a chill and finding himself quite bereft of blankets, he finds himself pondering the canyon that has appeared between he and his wife.

FROM THE CURATORS: As the description suggests, this is a story about relationship problems — but it's full of the sort of realism and nuance that elevate the premise from angst to art.  "I always enjoy it when writers take a situation from the show and apply real-life psychology to it: how would someone really react to this situation, and how might that reaction change the character's outlook on life?" AugieDog said.  "Even better, we then get the character reacting to that first reaction and deciding it was the wrong thing to do."

Several of us noted the deft way which Blankets dug back through both the Cakes' troubled relationship and the incident that caused the rift.  "Even when we discover what happened, there's never any attempt by the author to act like this single thing is what's pushing them apart," Chris said.  "Instead, this is a story about all the little barbs, all the slightly-too-guarded conversations, all the individually unimportant but oh-so-crucial-in-the-heat-of-the-moment battles which drive people apart, told with beautiful metaphors and no small amount of self-awareness."  And that storytelling finesse even won over our doubters.  "It started out feeling like a generic midlife crisis story, but once the curtain pulled back on the original source of their rift, that did wonders for my engagement," Horizon said.  "The central conflict and the realistic approach to that growing divide of paranoia are exemplary, and I really appreciate the way that the resolution turned on trust rather than on the truth."

But ultimately, Blankets' strength comes from its uncompromising look at the truth behind a marriage in crisis — and that wouldn't have been nearly as powerful if it hadn't gotten so effectively inside its characters' heads.  "Mr. Cake makes no bones about what's happened," Present Perfect said. "He's laying his soul bare, not asking for pity. If anything, this story reveals that he does truly understand his wife in the way only someone who's been with another for a long time can — we see him seeing himself through her eyes."

Read on for our author interview, in which MidnightDancer discusses dark days, basic morals, and that old time-thief Soap.

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Hello everyone!

As you are all aware, as a community here, we like to encourage others to read the works of authors we all enjoy. At one point, it was easy to select quality works to share, but as our community grows, amazing stories inevitably get bypassed by either more popular ones, or the sheer amount of written work submitted to the site. In an effort to combat that, review groups emerged which earned a spot on the Social Site Posts, so that these lost gems could be more easily accessible to users who don't have too much time to dig in search of  treasures.

And the question now is... whenever you read a site-blog doing story those reviews, did you ever think to yourself: "My friends and I could do that too?"

Are you a competent reviewer, avid reader and would like to share the hidden gems you've discovered with the whole site?

Well, we have good news for you! This is your opportunity to join a project we are working on... a project that would give you the chance to write reviews that the whole site can read!

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