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Often, the littlest detail can tell a story — and today's feature teases out a compelling and emotional tale from one such frozen moment.

A Fragile Heart

[Sad] [Slice of Life] • 2,511 words

A short story about waiting, hay fries, and the dangers of space and silence in matters of the heart.

Takes place in the background of "Twilight Time".

FROM THE CURATORS: To describe this as "a short and simple tale about a guy waiting in a restaurant," as Horizon did in his nomination, is true but utterly misleading: it hit us so squarely in the feels that it went from nominee to feature in a record-shattering 39 minutes.

A Fragile Heart was exemplary in that it was "bitter, but not saccharine," JohnPerry said.  "It's the sort of sad story I really love: one that sells its emotions without resorting to hammering you over the head with them."  Present Perfect agreed.  "Little things like the pause burning in the back of his throat really sell the emotion," he said.  "There's something to be said for being able to wring sadness out of a typo on the menu."

Those emotions were in service of a beautifully nuanced portrayal of the protagonist's troubled romance.  "Its look at the main character's relationship in all its complexity — the good and the bad, the raw and the precious — balances the story between tragedy and closure," Horizon said, while Present Perfect was more direct: "All the things he doesn't say are heartwrenching.  I felt so bad for this guy."

Another highlight of the story's strong prose was a Pinkie Pie appearance that was "sweet but not cloying," in Horizon's words.  Present Perfect added that her appearance was "patently ridiculous in a perfectly Pinkie way. ... In another story, it would pull you out of the sad feelings, but in this one, it just serves to show that, yeah, life goes on."

Read on for our author interview, in which Newtaloo discusses ear math, sad fries, and bag gulls.

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Stream Links: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2015/04/bloom-and-gloom-discussion-and-streams.html

Oh great, an Apple Bloom episode....my joy cannot be contained....

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Two crowns for two sisters, in two different senses of the word: today's story is a double accomplishment.

The Sisters' Coronet

[Sad] • 1,923 words

A collection of poems about Luna's growing discontent, her fall, and her eventual return and redemption.

FROM THE CURATORS: Structured poetry requires a very different approach to reading than prose — being willing to slow down and savor the imagery, the rhythm, and the sound of the language, not just the tale being told — but there was no question in our minds that this was a piece which rewards that effort.  "I'm recommending this on 'it's damned good poetry' grounds," Present Perfect said.  "Oh my, yes," JohnPerry responded, and Chris chimed in: "I am completely in awe."

What primarily provoked that reaction was the mind-blowing technical achievement of the structure of the piece.  "It's a double heroic crown of sonnets," Horizon said, and explained: "First you write a sonnet (a 14-line poem with tight metrical and rhyme requirements).  Then you write 13 more sonnets expanding on the same theme.  Then you take the first line of each one, string them together, and furiously edit your poems until that's also a proper sonnet, and you've got a heroic crown.  THEN, to double it, you take the last line of each one, string those together, and fiddle with your poems until THAT'S a proper sonnet too.  If you think that sounds like a ridiculous amount of work for 2,000 ponywords, you're beginning to understand."

As you might expect from an author capable of such a feat, the construction of the piece was impeccable.  "The rhymes were all perfect. There was maybe one foot that felt out of place," Present Perfect said.  However, as Chris noted, the construction wasn't the only element to appreciate.  "If it was 'just' a double heroic crown, it would still be worth celebrating simply for the quality of its craftsmanship," he said, "but it manages on top of that to tell a meaningful story, and to find a place for itself within the history of its setting, and to utilize that place to say something about its principal characters."

Ultimately, Horizon said, this was worth celebrating despite its daunting first impression. "Highbrow poetry can be a tough sell," he said, "but the bottom line is, I've never seen anything else like this, in this fandom or any other."

Read on for our author interview, in which Fable Scroll discusses simple ponies, untapped potential, and offering comfort via time-travel.

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Site Update » Site Downtime · 5:14am

That was quite an extended period of downtime huh? Today we were DDOS attacked with a significantly large bot net (enough to eclipse our connection about 5 times over). The attack itself was not for an extended period of time exactly, but due to bad timing we weren't able to sort out the issues it brought about because of various factors involving availability of people and how it was handled at a level out of our control.

Nonetheless, we took this as an opportunity to work the site into using Cloudflare, which many of you will be familiar with as it gets use all over the web. This lets us more easily mitigate such attacks, and the silver lining of it all is that it reduces our bandwidth usage and should result in quicker load times for images and such from anywhere in the world. Handy!

Anyway, I apologise for the extended delay, but hopefully after all this there are some positives to take away.

One problem that will remain for a couple of days (at most) is some people's DNS will not be updated for the Cloudflare integration. Sadly we just have to be patient there, most of you should be fine already.

ps. Somebody buy Xaquseg a beer for me.

edit: I'm aware of some issues with posting some content. I know what's causing this, currently working out how to fix it.

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Hi guys. Quick announcement here that it's been discovered that an ebook website called Ebooks Tree has been caught selling peoples' fanfics without their knowledge or permission. This in the midst of a rash of other scandals involving fanfiction-stealing, which you can read more about here. Basically, the site's sent out some bots that harvested a bunch of stuff from popular Fanfiction venues, and they make money off of it via ad support and charging for access.

Which is obviously not okay.

Reddit's got a noncomprehensive pastebin up of known works that have been taken. You may want to check that, but it's not a complete list, so your stories might still have been stolen even if they aren't on there. It looks like the main victims are mostly stories posted up on the old Pony Fiction Vault site... but again, even if you didn't have stories in the Vault, you may want to do a quick check-around just to make sure. Better safe than sorry.

Easy directions for filing a DMCA complaint so that you can get your stories pulled can be found here.

Quick links to Ebooks Tree's DMCA page and Contact Page here.

So, uh, probably best to just do a quick scan for any stories you might have written that are near and dear to your heart (or checking around for your author name). If you find anything, make sure to file the proper complaints, and that'll hopefully contribute to ending this withering storm.

Have a nice day.

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You know the story, discuss and what not.


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Today's story is a musical meditation on lost history.

Save The Records

[Slice of Life] [Alternate Universe] • 2,771 words

The world ends, right? Of course it did. But who in the great struggle to survive the end of ponykind remembered to save the music?

A story built around a series of chord changes from the jazz standard "Blue and Sentimental" — in essence, an improvisation.

FROM THE CURATORS: As the description notes — and as readers will immediately notice — this story borrows its unique structure from a musical piece, and within that imaginative framework lies a tale we all agreed was rewarding.  "This is a dense story, even for those with a musical grounding, but it's still got so much wonderful stuff going on," said Chris, our resident classically trained musician.  "I could love it just for the passage about the last note Beethoofen ever heard, but that sort of poignancy is all over the place."  Horizon was similarly impressed: "It's got enough depth to soak in, but still has a lot to offer on the surface, which is all I can ask for."

On that surface is a postapocalyptic retrospective of a part of our culture it's easy to take for granted.  "Save The Records talks about the importance of music, and how easy it is to overlook, and does so in a style that evokes Kerouac," Present Perfect said.  That unique textual style also drew JohnPerry in.  "The lyrical quality of the writing here practically demands that you read it aloud," he said, "and it gets even better upon repeated reading.  There's so many intriguing details packed into these words that each subsequent reading offers something new to be discovered."

Ultimately, while we found Save The Records' rich prose its most exemplary feature, it distinguished itself in multiple ways.  "Lord help us, Horizon and Present both liked it, it must be word porn," Horizon said. "But it's not just about the lyricism here.  It's interspersed with meditations on a lot of thought-provoking topics, in as original a framework as you'll find."  Chris summed it up: "Save The Records is a thought-provoking, relentlessly clever, attentiveness-rewarding story."

Read on for our author interview, in which TheBandBrony discusses paradiddles, runner's highs, and apocalypse commodities.

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Groups Posts are a monthly group advertisement blog open to anyone who wants a signal boost. If you're interested in having your group advertised in one of these, send me a PM with the name of the group, a link to its front page, and a brief description of what the group is for. I'll copy this directly into the post (I don't write these ads myself), so write it like you're trying to tell other people about why they should join or pay attention to your group - anything up to around 150-ish words is fine.

We are The Best Authors, a group dedicated to reviewing all the funny exciting grimdark sad adventure stories ever!

Now, you may think "But that's just like a ton of other groups out there. Why should I care?" Well, you need to understand that those are all full of nerds who have no idea what they're doing, while we are actually going to get it right. We employ strictly professional, non-scrub, pro major league authors who provide the most accurate and detailed critiques of every fanfic in existence.

Be sure to follow us, otherwise you're just a scrub who won't know how to write good fanficz... :trixieshiftleft:

Write it big, authors!

Princess Celestia's Personal Army, is a group where we worship the ruler of the Sun, Princess Celestia. We discuss just how her character can commit to war versus the Lunar Empire.


After a long hiatus, Prompt-a-Day is back! Exactly what it says on the tin, P-a-D promises one new prompt, every single day. Always short, often silly, these simple little prompts are the perfect tool to help springboard you as a warm up to more serious writing or perhaps knock loose the cobwebs of writer's block. As well, want to share a prompt with the world? Help your fellow writers out, like a good community should.

The Collab Cage

With an upcoming overhaul and relaunch, the Cage is ready to be the place for all things collaboration once again! Coming this month or May, the return of the Mini-Monthly prompts will challenge writers both new and old with a themed anthology. As well, we're planning even smaller weekly prompts for those who like a faster pace. The relaunched round robins will test your skills in moving a story along with minimum detail. Other possibilities the Cage would love to offer include an artist-writer trade off, story readings, and even our own no-limit Review team. But none of this is possible without you, the community of FiMFic. So join us in creating something for everyone. Ideas and volunteers welcome!

Man, April was a pretty slow month; this is all that's been submitted. If you've got a new group and you want to get word out about it, don't be shy. These are completely free advertising, so you've got nothing to lose taking advantage of them. Even if I've already featured your group before, just send me another PM and it'll be back on the list for May.

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EDIT: Contest voting is now closed! Thank you all for participating and, hopefully, having a good time. Remember, if you haven't already, go leave comments and feedback for the stories you read. Authors love that sort of thing! We'll have an announcement of winners later this week.

Good day folks,

As many of you know we here on the Everfree Northwest Writing Track recently held a little writing contest. Well, we’ve completed the first round and vetted all the entries. But now that we know which fics can win, we need the Fan Fiction community to vote on their favorites for the Community Choice Award. Below you will find a semi-randomized list of the 73 accepted entries. If you are so inclined please select some at random to read (Please use random.org to randomly select a fic, just set the range on the right from 1 - 73). If you read something you like, post the number of the entry below. If you find multiple fics that you like, feel free to edit your post with the additional numbers. At the end of April 20th we will tabulate all the results and declare the winner of the Community Choice Award. Unless the judges agree with the community, in which case they will receive one of our 1st-3rd place awards and the runner up for the Community Choice Award will win instead.

All fics are related to the topic of “Making New Friends” in some way (which seems apt considering the Season 5 Premiere).  All fics are between 1,000 and 3,000 words according to Google docs so they won’t take up much of your time either. All fics are either on FIMFiction or in Google Docs format.

Lastly please be kind to the entrants. They are all brave for putting themselves forward like this. So if you liked a story, let them know and/or give them a thumbs up and remember to be friendly in the spirit of Season 5.

Entry 1

Entry 2

Entry 3

Entry 4

Entry 5

Entry 6

Entry 7

Entry 8

Entry 9

Entry 10

Entry 11

Entry 12

Entry 13

Entry 14

Entry 15


Entry 17

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Entry 20

Entry 21

Entry 22

Entry 23

Entry 24

Entry 25

Entry 26

Entry 27

Entry 28

Entry 29

Entry 30

Entry 31

Entry 32

Entry 33

Entry 34

Entry 35

Entry 36

Entry 37

Entry 38

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Entry 40

Entry 41

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Entry 55

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Entry 58

Entry 59

Entry 60

Entry 61

Entry 62

Entry 63

Entry 64

Entry 65

Entry 66

Entry 67

Entry 68

Entry 69

Entry 70

Entry 71

Entry 72

Entry 73

As always, keep up-to-date on the latest Everfree Northwest news by visiting our website, viewing our FIMFiction account and group, liking us on Facebook, and following us on Twitter and Tumblr.

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