If you're a fan of unusual perspectives, you'll find today's story really shines.

The Endless Song

[Alternate Universe] • 2,365 words

Once, I was alone.

I felt neither sorrow nor joy at this. The presence or absence of others meant nothing to me. The universe moved in silence, and I drifted in its flow.

Then came the song.

FROM THE CURATORS: When a story reaches unanimous approval with our team, you know it's doing something big right — and our accolades started with the premise. "What I love about The Endless Song is that it takes a very simple, almost cliché plot, then tells it from a novel perspective, and wrapped in the language of myth despite not taking the form of one," Chris said.  Horizon quickly agreed: "There's nothing like excellent execution of an unexpected approach to renew a classic idea."  That approach — telling Celestia's tale from the point of view of the sun she moves — offered more than just a novel narrator. "What a great take on immortality in the MLP universe," JohnPerry said. "Most immortality stories in this fandom dwell on the loneliness of the immortal; this one seems to take it in the opposite direction."

More than that, though, we fell in love with the prose. "It's not a word I get to use very often, but I'm gonna call this 'elegant'," AugieDog said, and Chris agreed in similar terms: "'Beautiful' is exactly the word I'd use to describe this. It paints an image of the universe that fires the imagination, and does so in a disarmingly straightforward, achingly guileless way."  Along with that elegance came some emotional moments, as Present Perfect noted: "What really helped make this not be yet another 'ancient history from a novel perspective' story was the sun's character development, when it could look back and say 'I was naive.' That and adding more heartbreak to Luna's story. I'm always up for making that more tragic."

Small wonder that we found it a compelling fanfic.  "It presents a very pony way of looking at life despite its fundamentally alien perspective," Horizon said, and Chris offered even bigger accolades: "I couldn't even wager a guess as to how many stories I've read in this fandom, but my favorites folder currently sits at 45.  This is one of those 45 stories."

Read on for our author interview, in which psychicscubadiver discusses musical sensations, body metaphors, and a life free of wasp fears.

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In today's story, dive into the depths of history to find a familiar legend distorted by time.

The Tale of the Three Alicorn Sisters

[Slice of Life] • 1,064 words

A classical Equestrian fable, passed from mouth to mouth; from quill to page. The children of yore are the parents of today, and as they grow and change, so does the classic tale. Let us explore this tale as it may one day be known.

In the magical land of Equestria, three regal alicorn sisters rule for the good of their subjects, all the types of ponies, until one day, the shadow of jealousy comes upon one of them. How will the three sisters deal with this? Will harmony be lost forever?

Open the storybook, reader, and let us find out.

FROM THE CURATORS: "So, the premise of this story is basically 'now that Twilight's a princess, how will the legend of the two sisters change and mutate over the next few centuries?'" Chris said as he nominated this story.  "Right off the bat, I love the premise."  He wasn't alone.  "Not only do I like the premise, I like how the views of the princesses seemed to have changed over time," JohnPerry said, and Horizon added: "The big thing right here is the recontextualization of the legend, in a way that feels authentic to both the show's events and the show's internal framing of its core myth."

While a good idea is enough to draw eyeballs into the story, it was the solid execution of that idea which won us over.  "Celestia seems less divine and just as petty and flawed as Luna, and even Twilight has an arc," JohnPerry said. "Reworking the classic legend into a completely different moral is a stroke of genius."  Horizon felt it was stronger for taking a broad view: "It would have been easy to write a 'Twilight saved Luna' surface retelling, but this captures all of the trio's failings and lessons."  And Chris was impressed with the way the story reflected on the world which told it: "Fairy tales are inevitably products of their times and need to be understood as such," he said. "The way this story shows us how Twilight and the girls have changed (and will change) Equestria for the better is empowering, deliciously subtle, and open to interpretation."

Ultimately, the tale was quite moving despite its minimal size.  "I love that, despite essentially compressing the first two episodes of the show and glossing over all the details, the tale of redemption still drew a sincere emotional reaction from me," Present Perfect said, while Horizon noted: "It packs some big ideas into its thousand words."

Read on for our author interview, in which Autumn Wind discusses orphaned plotlines, rainbow factories, and humble goddesses.

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Seattle's Angels is a group that promotes good stories with low views. You can find us here.

“She sleeping?” Corejo asked, wiping his brow with a dirty forearm.  He rested his arms on his shovel handle, leaning back against the cool wall of dirt.

“Looks like it,” Plum said.  He looked up the hole they had dug, where the blue sky sat like the sun peeking through a hole in the clouds.  If twenty meters of dirt could be likened to clouds, that is.  “How the heck did C even get down here?”

“Magic, I think.  At least, that’s what Squirrel said.”

Had he any shoulders on his plum body, Plum would have shrugged them.  “Whatever.  Let’s get her up.”

They shut the lid again and hauled CSquared and her coffin out of the hole, dropping it on the front lawn of the Seattle’s Angels Secret Underground Base and Treefort.  The other Angels gathered around it.

Red Squirrel bounded up beside Plum as Corejo reopened the casket.  “Hey you found her!  That’s great to hear, and I’m in no way nervous about this turn of events!”  He smiled a little too wide.

“I don’t see why you would be,” Plum said.  “But I am a little concerned about how she ended up all the way down there.  I thought we had the burial at the cemetery.”

Squirrel played with his ushanka on his head.  “I thought we already established it was magic.”

“Well yeah, but why’d it have a padlock on it?” Corejo asked, grimacing at the chip in his shovelhead.

“Zombies,” Squirrel half whispered, waving his little paws in a wide arc.

“Well, she doesn’t look like a zombie,” Plum said.

Squirrel held up a finger at him.  “You can never be too careful!”

“He’s right, you know,” Burraku Pansa said, swishing his panther tail over the side of his cloud.

“Right,” Plum said.  “Well, let’s get her out of there.  She’s got to be starving, and she smells like Squirrel’s armpits.”

”It was all Ferret’s idea!”  He shot his hands in the air, then blanked.  “Uh, I mean, you’re right.  We need to help her out of there.  Ferret and I can get that.  You guys go on ahead and get to work on the next set of reviews.”

“You sure?  I mean, we’re all here and—”

“Nope!”  Squirrel shoved an adorable little paw where Plum’s mouth would be if plums had mouths.  “You guys dug the hole, Ferret and I got this.”

“Well, alright, then.”  They filed into the treefort, Squirrel doing his best to innocently gaze across the street.

When he no longer heard them, Red gave the Secret Underground Base and Treefort a cursory glance.  Paws behind his back, he whistled an innocent tune, raised a foot, and slowly… gave the lid an adorable little nudge.  It slammed shut, and he hopped up, slapping another padlock in place.  He gave Ferret a rabid stare.

“You get the head, I’ll get the feet.”


They hoisted up the casket onto their backs, and Squirrel was already in motion.  “Come on!  I know a place they’ll never think to look!”


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Although today's story is a tragedy, you can fall in love with it without any regrets.

The Mare Who Fell In Love With The Wind

[Romance] [Tragedy] • 3,806 words

Once upon a time, a Princess was alone in her crystal palace, and she sang to the wind in her sorrow. But when the wind is a Windigo, the wind sings back.

FROM THE CURATORS: The first thing you'll notice about this multi-part fic is its small size — six chapters in less than 4,000 words — and that was one of the factors that turned our heads.  "This story shows how to do more with less," Chris said. "It's a bare, almost spartan storytelling style, and I thought it did a great job of showing the strengths of that type of writing."  Horizon agreed: "IceOfWaterflock shows a deft touch in keeping us flipping the page.  This is exceptionally economical storytelling."

What that storytelling skill presented was, in JohnPerry's words, "a genuinely engaging story with a classic star-crossed lovers premise and a great fairy tale feel in places."  While — as Present Perfect noted — "the fairy tale structure really helps it along," it went beyond those roots.  Chris' nomination offered an idea of the breadth it was able to pack in: "Even as it builds a fairytale romance, spins a history of the Crystal Empire, and speculates on the nature of windigoes, this slim fic doesn't resort to clunky exposition or asides."

The core fairy tale, meanwhile, inspired several comparisons to the classics.  "This is the Brothers Grimm version of the Fall of the Crystal Empire," Horizon said.  "It's almost 'Biblical Monsters' dark — and it's made a hell of a lot darker with a little fridge thought about what canon shows us in modern times — but it carries its own weight."  AugieDog went even further back: "With so much of the show being inspired by Greek myth, I'm surprised to think that this might be the first fanfic I've seen that really visits that same well.  And that it's sort of a pony version of 'Iphigenia in Aulis' just makes me grin."

Read on for our author interview, in which IceOfWaterflock discusses therapeutic stories, immortal robots, and Bermuda Triangle dragons.

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Today's story reminds us that the one constant in life is change — so keep your coin purse close by when you pay with a big bill.

Selling Out

[Slice of Life] • 2,361 words

When the time of monarchs and royals ends, what becomes of Princesses who live on?

FROM THE CURATORS: This is exactly what it says on the tin — a story about a pony coming to grips with modern capitalism.  We started out worried that such a premise seemed like a recipe for soapboxing, but this story quickly vaulted past those doubts to unanimous approval. As JohnPerry said, "I think it says something when a story gives you a premise that's hard to swallow, but still manages to impress you."

The biggest factor in that was Selling Out's arresting portrayal of its protagonist. "The voicing really is the draw," Present Perfect said, and JohnPerry was more broadly appreciative: "The characterization of Luna is absolutely marvelous, and the larger historical landscape this story merely touches upon is very intriguing."  Horizon, meanwhile, found the two sides of Luna poignantly juxtaposed: "The contrast in tone between her regal narration and her out-loud dialogue is proper heartbreaking."

It wasn't only the characterization that impressed us, but also its excellent choice of character.  "Seeing Luna in this situation, harboring all of her pride and past hurts, is so much more heartbreaking than seeing Celestia, or Cadance, or even Twilight would be," Present Perfect said.  "Luna's the one who's already fallen once, and she fell so much further than this." The story's nuanced portrayal of the world around her sealed the deal. "What strikes me the most is the 'long view' of Equestrian society," AugieDog said.  "Yes, ponies will learn and grow and discover new and different things, but they will always be ponies.  And their princesses will always be there when they're needed — even if what they're needed for changes and shrinks and grows back differently as the pendulum of the centuries swings to and fro."

Ultimately, by treading a careful path across the razor's-edge of modern cynicism, Selling Out left us with a thought-provoking message. "The idea of balancing duty, pride, and commercialism is one that's more applicable to many of our real-life idols than we might like to admit," Chris said.

Read on for our author interview, in which Kaorin discusses technological singularity, paycheck relevance, and post-apotheosis continuations.

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Helping Hooves is exactly what it sounds like: a place where you can find a helping hoof to lend you a hand.

Need help or feedback on your story? Are you new and need someone to show you around the site? Do you have a question about something, Fimfiction-related or not?

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It should be a great place to find other talented authors, show off a little, and practice writing amongst users with a bit of friendly competition.

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This group is pretty new and got a focus on beautiful songs and their lyrics, but also every story here on fimfiction fitting the topic.

We would love to have new members discussing their favorite song and/or it's lyrics, among with some games and other stuff!

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That's it for August. See you all next month!

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Take a wild, whimsical wander through a fairy tale, a literal fairy tale, in this Friday's featured fic.

The Big Butterfly Brouhaha

[Random] [Adventure] • 14,839 words

"Have you seen a butterfly around here?" I asked Derpy one day. Next thing I don't even know, we're saving Equestria from the fairies in Fluttershy's chicken coop!

FROM THE CURATORS: From the moment, from the moment that you first lay eyes on this story and its unique storytelling, it will be obvious that you're in for an experience. "I'm not sure if the narrative style is brilliant or completely bonkers (or both), but it definitely fits the spirit of this story," JohnPerry said.  We weren't unanimous fans of the style, but the clear consensus was best expressed by Present Perfect: "The appropriate emoticon for this story is somewhere between o.O and :D.  By the second sentence, I was in love."

That narration is in service of a compelling melding of MLP with an older and wilder mythology. "It's a fairy tale, at its core, but a vividly Equestrian one — full of the strangely-ruled magic and mysterious fey-creatures which are the hallmark of such tales, but placed carefully in a setting where magic is practically mundane," Chris said.  That combined with a clever sense of wordplay to engage us with prose as well as plot.  "There were many moments in this story where I found myself caught between a desire to laugh out loud and smack my forehead," JohnPerry said. "'The gigglers, now turned yellers, are riding hummers' was one of them."

However, despite the story's wide list of strengths, our commentary kept returning to the narration.  "it sounds like music! It's astounding!" Present Perfect said.  "The little rhymes, the repetition ... there's a certain timeless poetry about this that doesn't preclude character or plot."  Chris agreed: "It's playful, lively, and shows a delightful interplay between narrator and reader without becoming too condescending or grating."  In the end, all we could do was marvel — and offer this Random-tagged tale a well-deserved feature. "What amazes me is that there's so much here that clashes, that by all rights shouldn't work, yet somehow comes across as very natural," JohnPerry said. "Discord would be pleased."

Read on for our author interview, in which adcoon discusses loyalty, passion, necessity, and a raccoon-based muffin obsession.

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To eliminate problems where stories that have very few votes can be sunk by only 1-2 people disliking them, stories with under 15 votes no longer display rating data to anyone but the author. This should give everyone a fair chance at success, even with a couple early haters, but actually-bad stories should quickly-enough accumulate enough downvotes to show as negative that you can still easily avoid them.

We will adjust the number of votes required for visibility later if needed.

Edit: the threshold is now 10, looking into some time-based stuff for older stories.

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Today's story is about the lines that we tell ourselves should not be crossed.

To Be A Mule

[Sad] [Slice of Life] • 2,983 words

She smiles at him every time she comes to visit the stately home where he works as a gardener, but Dilly Daliér has never spoken to her.

Nor will he ever.

Because he's a mule and she's a unicorn, and those are the rules.

FROM THE CURATORS: "This is a short, sad story about institutionalized racism in Equestria," Present Perfect said when nominating it. "You've got regret, longing, and societal pressures balled up into a neat little package."

That sparked quite an interesting debate over this story's presentation of discrimination.  "This story certainly feels like an antebellum South metaphor," Horizon observed, and JohnPerry chimed in: "It's always good to find a story that deals with the matter of racism without whitewashing it."  On the other hoof, Chris pointed out: "It's not really a story about racism; it's a story about class.  If Daliér and his dad were earth ponies, they would've said that was the uncrossable divide. ... The problem isn't that 'those kind of ponies' don't marry mules; it's that 'those kind of ponies' don't marry anyone who isn't 'those kind of ponies.'"  AugieDog found some middle ground: "Whether it's about species or race or class, this story is very much about 'being the outsider,' about looking in at a group whose opinion of yourself you accept as being more true than your own opinion of yourself."

Those themes are embodied in a pair of OCs whose layered characterization gave us plenty to dig into.  "I understand why the father personally would stick around as a gardener, but it seems almost like he's actively trying to force his son away from anything that will make him happy or successful," Chris said, and JohnPerry argued: "The elder donkey, far from coming across as unenlightened or callous, actually sounds pragmatic and sympathetic. ... That illustrates how that divide is often self-enforced through the collective fears or indifference of those who are affected by it."

As should be obvious from how much the story's central idea engaged us, we found the depth of To Be A Mule exemplary; that and its clean writing sent it to a feature. "There's not a whole lot else to say about it, other than it does what it sets out to very well," Present Perfect said, while JohnPerry was more effusive: "If there's any complaint I have of this story, it's that I wanted more at the end. So if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go read the sequels."

Read on for our author interview, in which archonix discusses statuesque sacrifices, fanfiction dating, and the two types of reading.

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Today's story just might transform you into a fan of unusual romance.

A Stallion For The Time Being

[Romance] [Comedy] • 21,026 words

Minuette is determined to have a nice date with a nice stallion, no matter what that takes.

Twilight Sparkle just wants her to stop wreaking havoc on the time-space continuum.

Things get complicated.

FROM THE CURATORS: "This is the sort of story that could only come out of fanfiction," Horizon observed as this story was collecting a rare unanimous approval from our team. "The complete absence of non-brain-damaged stallions in Ponyville creates a sequence of events which leads to Twilight Sparkle turning herself into a stallion for a date.  Yes, it's a textbook Rule 63 romance ... but it's a magnificent mix of earnest and ridiculous; both tones are applied with precision, and the two never get in each other's way."

R63 romances have a reputation for shallow fanservice, but there was so much else to like that this drew us all in — even as we disagreed on its strongest features. "The comedy was, for me, the real highlight here ... even as it shifts more toward romance in the second half, it never abandons its essential goofiness," Chris said, and AugieDog seconded that: "Fun all around."  Present Perfect appreciated the story's subtle profundity: "I love the 'what is Twilight the princess of?' joke, and I adore how much this ends up being about her wrestling with princesshood," he said.  Horizon loved the prose: "Little touches like the internal monologue over pronouns are highlights of great voicing throughout."  And, as JohnPerry pointed out, the central story was excellently executed as well.  "Brilliant comedy, with some gentle prods at shipping tropes, and a heartfelt, realized romance to boot," he said. "This is a story that excels at both its tagged genres."

All this from a story that started life as a whimsical exploration of the title's double meaning. "The origin of the title (explained in the Author's Note in the epilogue) is astounding, and just goes to show what you can accomplish if you're willing to look at things in a novel light," Present Perfect said.  We were all impressed by that, but Chris put it most eloquently: "It's almost the opposite of episode 100.  Rather than take something that, at its best, is heartfelt, and make a joke of it, A Stallion for the Time Being takes a joke of a premise, and makes something heartfelt from that."

Read on for our author interview, in which Sharp Spark discusses pulp changelings, Type II fun, and President Lyndon B. Johnson.

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