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A cheesy 80’s synth tune trumpets high, excited notes as a camera hones in on two men sitting at an anchor desk.  A moment passes before the man on the left fixes the camera with a suave yet overly serious stare.

“Hello and thank you for joining us today here at Seattle’s Angels Nightly News.  My name is Corejo, and joining me tonight is Casca—the better C’s to see you through the stormy news-y seas.”  He turns to the other.  “How’re you doing tonight, Casca?”

“I’m great, Core, how ‘bout yourself?”

A quick smile.  “I’m doing great, thanks for asking.  But not all of us are doing great here at Seattle’s Angels headquarters, as we have some breaking news for you all this evening: not everything you read on the internet is true.”

“It’s true, folks,” Casca adds, tapping his note stack on the table.  “Nearly all information distributed on the internet is falsified in some way, and ninety-seven percent of all statistics are made up on the spot, according to researchers.  How do you like those numbers, Core?”

Corejo shakes his head.  “I don’t like them one bit, Cas.  But numbers don’t lie.  And in that vein, we have shocking new evidence today that the origins of Seattle’s Angels’ reviews may not be quite as accurate as some say they are.  What was once thought to be a group dedicated to finding the best of the best underappreciated stories out there has been scandalized by the discovery that it is, in fact, one man.

“Ferret takes us now to the scene, where it can truly be said that there simply are no words for such an atrocity.  Ferret?”

“Thanks, Core!” Ferret says from her perch on a countertop high above the camera.  “It’s true!  Me and Squirrel tracked the culprit to this very room!”  She pointed to a door beside the counter, then punched a paw into the palm of the other.  “Let’s nab him!”  

She leaps for the doorknob, turning it as she falls to the floor.  The door pops open, and into computer-lit room they run, the camera shaking in time with Red’s tiny squirrel breaths.

A man turns from his computer, wide eyed at the intrusion, and can only stand to tower above the camera before Ferret is up and through his pant leg and poking out his collar, face to face, microphone extended.  “Hello Mr. Wanderer D, sir.  We’d like to take a moment to talk to you about your fraudulent work regarding the Seattle’s Angels reviews, please?”  She tilts her head, beaming.

Wander D scowls at her, then at the camera, before his boot rises to blot out the light of the computer monitor.  “Oh, crap,” can be heard whispered behind the camera, and all goes silent.

Corejo is back on screen, grimacing as he nervously fixes his tie.  “We, uh, appear to be experiencing some technical difficulties.  We’ll return to this story in a moment.  In the mean time, we would like to extend our condolences to red squirrels everywhere who have fallen victim to boot-related injuries, and claim that no red squirrels were harmed in the making of our real reviews, which should be arriving shortly.”

Ferret dashes on screen, a manilla folder between her teeth.  She leaps up onto the anchor desk and hands it to Corejo.  “Here’s your reviews!”

“They’re in already?  But you were just interviewing Wanderer D for our top story.”

“Yeah, how do you think I got here so fast?”  She leans in, the backside of a paw directing a whisper toward him.  “Just don’t mention to Red how fluffy his tail is now.”  She beams and then scurries off camera.

Corejo chuckles, pulling the first page out of the folder.  “Well, thank you, Ferret.  Here, ladies and gentlemen, are this week’s scheduled reviews.  On time.  Every time.”


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I was out and totally forgot to make the post. Whoops. Here you go anyway.

I haven't even seen it myself but, PINKIEDASH EPISODE. WE SEASON 1.

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Today's story is a gem worth adding to your collection.

Beneath Your Feet, What Treasures

[Romance] [Sad] [Slice of Life] • 1,444 words

Spike has a hoard nopony knows about, something he's been using to do a dragonish thing in a ponyish way.

But now it's the other way 'round.

FROM THE CURATORS: It's always a good sign when the first story an author posts on FIMFiction is a hidden gem — and so much the better if it's a story about hidden gems, and what they mean to the dragon collecting them. "I was thoroughly impressed that the author found the specific rocks to use in the story," Present Perfect said.  However, while "rocks are awesome" (as Chris said), there's more here than a geology lesson. "I have a soft spot for fics which center around extended metaphors," Chris added.

So what is behind the gleaming facets of Treasures?  "Everything about this story screams 'Sparity,' but thankfully, it isn’t that ship," Present Perfect said.  "It’s a unique look at Spike and his crush on Rarity that doesn’t delve into any of the usual stumbling points."  JohnPerry saw it from a slightly different angle: "I thoroughly enjoyed this exploration of a child's fascination with keeping secrets — and the characterization of Spike is excellent here — but to scratch beneath that surface and find a reflection of an outside event so subtly woven in was an immensely rewarding experience."  Horizon took yet another view: "What distinguishes it here is the twist, and the way that Spike's ultimate reaction paints him as so alien to the ponies, yet so understandable.  He's trying to reconcile two worlds. That's pretty deep for a story about rock collecting."

That we could so easily come up with different interpretations speaks well of Treasure's depth. "There's plenty of understated meaning here," Horizon said. "It's clearly in the 'Twilight Sparkle Makes A Cup Of Tea' school of indirect storytelling."  And ultimately, that adds up to a fic in which there's a lot to like — even if it takes some effort to tease all of its facets out.  "I confess that I had to reread this one a couple of times to grasp the deeper meaning here, but wow was it worthwhile," JohnPerry said.

Read on for our author interview, in which TheJediMasterEd discusses Spike vs. Spock, zwilnick hunting, and the give and take of life.

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Spent the last day working on this. Avatars, group images and banners now support client side cropping when you upload images. You can move the view finder by click and dragging, resize by grabbing the anchors (hold shift to scale in all directions) and double click to fill the maximum area possible.

This will be coming soon for story images but it requires some additional work and wanted to test it in the open for avatars/group images as they're not so important is something does in fact go wrong.

This should mean a lot less OC images where they're only in the bottom right, as well as an easer time for everyone really.

Let me know if there's issues (there might be).


This is now done for story images too. Story images now have a forced aspect ratio. This makes it a ton easier for me to layout pages and also makes sure you guys get all the pixels you should have been using all this time :V

The aspect ratio is 2:3 and the ideal upload size is 1024 x 1536 as that's the max size we store.

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Site Update » Group Updates · 9:40am

Most of you are probably already aware of this thanks to our messages at the top of pages but I wanted to do a blog post about some of the updates we've done recently.

We now have support for private groups. This means you can make groups for discussing things you don't want other people to see. This does not make them exempt from site rules, and moderators can still see your group (for obvious reasons). To go with this, I've also added group invitations. This will let you invite people to join closed groups. Spamming invites will definitely not end well for you so, don't do that. You can accept/reject/block invitations from the new manage invitations page.

The pages for editing groups have also been remade and work a lot better (like not crashing when you make a folder...)

We've also started a massive shift in how we process images on the site which has been going on for about a week now. We have a brand new system that handles scaling images on demand. We have a lot of much smaller images now than we used to which is nice for mobile and...well anyone actually.

Avatars and group icons both support up to 512 x 512 images now. Neither make use of that size yet but it's for potential future use.

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Best pone episode time

Literally 10/10 episode

Can we all agree this was the best face, and fluttershy once again stole the ep with it

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They say blood is thicker than water, but today's story is a novel look at a unicorn whose head is thicker still.

A Tale Told

[Slice of Life] • 1,305 words

Sometimes, reality is best understood through fiction.

Other times, the two are harder to distinguish between.

Family is often such a complicated matter.

FROM THE CURATORS: In computing, the term "quine" means a program that will output its own code when you run it.  This intriguing little tale might be the literary equivalent: A story that tells itself.  "There's really something unique to the layers here," Horizon said, and Present Perfect agreed: "The literary technique is one we've seen before, yet the way it's used is wholly novel, as far as I can tell.  It just adds so much to the story."

The meat of that story is the emotional fallout from a moment of casual racism among the unicorn nobility — and we all found great finesse in Foehn's handling of the topic.  "The story tells us a lot about our assumptions, both through the narrator and the father," Chris said.  "I like how it doesn't resort to overdramatics: in real life, such turning points are often defined by offhand comments rather than grand gestures."  That subtlety didn't mean it was lacking in impact, however.  "The exchange about the birds was quite strong, especially in a story this short," Horizon said.

Ultimately, A Tale Told is not only a uniquely structured story, but also a unique look at one of the show's more easily misunderstood villains.  "The 'Blueblood as snob' story is an easy one to screw up," JohnPerry said. "Here, Blueblood is very deliberately underplayed ... rather than getting caught up in trying to justify his actions in the show, it focuses more on the reality of living a life in that role.  It's not so much a Prince Blueblood story, but rather a Prince Blueblood story."

Read on for our author interview, in which Foehn discusses implied deserts, homeland accusations, and perfect girls.

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Site Update » New Tag Pages · 5:51pm

In preparation for the big tag update, I've been working on some sexy looking tag pages which you can go have a look at right now:

Here's an example:

Each page also has a sub page for related tags like so:

Here's an example:

In the future this will have sections for related series and such too.

It's pretty cool if I may say so. Lots of characters are missing images and descriptions still, they'll be coming soon. Soon Fimfiction will be the ultimate MLP wiki!, probably not...

I've also rebuilt the entire backend for story searching which makes it way easier for us to add things like those story lists on the tag page, but it means there could be some bugs introduced. Ideally there should be zero visible difference to you guys.

As far as the process of tagging actually goes, things are a bit slow because I have spent months thinking about how I want tags to work. I have a couple of clear aims but existing tagging solutions leave a lot to be desired in my opinion. We want to handle shipping/crossovers in an elegant manner and this makes things a bit more complex. I've started nailing it down more in my head, but satisfying everyone while maintaining a simple UI for search and tagging as well as the social problems of tagging will take some time.

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After reality breaks, today's story picks up the pieces.

Broken Roads

[Adventure] • 9,853 words

Dinky Doo and Silver Spoon travel through a shattered world. When all the world is ash around you, can you stand to build again?

FROM THE CURATORS: "Oh, my.  That's how you open a story," Horizon said of Broken Roads' eye-catchingly apocalyptic opening, and from that punchy first line to the story's final word we found plenty to appreciate.  "It's a wildly creative apocalypse described in painstaking chaotic detail," Present Perfect said. "It's a story about friendship and adventure. It has a really great conflict and some very shocking surprises in store. It's definitely not the story you'll think it is at first."

While this was another entry in Equestria Daily's recent The More Most Dangerous Game contest — which challenged authors to reinterpret fandom classics — one of the things that made this stand out to us was the sheer amount of originality that it brought to the Fallout: Equestria postapocalyptic theme.  "I was disappointed that that didn't make the top ten, 'cause I love the worldbuilding here," JohnPerry said.  All of us agreed that — in Chris' words — "the worldbuilding on this story is exquisite," and Horizon went further: "This is an apocalypse where the setting is every bit as much a character as its inhabitants."

In the end, what made the story exemplary was not only the skill of that construction but in telling a solid story within its vivid setting.  "This is high-octane adventure, with menace lurking around every turn, and novel and coherent thought from both the author and the characters about what's required for survival," Horizon said.  JohnPerry summed it up: "There's something really compelling about this one, and it ends on a fantastic note."

Read on for our author interview, in which Not_A_Hat discusses little princes, observant carpenters, and bright apocalypses in night lands.

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Seattle's Angels is a group that promotes good stories with low views. You can find us here.

“Well, it’s official,” said Raz, stepping back from RedSquirrel and holding up the frighteningly sharp scientific instrument. “Ferret’s tail is point three fluffons fuzzier than yours.”

“No!” Red gasped. “It’s gotta be wrong! Check it again! I got bets riding on this!”

“Sorry buddy,” Raz said. “Science doesn’t lie. But you’ll always be the fuzziest to me.”

Red stomped his little paw. “YOUR FEELINGS CAN’T REPLACE BROKEN DREAMS!”

Ferret just smirked and stroked her tail. “Looks like someone is a sore loser~,” she sing-songed.

“I am not a sore loser!” Red screeched, his squeaky voice reaching levels of soprano saltiness previously unheard of. “It’s invasive species and bias against squirrels wrongly convicted of destroying bird feeders that’s the problem!”

“Don’t feel bad, Red,” said Raz, gently patting him on the head as Ferret sauntered away. “Look at it this way: now that you know you’ve lost, it’s all a smooth ride of mediocrity from here.”

Red slumped. “I’m so moving back to Scotland.”

“No time for that,” said Raz, holding up a squirrel-sized harness. “Since you lost, it’s your turn to go fic-fishin’.”


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