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“C’mon man, it’ll be fine. Stop being such a wuss. You said you guys wanted a better method for sorting fics,” the small ferret said dismissively, looking over a stack of messy papers.

“Yeah, but I just meant maybe I could consider looking in the slush room more often, not, well, this!”

Burraku Pansa waved his arms to encompass the floor covered in a pulsating glowing circle with odd pieces of writing in a lurid blue goo. There were various items piled haphazardly around it: something in a beaker dripping and hissing onto an expensive-looking scientific machine, piles of paperwork with random notations and scribblings, a well-mauled ball of sock yarn with a label reading “Sock’s personal repair supply, no chewing!”, and more besides.

The ferret next to him frowned and waved some papers at him. “Well, too bad. I need to test my new theory for finding stories. See, based on these studies, and that story, and the dream I had last night, this chemical composition for the writing, combined with the power you can extract from the changeling summoning circle, I should be able to cast the spell despite not being a unicorn!“

“Wait, ‘should’?” The tall Angel furrowed his brow and looked even more concerned.

“Sure! Worst-case scenario is it overloads the circuit board and the second level alliteration spell it’s running crumbles and we both get hit with a significant amount of backlash and will be struck with a variation of the ‘Never Know Peace’ curse. Honestly, though, it’s pretty unlikely, as I made sure to add some pipe mold over it which should absorb things without issue. Now shush and move to where I told you to go before. I need to concentrate if we’re going to get good fics.”

Burraku grimaced and stood on the tape mark, glancing over at his partner nervously. She ignored him and carefully placed a headdress made of feathers and string over her ears and lifted a glowing rock. The rock and circle began pulsating in sync, slowly gaining speed and causing both Angels to begin shaking from some unknown effect.

“Annd herre wwweee ggggoooo…”


The door slammed open and an even-more-belligerent-than-usual sock stormed in with the other Angels peeking around the corner and rapidly laying bets as to what would happen.

Ferret squeaked and jerked around to look for an escape route, the stone flying out of her paws and smacking Burraku in the chest, sending him backwards into the heap of equipment that had been cleared for the spell.

“Sock I can explain...Wait, something smells funny.” She lifted her head and sniffed, her whiskers twitching.

All eyes immediately looked to Burraku, who had begun trembling and emitting smoke.

“Ferret, did you decant that liquid Dimercuric tetraazide when you were moving things?” Sock asked as he began slowly backing up.

“You were making Dimercuric tetraazide!? I know you like explosions, but that could easily level the entire Fortress and Tree House! Are you trying to do a repeat of Twilight’s Library or something? Also no. Do you think that’s what’s doing it?”

“Probably, though I don’t know how it’s going to interfere with your weird voodoo.”

“It’s not Voodoo! Voodoun is an ancient and well respected religious practice. This is just some stuff I threw together because it looked cool. Oooh, the smoke’s clearing. BP, are you in there?”

As the smoke cleared, the Angels crowded in to see the result of Ferret’s work.

“You’re…” Core began before pausing, looking critically over the Angel.

“You’re a panther,” Raz supplied helpfully.

“I...I…” Sock seemed stuck in shock, staring wide-eyed at his lab and twitching slightly

“Not just a panther! A panther with a floaty cloud! It worked, it worked, it worked!” Ferret bounced around cheering in delight. “With that and your speed, I bet you can sort stories faster than ever!”

Burraku looked in the closest reflective surface he could find. Where once a tall, bearded human stood, there was now a rather confused-looking jungle cat, floating on what looked to be a small cloud.

“Is...is this permanent? I look like a Gary Stu.”

Ferret glanced up from where she was idly gnawing on a knitting needle. “Nah, you’re just a panther, and I think the cloud is a tech kludge. I’m sure I could change you back if you want. Though I should probably scram before Sock comes to and gets mad. Enjoy!”

She scrambled under a table and vanished.


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G.M. Berrow at BABSCon

Everfree Northwest's Weekly fic Recommendations #20

G.M. Berrow at BABSCon

Hit the Books With G.M. Berrow at BABSCon! "Can you get enough of the very best in pony-based literature? We thought not…’cuz neither can we! There’s a very good reason Hasbro chose the amazing G.M. Berrow to write the official My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic novels, and it’s because she’s just plain awesome.

A Literature graduate from Princeton University, Berrow’s bibliography expands on the backgrounds of your favorite characters. She's the author of Pinkie Pie and the Rockin’ Ponypalooza Party!, Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell, The Daring Do Adventure Collection, Rainbow Dash and the Daring Do Double Dare, Applejack and the Honest-to-Goodness Switcheroo, Rarity and the Curious Case of Charity, the novelizationof Equestria Girls: Through the Mirror, and the just-released Fluttershy and the Fine Furry Friends Fair. Her upcoming work includes Princess Celestia and the Summer of Royal Waves, and Discord and the Ponyville Players Dramarama, and a Pinkie Pie episode for Season 5. Are you nervouscited? We are!

So, bring your books to be signed and your questions for a fantastic writer. She joins our spectacular lineup of Guests of Honor including Tara Strong, Andrea Libman, Cathy Weseluck, Peter New, Claire Corlett, Ian James Corlett, Brian Drummond, Brynna Drummond, Daniel Ingram, Steffan Andrews, Tony Fleecs, and Heather Breckel, so register now!

Everfree Northwest's Weekly fic Recommendations #20

Did you know, Everfree Northwest scours FIMfiction in order to bring three recommends a week? In fact we recently posted our twentieth post. We try to focus on enjoyable lesser known fics. If you know of some good lesser known fics by authors other than yourself feel free to let us know.

You can keep up to date with all Everfree Northwest Writing Track News by checking out our new site at everfreenw.com and Follow us on Facebook, tumblr, Twitter, FIMFiction, and deviantART!

If you want to post your convention's fanfiction related news on a FIMfiction site post like this one, you can find out more here.

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Go ahead, take just one little bite of today's tempting tale ...


[Comedy] [Slice of Life] • 18,225 words

Applejack, while surveying the border between Sweet Apple Acres and the Everfree forest, stumbles across a perfectly ordinary, garden-variety talking snake. In an apple tree. The mane six, of course, decide to be neighborly.

What's the worst that could happen?

FROM THE CURATORS: While the title is almost identical to last week's feature, this is a very different take on the concept of deification: "a story with religious themes, funny and thoughtful in equal turns, and without any super-depressing grim-dark or blatant preaching," in the author's own words.  Our reaction was exemplified by Bradel, who assigned it a top score with a simple "Yup."

Among the features earning this story its feature — and a rare unanimous vote — was its skillful blending of moods. "This is by turns profound, touching, and hilarious.  It packs in a magnificent range of emotions in its 18,000 words, and none of them feel out of place," horizon said. Chris also cited the exemplary characterization: "The way everypony reacted to the snake's attempted temptations perfectly highlighted their characters, without falling back on their Elements as stereotypes.  Most stories would have just given us 'Dash is Loyal/Rarity is Generous/etc.,' but this one is actually about those ponies, not just some convenient archetype."

But, most of all, it was the deft touch with which it explored a deep (and sometimes touchy) subject both respectfully and authentically.  As Present Perfect put it: "This is a bizarre confluence of MLP and the Bible (and other mythologies) in a G1-scented wrapper. If I'm not mistaken, it's also a deconstruction of the silliness of placing human societal constructs into the world of Equestria. And yet it still explores human religious thought. I just stand in slack-jawed amazement as the ponies refuse to rise to bait that would have ensnared the deepest human intellectual, and it all makes sense ... the most amazing thing is Pinkie getting into a theological debate and not even knowing it."

Read on for our author interview, in which DuncanR discusses unwritten endings, Hitlerjack and Applejesus, and the true north strong and proud.

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Today's story is a fandom classic about a journey of discovery — both of the mind and of the heart.


[Romance] [Adventure] • 46,300 words

When Twilight is sent with Luna on a diplomatic mission to Draconia, they quickly find themselves somewhere that doesn't appear on any map, and Luna is lost in more than one way...

FROM THE CURATORS: Although Apotheosis — which is a sequel to the Pony Fiction Vault-featured Off The Edge Of The Map, but features different characters and a standalone plotline — was written in the early days of the fandom, it quickly became clear that it had stood the test of time.  "This one had been on my read later list for ages, and I finally plowed through it the past couple of days. And I gotta say... wow," JohnPerry said.

While we had some hot debate over the story's handling of its central romance, there was one issue on which we were unanimous. "You can't swing a hoof in this story without hitting some truly sublime worldbuilding," Horizon said.  Chris agreed — "It's got some of the best, most evocative worldbuilding of any fic I've read" — and JohnPerry piled on further superlatives: "These are some of the most vividly described and original settings I've ever seen in a fanfic."

The exemplary construction of the world and its characters — "the basilisk and ouroboros especially," Present Perfect pointed out — solidly earned this one its feature, but there was a great deal to like beyond that.  "The final chapter is epic as hell," Present Perfect said.  Horizon praised "the great thematic contrast between Twilight and Luna, reinforcing the long road to redemption Luna has to walk," and Chris said that "Daetrin's language use is excellent. … This isn't just scenery porn.  This fic was a pleasure to read, through and through."

Read on for our author interview, in which Daetrin discusses silent demons, dancing angels, and seasons of madness.

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Seattle's Angels is a group that promotes good stories with low views. You can find us here.

For what it was worth, the pizza guy had an excellent sense of humor.

“I’m serious,” the pizza guy said. “The order came from this house.”

“Tree fort,” Corejo corrected, “and we didn’t order any pizzas—much less forty of them.”

The pizza guy frowned, saying, “That’s not what it says on the delivery slip.”  He pulled out a notepad—Pizza Pizzaz! it read across the top—and there below it: one-three-three-seven Seattle’s Angels Secret Underground Fortress and Tree Fort Drive.

“Pav, did you give out the location of our secret underground base and tree house to the pizza guy?”

Pav Feira, who had been busy admiring himself in the mirror, turned in curiosity at the mention of pizza.  “Did someone say something beautiful?”

“Pizza isn’t beautiful.”

“I know.”

Corejo shook his head.  “Look, did you buy this pizza or not?”

“I didn’t buy any pizza.  I only buy beautiful things.”  He flipped his hair out of his eyes.

“See?  No one bought any pizza.”  He pushed the pizza guy’s notepad back at him.


“No buts.  We didn’t order them.  We don’t want them.”

Pav snickered.

alexmagnet walked by, eyeing the commotion.  “Is that pizza?  We ordered pizza?”

Corejo glared at him.  “No, we di—”

“Someone ordered forty pizzas,” the pizza guy said.

”No,”—back at the pizza guy—“we didn’t.”

“What’s all this fuss about?”  Professor Plum rolled in from the kitchen, juice box in stem.  “I smell pizza.”

“Yeah, someone ordered pizza,” Pav said, filing his nails.

Corejo massaged the bridge of his nose, letting out a long sigh.  “Nobody ordered any pizza…”

“I like pizza,” C2 said from her spot on the couch, stretching away the last bits of her nap.  “I was actually just dreaming about pizza.”

“You always dream about pizza.”  Sock flopped in from the bedroom hallway, apparently done sorting the laundry.

“Sweet Celestia!”  Corejo threw his hands in the air.  “Can you all just stop saying ‘pizza?’”

“But somebody here ordered forty boxes of pizza.”

Corejo rounded on the pizza guy.  “Nobody ordered any pizza!”

RedSquirrel bounced into the room.  “Oh hey, my pizzas are here.”  Everyone stared at him.

“Th-that’s a squirrel,” the pizza guy said.

“Yes, I am,” Squirrel said.  He pulled out his acorn, unscrewing the cap to draw from its hollow interior two hundreds.  “There.”  He handed them to the pizza guy.  “That should be enough, right?”

“That squirrel is talking.”  The pizza guy hadn’t blinked since spotting him, his jaw slowly falling loose.  “And he’s wearing an ushanka.”

“Staring is rude, you know.”  He took the pizzas from the still stunned pizza guy and slammed the door in his face.

Still, everyone else stared at the seemingly floating boxes of pizzas.

“Red…” Corejo shook his head, shoulders slouched.  “Just, why?”

RedSquirrel headed for the stairs.  “Four are for Ferret, because she hasn’t come out of her room in a week, and the rest I’m taking with me.”

“To where?”

Squirrel stopped at the bottom of the stairs.  His little gleaming eyes poked out from beneath the boxes, the fire of pride burning within.  “Scotland.  My people need me!”



Excessive Worry, by Piquo Pie

It can takes the average newborn foal a day to walk. Sometimes it takes longer. Sometimes something is wrong. Sometimes a foal bounces back.


More Pinkie Pie?  I’m okay with that.

Excessive Worry is another interesting little gem to cross the Seattle’s Angels desk.  At first it appears to be just another one of those read it and toss it fics, nothing special, nothing worth remembering.  You wouldn’t think it from the first few paragraphs, but as is the norm with this round, originality is in no short supply.

The story is told from the perspective of a doctor who is seeing filly Pinkie Pie for a very serious condition: she can’t walk.  The poor little filly falls and stumbles every time she tries, and it’s brought the Pie Parents to wit’s end.  Doctor Foalsgood doesn’t disappoint, and he gets to work on a diagnosis.

As a disclaimer, the prose gets a little cluttered toward the middle of the story, when he’s working on his diagnosis.  All it takes is a little care in parsing  the information, and you’re rewarded with a brilliant origin story that will leaving you smiling and saying, “why didn’t I think of something like that?”

It’s short.  It’s sweet.  It’s worth your time.  And who doesn’t love little snippets of why something is the way it is in the show?  I definitely do.  Go check it out.


Ever looked at Pinkie Pie and thought: “That pony hops around way too much”? Ever wonder why hopping is her primary means of locomotion? Ever think about the evolutionary pressures that led to a society where everypony is a different color no matter who or what their parents were, and how this created an all-pink pony?

Well you’re in luck, because here’s a story that answers at least one of the above questions whether you asked them or not. The gist of it is that Pinkie Pie actually had a really good reason to start hopping around so much as an adult, and it started way back when she was just a little filly.

The story is up-front and almost bare-bones: Pinkie in this story is too young to do anything but babble and flop around, so we get a lot of exposition and explanation from the family physician, unfortunately named Doctor Foalsgood. He diagnoses Pinkie with a rare disease and advises her parents on how to deal with it. The draw for this story is more the concept than the execution—trying to get a good reason behind a strange behavior, and attempting to make it more MLP-friendly by giving some kind of lesson in it. The story doesn’t deliver very strongly on the latter part, as the solution involves much less agency on Pinkie’s part and more thought on the Doctor’s, but the idea behind it is solid and I had to admit I was warmed to the story by a general adorableness that pervaded Pinkie’s baby antics. Perhaps if it was Pinkie consciously attempting to overcome disability and being happy with her own strangeness it would hit home a little harder, but I recommend this as inspiration for those who ever wanted to delve too greedily and too deep into a character’s background.

It is a story that deserves kudos for trying something new, which is still something that is sorely lacking in most forms of media, let alone fanfiction. Come for the idea, stay for baby Pinkie Pie.

Stay with her foreveeeer...


Fluttershy Defends Scotland Against Invasion By Alien Squirrels, by Pineta

Aliens have crossed the border and are threatening the survival of native creatures. Can Fluttershy save Southern Scotland from such an invasion?


Speaking of fresh air, ever been to Scotland?  Good, ‘cause I haven’t.  Below, some thoughts on Scotland, through the lens of our favorite flutter pony.

If the title didn’t tip you off, here’s another little hint: this is a crackfic.  Well, sort of.  Not entirely.  It comes across as more of a PSA in crackfic’s clothing.  Even if that PSA is hilariously dark.  That said, there’s enough here to enjoy—not just the fact it’s about red squirrels and being reviewed by one.

First, the story proper.  Since we’re already well into crackfic country, the how and why have plenty of leeway to be what they are.  That said, the why isn’t that far of a stretch.  But you’re not here for the how’s and why’s; you want zany!  You want ridiculous!  Well, this is plenty ridiculous, and Fluttershy takes the cake on that regard (sorry, Celestia).

Beyond the actual story lies the fun little PSA, which I found interesting.  It’s not often someone comes up with an original story.  This might be one of the most original I’ve read.  Where else have you heard of invasive species as a story concept?  There were a few here I hadn’t heard of before.  A greater awareness of goings-on the real world is always a pleasant surprise, even if it draws away from the story itself (hey, I said this was a crack fic, didn’t I?).

Standard crackfic disclaimer: some OOC and forced setting for the sake of getting to the punchline.

Disclaimer to the disclaimer: it’s well worth it.

(To those interested, reading this story caused me to do a little digging into invasive species, and I found the supplementary reading very enjoyable.  If you want to learn more, here and here are good places to start.)


Let’s get this out of the way: I’m not biased in any way whatsoever. I like all kinds of people. I get along with most anyone who tries to get along with me. As far as squirrels go, I am a laid back, completely and totally pacifistic individual. So while I am not in any way bigoted...

...You should all hate grey squirrels because they’re evil and need to die. And fortunately, Fluttershy is here to help us fulfill all our genocidal needs. This story is as close to a crackfic as you can get without being a crackfic without really feeling like one, as it attempts to give you a few honest facts while also being completely absurd. Fluttershy is with Rainbow Dash in southern Scotland on a sacred mission to save the venerable red squirrel population from an invasion of greys by whatever means necessary. And really, that’s all you need to know.

The premise of this fic was beyond silly, but it actually makes itself even funnier by being semi-serious about it: Fluttershy is actually doing something that a responsible naturalist would do, and poor Rainbow Dash is mostly just along for the ride. There are no moments of ‘lol u gaiz’ humor to be found here, only a funny story that doesn’t stay too long nor try too hard, which are both things that are absolutely required when you are writing humor. And while it does take place in actual human Scotland, there are no human characters to be found, which is a plus in my book.

You should read this story, if only to increase your awareness of real, actual environmental issues in the world… also your awareness of how terrible grey squirrels are.

Does this look like the face of mercy?


A Simple Prank, by Bob From Bottles

Twilight and Fluttershy think Pinkie is taking a failed prank too seriously and decide to speak with her.


A Pinkie Pie story, you say?  I’m game for that.  You can never have too much Pinkie Pie.

A Simple Prank follows the story of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, through the eyes of Twilight, in what is one of the best uses of off-screen action I’ve seen yet.  Do you like time travel?  What about when Pinkie Pie does it?

What makes this story so effective is how it goes about the off-screen actions.  There’s no delay between on-screen actions and what’s implied outside of that, and Bob from Bottles keeps the pacing straight and quick through the little snippets of action we do get to see, leaving the larger forces to be enjoyed through inference.

This story idea would not have worked in a longer piece.  At least, I couldn’t see it doing so, as it would require repetition and/or longer lulls between said repetition.  Its shortness (though assumably due to its origins as a minific for a write-off) is what gives it its punch.  

And to be honest, who doesn’t love a well-portrayed Pinkie Pie?  She is the hardest of the six to write well, and Bob nails it here.  If that’s your thing (and I certainly hope it is), you’ll enjoy this story.


Pink! This round is pink! I was wrong! I never needed to be a red squirrel. I should have been pink! It’s a good time when you can just revel in the silliness that is Pinkie Pie, and I appreciate this fic for giving us that opportunity.

When it comes to Pinkie there is actually a method to her madness. That method is a subject of fierce debate among some circles somewhere, I’m sure, or would like to think so at least. When Pinkie thinks she went a wee bit too far by accidentally pranking Fluttershy, she goes way too far in her attempt to fix it. The result is a short and charmingly Pinkie Pie-ish story that gives us a lesson worthy of any MLP vignette.

Suffice to say, since it’s Pinkie Pie it involves time travel, crazy and utterly random references to things that nopony except Pinkie is sure happened, and the chance to show that while Pinkie does sometimes go overboard, she’ll claw her way back into the graces of her friends and let nothing stand in her way. This is Pinkie at her best, including the equally annoying and endearing traits that make her a standout.


The Most Noise, by A Man Called Horse

On her way to Canterlot to retrieve the Alicorn Amulet, Trixie is stranded by the side of the road. Thankfully, a fellow traveler comes to her aid.


A Trixie story?  Why did I sign up for this crap?  I’m not alex.  Okay, fine.  Here goes nothing.

But what a lot of nothing this story wasn’t.  It’s not every day I see a Trixie fic and read it.  And it’s once in a blue Luna butt that I enjoy it.  I just don’t really like Trixie outside of her comical nature in the show.  I’m not one for sappy redemption stories.  But even that doesn’t entirely encapsulate what this story is or what sets it apart.

It’s refreshing to see A Man Called Horse change up the trope.  This story takes place between Trixie episodes.  What’s so great about it is rather than being a substantiation of why she’s been a bad pony, it’s one of why she’s going to be.

Do I have your attention now?

I like this idea.  It brings out a different side of not just a character, but of what can be done with an idea, which is what brings us to what I love most about this story: execution.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t find the writing itself compellingly strong, and there are more references to Magic Duel than I felt were necessary, but that’s not what matters here.  It’s how Horse uses the story, his characters—heck, even the narrative itself—to beautiful effect.  You really don’t see that every day.

Come get a breath of fresh air.  This is one of the freshest you’ll find.


Yes! Yes, you have seen our true plan now! This was all a convoluted plan to make Alexmagnet miss out on reviewing a Trixie fic! He always says Trixie is best, ignoring the true beauty of the show, but who’s laughing now?

Rarity. Rarity is laughing because she is best pony.

In any case, Trixie isn’t laughing at all in this story. This is a tale that is in-between others, laden with heavy doses of foreshadowing and dramatic irony. It is Trixie after she was chased out of Ponyville the first time, but before she puts on the dreaded Alicorn Amulet and comes back for her revenge. In essence, it’s a Trixie fic that is, for once, not all about how Trixie is a wubbly cuddly damsel in need of love to swoop in to rescue her. It’s a fic about how Trixie is hurt, vulnerable creature who finds it just as hard to let go of her anger and her pride as anyone else.

This fic exemplifies the traits of Trixie that we don’t see enough of on our site: her need to be in the spotlight, her need for validation, and in a surprising twist, it actually uses the point-of-view pronouns to pull a fast one on us and tell us a little more about how Trixie sees herself. You’ll see what I mean when you read it, and you should.

Trixie’s conversation with the stranger on the side of the road is more interesting because of how Trixie responds rather than the enigmatic nature of the stranger, who really could be anypony; he’s just there to ask the questions and get Trixie to open up. Regardless, the mere fact that this story was brave enough to explore a dark time in a character’s life and then not give us the catharsis of an uplifting ending (which would have been insulting since we know what comes next anyway) is something that should perk your ears.

It was getting late, judging by the clock.  Corejo had just finished reading the top internet news article of the day—Scotland Rains Pizza; Thousands Die—and stood, shaking his head.  What was this world coming to?

He gave an over-dramatic stretch and headed for the stairs.  At the top, he noticed four pizzas sitting beside Ferret’s door, a faded blue glow crawling out from beneath it.  Squirrel was right; he hadn’t seen her leave her room since she joined the Angels nearly a week ago.  She had to be hungry by now.  Could have been dead for all he knew.  Curious, he tried the handle, finding it unlocked.

She was certainly not dead.  Her computer screen lit the room an eerie, flickering blue, her face bright as it leaned forward into the glare—wide-eyed, chin raised in captivation, tongue sticking out, cheeks curled up in glee on her cute little face.  From his sideways view, Corejo saw words scroll upward on the screen, neverending.

“Hey, Ferret,” he said, hefting the boxes.  “We brought you some pizza.”  

She kept scrolling.


Her head snapped at him, face like a demon, teeth bared and hissing death on the one who dared interrupt her pone reading.  Her eyes whipped back to the screen, and she smiled her giddy little smile like nothing had happened.

Corejo blinked.  He slowly set the boxes down inside the room, shutting the door without a sound, and he made sure to turn the lock until it clicked.  

Carefully, he crept to his room and crawled into bed, wondering just what on earth they were thinking letting a ferret join their ranks.

Feel free to visit our group for more information and events, and to offer some recommendations for future rounds. See you all next time!

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As many of you know, we've been having issues with redirecting ads. Unfortunately these are largely out of my hands, and it's entirely Adsense's fault that these are getting through and they're doing an extremely poor job of dealing with it. This is an issue on tons of other big sites right now like tvtropes and neogaf, it's across the whole network.

Consequently, while I probe adsense for why this isn't fixed, I've disabled all display ads on the site, which means the only ads will be text and image ads which in theory should not have any javascript whatever, and therefore zero possibility for redirecting ads. I don't know if the changes go through instantly but hopefully redirecting ads should be gone right now.

Apologies for the inconvenience, I am as annoyed by this as you guys because it's very damaging to the site!

edit: Looks like we still have flash ads right now, so it might just take a little while for these changes to go through.

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Dig into today's story for a rousing archaeological epic.

The Celestia Code

[Adventure] • 70,356 words

Princess Twilight Sparkle discovers a centuries-old mystery hidden in the Royal Archives. Her investigation leads through layer after layer of deception and misdirection, setting her hooves on a path that seems to be leading to a mysterious secret. Along the way, she learns that some friendships can be very, very strange.

FROM THE CURATORS: Despite its title, this story is "mostly not a Da Vinci Code crossover," Chris noted.  "What it is is a history-delving adventure, with some touches of mystery and romance on the side.  The result is a story which is often funny, full of forward momentum, and — after a bit of unfocused jumping in the first chapter or two — settles into an engaging mix of action and history."

Not only engaging but memorable: it's not often that we stop debate to reminisce about the story's great moments, but those filled our thread.  "What an amazing battle scene in Chapter 22," Present Perfect said, while Horizon paused his reading after Chapter 8 so he could comment: "Goddamn but that was a glorious chapter."

We all cited different elements in our search for what made it exemplary, which was a sign that The Celestia Code got a lot of different things right.  "It compellingly wove together a lot of big ideas, and the worldbuilding felt effortless, which is generally a sign of a huge amount of work behind the scenes," Horizon said.  Present Perfect appreciated the characterization: "You've got a well-voiced Twilight who grows as a character over the course of the story."  While Chris agreed — "Twilight is quick with a quip as narrator, and the vibrantly unique voices used throughout breathe life into the story" — he focused on the bigger picture: "It's a fast-paced story which is easy to follow despite its mystery elements, and which is funny, clever, and exciting in equal measure."

That solid execution carried it through some rough spots (such as a lackluster romance subplot) to earn a well-deserved feature.  As Horizon put it, "this is a novel of big ideas, magnificent setpieces and brilliant moments — a summer blockbuster of a ponyfic."

Read on for our author interview, in which iisaw discusses pony motivations, coyote nomenclature, and the heartbreak of spousal "Best Pony" disagreements.

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Welcome to the future, Fimfic.

[and other various stupid jokes, like "man, I haven't made a lazy Back to the Future reference since last year"]

We do have a few groups to talk about this month, though:

Displaced are Humans, typically in costume, that have been tricked by The Merchant into taking an item which will send them to Equestria usually so the Merchant can witness the mischief. Most Displaced tend to be villainous or once villainous. The Merchant is a Void dwelling being who lives for mayhem.

Why should you join?

We have a decent group of fictions all about different humans in Equestria. Usually containing twists, and you can write one of your own! On any person turning into one of your fandom characters.

100,000 Words

Tired of looking for those longer stories that seem to evade your grasp?

Want to talk to other's about which ones are good?

Well come over to 100,000 Words where you can solve these problems easily.

Flutter de Lis

Ever thought about the idea of pairing Fluttershy and another famous fashion model? Or, more likely, you just saw the name of the group above and thought "that would be an interesting shipping pair." Well, have I got a group for you! The Flutter de Lis group is for anyone who likes the idea of pairing the bearer of The Element of Kindness with one of Equestria's most famous fashion models, Fleur de Lis (alternatively, Fleur Dis Lee). Stories about two beautiful mares in love, and occasionally seen sleeping together, what's not to love? (Don't worry, Fancypants is A-Okay with their relationship)

OC Tales

In this group, you become ponified or 'OCified' because that's what happens when the science projects of two geniuses get messed up.

OC Life Stories

This is the group for anyone out there who has an OC! If you just want to share your stories, this group is perfect for you! This is by all means a random group where you can do anything you want at all (as long as it follows the site's rules, the group's rules, and any other rules you choose to obey). So... See ya!

The Resurrection of the School for New Writers

The School for New Writers was one of Fimfictions Primer groups for helping authors. It was modeled around the idea of organization and lessons as opposed to discussions, though we certainly have those as well. For the past few months, however, we happened to have many mods and teachers step out at pretty much the same time leaving the group almost completely dead.

But as Celestia was freed from her changeling cocoon, we have come out of this harrowing situation with grace and strength. We're back. We have dedicated mods and professors eager to help every author whether they are new or experienced. We are still touching up everything but in the coming weeks we will be updating the group so that you can find over 130 lessons easily. That's right, over 130 lessons about horse words with several more every week.

So how bout you come down and join us sometime, you just might learn a thing or two.

You Might Like This

We're a group of readers who want to share stories that we also enjoyed. We're not about reviews or submissions. We read stories, add them if we like them, and promote one story each at the end of the month in a Monthly Spotlight forum post.

Each reader keeps a log of stories they added, but our folders are cleared for fresh content each month.

There's no pressure on the reader to justify why they want to add a story, just that they like it. This is us reading stories and finding some that we like. We hope you find something you'll like, too.

That's it for January. If you want your group advertised next month, send me a link to the group as well as a short advertisement like you see here.

Thanks, and Happy New Year!

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Today's story will bring some smiles to warm the dark midwinter's chill.

The Truth About Myths And Legends

[Slice of Life] • 4,211 words

A troubled Princess Celestia, wandering her School for Gifted Unicorns late one night, chances upon her young faithful student Twilight Sparkle, who has problems of her own:

She can't catch the Tooth Flutterpony.

What possible advice could Princess Celestia give to her upset young pupil, who is desperately trying to prove that an old ponies' tale is real?

FROM THE CURATORS: "I'd heard good things about this fic going in, and was not disappointed," Chris said about this sweet coming-of-age tale.  "The author really captures young Twilight as a brainy, over-serious filly... but a filly, first and foremost. … It's not too silly, not too dramatic, and feels important despite its surface ephemerality."

There were several factors catapulting this story to its feature, but it certainly didn't hurt that it melted the hearts of our curators.  "This one is adorable," JohnPerry said, and Present Perfect agreed: "Gads, but this is precious."  We also noted its strong characterization — as Horizon put it, the story "derives its feels not from any twist, but from the characters being earnestly themselves" — and its gentle sense of humor.  "There are plenty of clever jokes thrown in, and the ending is a fun surprise," JohnPerry said.

Ultimately, on the strength of both its storytelling and its themes, this was an easy choice for a heartwarming holiday-season feature.  "This is a story about childhood and innocence, and the titular myth is just the lens through which we see it," Horizon said.  "But even more so, it's about two characters flailing for connections, and a moment that brings them together, and that's the best kind of heartwarming."

Read on for our author interview, in which The Ponytrician discusses biographical standards, the advantages of not knowing, and ham and cheese.

Read More
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Merry New Year's, folks! Some of you who live in weird non-American timezones may not appreciate the anticipation of a New Year that comes with living in the Present (as opposed to the Past or the Future), but that's okay, because we love you all the same. Pony stories for all! Whether you read them now or some nonspecific number of hours from now, remember that cartoon horses will always be adorable.

So, to celebrate the ringing-in of 2015, here's some story recommendations courtesy of The Royal Guard!

If you're interested in more regarding The Royal Guard and their recommendations, here're some links for you:

-The Royal Guard Group

-Submit Your Story!

-The Royal Guard's Reviewing Omnibus

-Join The Guard!


This Week:


Order and Chaos, by psychicscubadiver

The Necromantic Adventures of Lyra Heartstrings, by SaintAbsol

Veni, Vidi, Verti, by thesecret1

Slice of Life

Another Day, by wYvern

Until Forever, by Pascoite

Mother of the Moon, by Lambent Dream


Ragnarok, by Pascoite


Trust, by Bad Horse

Downfall, by BronyWriter


Spring is Dumb, by HoofBitingActionOverload


Order and Chaos, by psychicscubadiver

Night and day. Fire and ice. Creation and destruction. Everything has an opposite, and Chaos is no exception. Princess Celestia tells Twilight the true history of Discord's rise, the Alicorns' fall, and the creation of the Elements of Harmony.

She tells her student the story of Order and Chaos.

Will I like this? In addition to being one of the earlier and more well-known Discord origin stories, this is also one of the best. While some parts have been left behind by new canon, its core remains relevant, telling a touching (and occasionally hilarious) tale of family and sacrifice, and the portrayal of Discord is top-notch. —Prak

The Necromantic Adventures of Lyra Heartstrings, by SaintAbsol

Necromancy gets a bad rep.

Oh, sure, some ponies like the whole cliche of the evil zombie master, pulling his puppet strings to make corpses dance and kill for their amusement. And yeah, you kinda do have to work with dead bodies a lot, and most ponies find that a bit creepy. Oh, and you learn a lot of spells to kill things and gain power from it.

But, come on, that doesn't mean all necromancers are bad... right?

Will I like this? So Lyra is a necromancer and Bonbon is a paladin. Yeah, wasn't expecting that. SaintAbsol takes an, honestly, completely absurd concept and turns it into something enjoyable. The characters are interesting, world building is solid, and the actions scenes are done well. But the question remains: are all necromancers bad? —NightWolf289

Veni, Vidi, Verti, by thesecret1

Crypsis is a changeling infiltrator on her first mission – to replace a pony in Ponyville. The hive is counting on her to finish the mission to the best of her abilities, but is she capable of it? And, more importantly, does she want to?

Will I like this? Do you think there isn't a changeling story left that can surprise you? Think again—or, if you prefer, don't. Feel free to go into Veni, Vidi, Verti thinking that you've seen it all before, because that'll just mean that the story throws you for a bigger loop. (Not to mention the good writing and tight characterization.) —R5h


Another Day, by wYvern

A life lived, and a lifetime worth of memories. But time drags on, and this place... I don't know. I don't know what I'm still doing here.

Will I like this? What is it they say—growing old is mandatory, but growing up isn't? Aphorisms aside, wYvern has written a quiet, compelling tale about one mare's refusal to go gentle, and I think you'll be glad you read it. —R5h

Until Forever, by Pascoite

Ponies gravitate toward Twilight. Through charisma or just getting thrown together by circumstance, she's gained a lot of friends, but when has she ever simply walked up to a pony and said, "I'd like to be your friend"? Time for the Princess of Friendship to fix that.

Will I like this? While the story itself is wonderfully organic and owns every inch of its territory, something about it called to me more than that. It takes on an integral part of a pony’s—or a person’s—life: one’s calling in life and how to handle conflicts of it. I wish more stories explored what cutie marks really mean, and if you share that sentiment, you’ll enjoy Until Forever. —q97randomguy

Mother of the Moon, by Lambent Dream

Luna is a happy filly, and wants her sister to be happy too. She doesn't know why Celestia cries at night, so she's going to raise the sun and let her big sister sleep in.

Celestia watches her waiting to raise the sun from inside her chambers, torn between a love that she wants to acknowledge and the machinations of politics that have kept her from doing so.

What would a good sister do?

What would a good mother do?

Will I like this? Let's start by saying that I don't think I've ever seen this sort of story before, and move on to point out that it's adorable as all get out. Let us conclude by saying that if this piques your interest, you may want to give Mother of the Moon a few moments of your time. —R5h


Ragnarok, by Pascoite

As many such things do, it all started with Discord trying to help. And now Fluttershy can't escape the apocalyptic proclamations. Next time, she'll try the trick of wishing for no wishes.

Will I like this? Gummy, as a character who doesn't say or really do anything, is like a blank canvas when it comes to interpretations. You can really do anything you want, for the most part. I can say with no hesitiation that Pascoite made a Da Vinci out of this one. —BronyWriter


Trust, by Bad Horse

Trixie had made mistakes.  Trixie had lied.  Still, nopony had expected it to send Celestia into a rage.  But nopony but Celestia understood the true importance to Equestria of trust.

Will I like this? At first, Trust seems to be about Celestia flying off the handle, but just a few words cast her actions in a new light. Read it again once you've finished, and you'll find a different story waiting for you. —Lab

Downfall, by BronyWriter

"Dear Princess Celestia, what do you think it would be like to kill somepony...?"

Will I like this? Don't let the premise fool you; this story takes an incredibly difficult to execute concept and does it marvelously. The hook and pacing are fantastic, and the series of events unfold in a believable manner. While this story does contain some atypical writerly choices, they serve the piece well. —GaryOak


Spring is Dumb, by HoofBitingActionOverload

Rainbow Dash knows one thing for sure, she is definitely not a barbarous, uncivilized dolt who doesn't know polite conversation from a hippopotamus's rear end. And also that she's definitely not the one who's wrong. Rarity is wrong. Rainbow Dash is absolutely, totally, a hundred percent sure of it.

But then why did Rainbow just buy a wagon load of apology bouquets?

Will I like this? This charming story uses a fun narrative style to turn a simple premise into something hilarious, heartwarming, and altogether memorable. Even if you're not a fan of romance, you should check this out just for the comedy. —Prak

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