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I have just now heard that there's a genre of stories being published on Fimfiction.net called "LoHAV" or something. Which supposedly stands for "League of Humans Acting Villainously." Apparently these stories about humans in cosplay going to Equestria and becoming the character they're cosplaying as. Which is okay, I guess, but after reading a few of these stories I have to agree with the criticisms that these stories aren't about My Little Pony. It's been a consistent problem with the story approvers that people are publishing stories about becoming their cosplay of Optimus Prime or Darth Vader or whatever, and honestly that's just really stupid. This shouldn't be an issue, and I would've said something about it earlier if I'd been made aware of it.

If you guys want to publish stories like that, the upcoming expansion to Fimfiction to allow general stories will allow you to post those. Until  that happens, though, I'm going to have to say that these stories are categorically banned, and no further stories in this genre will be allowed to be published.

Please direct any questions on this ban to the moderators. I'm very busy right now and will not be able to respond.

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Hi guys! In the wake of Xaquseg's recent fix to a critical bug with incomplete registrations, the staff has been working on various fixes and touch-ups around the site. You may notice that the site loads a bit faster and 502s less now than it used to. Thanks, knighty! In recognition of April Fools' Day being around the corner, there's even a special easter egg that'll happen if you put the Konami Code in on the front page. Limited-time only, so check it out while you can!

One of the major changes that we wanted to talk to you about, though, has been to the algorithm powering the Featured Box. What goes into whether a story is Featured or isn't Featured has been the subject of many heated debates in the staff chat recently. It is, after all, of great importance that the front page Featured Box continues to show readers high-quality stories. Recently dug-up statistics on our end of things have shown that stories written by users with higher follower counts tend to do vastly better in rating, viewcount, bookshelf count, and general subjective approval. This was honestly quite a shock to us, since beforehand it'd been assumed that follower count had no real bearing on the quality of Featured stories.

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Early December, we accidentally broke the job that cleans up user account registrations that didn't have their email validated within 24 hours. This caused a number of issues related to usernames not freeing up when an incorrect email was used, forcing some users to select a username other than the one they originally wanted, or to use a secondary email address.

Today, due to a related bug report, I noticed the job was broken, and deployed a fix. All accounts that should've been cleaned up before have been cleaned up as part of this fix. This won't impact users who verified their account, and it was never possible for anyone to login under these accounts as they were never activated, so this should do nothing more than free about 2500 usernames and email addresses.

If you were affected by this issue, we apologize for the inconvenience. If you registered with a secondary email, or picked another username, you can change both from your account settings page, if you wish to.

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Broadcasting on all frequencies, today's story comes to you from an Equestria that's turned dark in more ways than one.

The Mare In The High Castle

[Sad] [Dark] [Slice of Life] [Alternate Universe] • 161,695 words

"Hello, hello, hello, this is Thorny Bends coming at you live on Radio Free Canterlot, and from where I'm sitting, folks, the Land of the Eternal Moon is looking lovely. Well, except for that nasty smog cloud rolling toward us from the coast, but hey, that's the price of progress. Still, if you're heading outside you might want to think about an Easy Breezy-brand respirator, guaranteed to make the air taste like new. Buy yours from all major retailers today!

"As I'm sure you all know, it's been almost a thousand years since the founding of our great civilization. And as the big day approaches, I sure hope the High Castle set their clocks right. I'd hate to find out it was really last Thursday. Ha! But seriously, folks. I've been doing a fair bit of thinking about our fair Canterlot, and I've realized it isn't just somewhere we all live. It's what we build together into something greater as we all reach for the moon. A symbol for a way of life and a state of mind. So, in honor of the thousand years, I'm taking an eye in the sky peek into the lives of the ponies on the streets, and a few in the penthouses too. I don't often do real news on this show, but these are some genuine equine interest stories, folks. In their own small, unique way, these ponies are as vital to the city as the princess of the night herself. So settle down, get comfortable, and don't touch that dial.

"You won't want to miss this, I guarantee."

FROM THE CURATORS: This story's path to its feature started with a suggestion on our recommendation thread, and despite its 160,000-word length, it caught our attention right away with its vivid portrayal of an eternal-night Equestria.  "This story is far from being merely a pony re-write of Philip K. Dick's The Man in the High Castle," JohnPerry said.  "The level of thought that went into developing this nightmarish — yet eerily familiar — alternate world and its cruel philosophies is astounding, and it manages to combine an epic scope with surprisingly intimate portrayals of its characters."  Chris agreed: "This is a wonderful use of the AU tag. It takes a single conceit — that something went differently a thousand years ago — and projects how that one change would reverberate to the present, butterfly-in-China-style."

We all agreed that the characterization which followed from that shift was exemplary, and Horizon cited one of High Castle's central examples. "Twilight Sparkle spends the vast majority of the story as a reprehensible alcoholic racist haunted by nightmares," he said, "and yet the entire setting and theme of the story are crafted so as to make it clear that she is that way because their world is fundamentally broken, and the Twilight we see is just a reflection of that."  JohnPerry agreed, adding, "it's incredible how ponichaeism managed to make the characters recognizable in spite of all the horrors of the world they are subjected to."

The story doesn't flinch from presenting those horrors as necessary to explore the dark corners of its premise, which earned high praise from Chris. "Can we take a moment to talk about Granny Smith?" he said.  "Because she's where the author most impressed me on the pacing front. ... She's slotted in right where she needs to be to have maximum impact with minimum premise-questioning by the readers, and (up until the end) that's how I felt about most of the big revelations."

But The Mare In The High Castle isn't just a parade of bleakness.  "It has a lot to say about the earth counterparts of the things it ponifies, but it has a lot to say about the ponies at the same time, and this is fundamentally and unquestionably MLP at heart," Horizon said.  "For instance, this is the finest Flash Sentry story this fandom will ever produce.  He's just as broken as the rest of this world, but he owns it, and he stands up and shows us that there can be beauty regardless.  I want to feature it for that alone."

Read on for our author interview, in which ponichaeism discusses Gnostic sects, uncarved blocks, and the curious collision of Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski and Philip K. Dick.

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Today's story brews up some potent emotions.

Twilight Sparkle Makes A Cup Of Tea

[Sad] [Slice of Life] • 1,671 words

Early one morning, Twilight Sparkle gets up to make some tea.

Sometimes, a cup of tea is just a cup of tea. This is not one of those times.

FROM THE CURATORS: "Yeah, it's another one of those fics," Present Perfect said when he nominated the story. "A 'Pony Does X' that has no need for a more thought-provoking title, and a story where tea is just the be-all and end-all of everything."  Appearances, of course, can be deceiving — and beneath the surface clichés lies a story that's "quietly poignant, and dense in a way that's a joy to unfold," as Horizon put it.

A large part of what makes it exemplary is the measured way the story dribbles out. "It traipses along spilling its secrets without putting them together for the reader, and it left me feeling like I'd been tapped by the unknowable finger of God," Present Perfect said, and Horizon added: "This is one of the finest pieces of indirect storytelling you'll ever read.  Ghost has written a story that's a pony-shaped hole."  Chris, meanwhile, complimented the story's balance between brevity and depth: "I believe that there's no best length for stories, but that every specific story has a best length, and Ghost of Heraclitus found it here."

Cup of Tea's other core strength is an authentic look at a pony out of her depth.  "This felt more like a scientific experiment than a hallowed tradition, but that's because Twilight is approaching her daily ritual as a scientific experiment, one in which science can provide no answer," JohnPerry said. "She's grasping at something — the nostalgia of her youth and the memories of her mentor — and she wants to recapture it. And being Twilight, she attempts to do so the only way she knows how."

While Twilight might be blindly flailing for answers, the clues are all there for us. "There's something to be said for the ending," Present Perfect said.  "It peters out like the last few drops poured from a teapot, as if to say, 'You've got all the pieces, you figure them out.'"

Read on for our author interview, in which GhostOfHeraclitus discusses Twilight as confessor, the cut of genoas, and reading irresponsibly.

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Seattle's Angels is a group that promotes good stories with low views. You can find us here.

Corejo sat on the curb, watching a handful of fics mill about the cul de sac.  He wasn’t sure where they had come from, but from the looks of things they weren’t up to any good.  Or were good, for that matter.  He kept eyeing the seedy-looking self-insert, with its windswept pages and suede binding, chatting up the neighbor’s mailbox.

He took another swig of pop.  Just another Sunday afternoon.

A sigh.  When did FiMFiction get so boring that there wasn’t anything going on?  No one had incited any drama over on Blog Street in a good week or two, and though the More Most Dangerous Block Party had been a blast, ‘had been’ wasn’t ‘is.’

An overblown adventure fic and sappy tragicomedy started wrestling on the RCL’s front lawn—You guys should totally feature my fic because it’s awesome and stuff.”  “No!  You should totally read mine.  I promise Spike and Doctor Whooves will kiss next chapter!”—and Corejo knew it’d only be a matter of time before one of the moderators chased them off.

Another swig.  He really needed a hobby.  One that didn’t entail watching JohnPerry release an Amazonian battle cry and let loose with the business end of an overly large broom, as much fun as that could be.  And was, at that moment.

A faint hum lilted over the cries and mewlings of first-time writings and pleadings against downvotes fading down the street.  Corejo looked up and saw Belligerent Sock racing toward him with all the speed the Seattle Segway could muster.  Which was to say, a blinding five miles per hour.  He came to a not-screeching halt in front of him.

He wore sunglasses over his cuff, elastic reaching just high enough to reach the red-and-gold tassels dangling from the segway’s handlebars, Ferret’s Radio Flyer hitched to the back expectantly empty.  

“Get in, loser, we’re goin’ fic hunting.”

Corejo stared at him for a second, then the self-insert, who was making out with the mailbox and feeling up the little red flag thing.  Without a word, he stood, climbed in , and off they went.



Equine, All Too Equine, by stanku

A hundred years has passed since the Catastrophe, which meant the end the alicorns’ era. Now their graves make for the seat of a new power: the Parliament of Equestria, where the “three stand as one, now as before and forever”. The motto of the Parliament, inscribed in stone for all to see. Just wipe away the blood first.

Belligerent Sock:


Hmm… A title that’s a play on one of Friedrich Nietzsche’s works? An evocative description hinting at grim darkness? An apparent political drama? Well, douse me in fabric softener and color me intrigued.

I’ll start by saying up front that this is a bit of an esoteric one, and may not be to everyone’s liking. For starters, it’s about as far-removed from the show as you could get without resorting to human-in-Equestria. The world depicted in this story is dark, violent, and apparently teetering on the brink of annihilation; something’s happened to bury the old colors of Equestria in a very deep tomb.

There’s some solid characterization on display here, from the conflicted single-father Guard Lieutenant Deck Heart to the enigmatic Chancellor Clarity Feinsake (spout that name off in a random conversation), pretty much all of the characters—including the minor ones—deliver their lines with strong voice and hint at things lurking beneath the surface. It’s also effective in its imagery, conjuring crystal-clear pictures of the rain-soaked streets and the deep shadows of the alleys.

One oddity about the story, however, is its opening chapter, which seems to lack any real connection to the following action. That said, the rest of the story is well-constructed enough that I’m willing to believe this is wholly intentional, and we simply have yet to see the payoff for this foreshadowing. Long-undisturbed Chekov's guns are always fun, since you never know when they’re going to go off, like waiting for the time fuse on a block of C4.

About the only thing I could fault it on is that it tosses quite a bit of information at its reader in a short amount of time; the first chapter is a veritable deluge of worldbuilding, with few glimpses into how this new setting relates to the one we are familiar with. What glimpses there are, however, is enough to keep one’s interest engaged. It’s a solid mystery which, as of this writing, is unfolding at a good pace, and is one which I am quite interested in witnessing.


Before we get started with this one, let me restate something there:

A hundred years has passed since the Catastrophe, which meant the end the alicorns’ era. Now their graves make for the seat of a new power: the Parliament of Equestria, where the “three stand as one, now as before and forever”. The motto of the Parliament, inscribed in stone for all to see.

Alright.  Not bad.  I might read this.

Just wipe away the blood first.

You have my attention.

Yes.  Just yes.  That’s how you write a hook.  That right there is how you do it.

Okay.  Got that out of my system.

There are few stories I’ve read where I can stop and say, “damn, this is good.”  Or not stop and say.  Cause when I picked this one up, I couldn’t stop to put it down.  I haven’t been this engrossed in a fic since we reviewed A Wake of Mist and Flame.  Let’s break it down.

First, I like dark.  If you don’t, then feel free to skip on down.  It’s a sad truth that you have to have a taste for dark to appreciate this story, but it’s really a bad one to miss out on.  

Now to state the obvious, this fic is pretty dark.  And from the looks of things, the tunnel’s only gonna go deeper.  But what about it that really reaches its tentacles out and grabs a hold of you isn’t that it’s dark; it’s that it’s heavy.  There’s a lot going on here beneath the surface, lots of worldbuilding and characterization that flow so seamlessly with the setting and the story being told.  The dialogue is pitch perfect, the narrative well within the heads of the ponies it follows (take chapter one with a grain of salt, if it’s style seems weird to you; the character’s a complete loon).  Props to stanku and his proofreader for all that.

Really, the only thing I can complain about this fic is that it isn’t finished yet.  But stanku’s been maintaining a consistent updating schedule.  And I can’t wait to see where this all heads.


Chompers, by Space Commie

Granny Smith insists that Applejack has to go to the dentist. But she doesn't have to like it. At all.

Belligerent Sock:


I don’t think anyone actually enjoys going to the dentist. At most, one simply tolerates it as a consequence of living a properly hygienic life. Oh, you might disagree, but I’m just going to denounce your arguments as the words of your dentist overlords being transmitted through the mind-control implants they put in your molar during your last check-up. You can’t fool me.

Nor can you fool ol’ Applejack. In her case, she doesn’t even tolerate the dentist. In a hilarious set-up, she’s been forced to make a trip to Colgate’s clinic for a routine cleaning, and she fights her fate the entire way. Taking to the procedure with all the stubbornness of a sock charged with several volts of static electricity, she recoils at every action with a defiant quip.

What I like about this one is how it handles its narrative almost entirely through dialogue. It is, for all intents and purposes, simply a discussion between Applejack and Colgate, and yet the two play off one another remarkably well. With AJ being absolutely petulant, and Colgate trying her hardest to maintain some semblance of professionalism, it creates a great dynamic which carries the story all the way up to the final punchline. The bits of hyperbole thrown in here and there are just the icing on the cake.

All in all, it’s a quick little read that nonetheless leaves you plenty to chew over. I recommend consuming it while the dentist polishes his heinous drills; maybe it’ll help dull the pain a little.


Not many people ponies like going to the dentist.  Applejack is one of them.

This is a short but funny one brought to you by SpaceCommie.  It’s about going to the dentist, and all the fears/annoyances that come with it.  Hopefully everyone got that impression from the synopsis.  

There isn’t much to say about this story, but what there is to say is positive.  It’s on the low end of 1.4k words, and it’s one of those one-off, straight-from-the-get-go jokes that seem popular.  While some might read that and roll their eyes, Chompers doesn’t overbear or overstay its welcome.  Genuine laugh-out-loud moments to be had, and Applejack’s negative attitude really pulls it all together.  The Element of Honesty has her own brand of canonical sarcasm and snide wit, and SpaceCommie pulls it off well.  Also, just look at that scrunchy face cover art.  LOOK AT IT!

People put off by single-joke stories and Applejack being sort of a butt probably won’t like this, but the rest of you certainly will.


The Whole Tooth, by theworstwriter

When you lose a tooth, you put it under your pillow.  Then, in the dead of night while you slumber, the Tooth Fairy comes to take your tooth and gives you some money in exchange.  This is a simple and harmless procedure. ...Or at least it's supposed to be. The Cutie Mark Crusaders don't know the meaning of "simple and harmless."

Belligerent Sock:


The title of this fic’s sole chapter is “Toothulu Fhtagn.” I feel this warrants special mention, because how the hell do you follow that up? I was giggling before I even started reading.

So yes, like the second of a pair of socks, this is another story dealing with dental disadvantage. It’s also a comedy, and handles its subject matter accordingly. This one, though, is focused on the Cutie Mark Crusaders, which means there’s a lot of stupidity. Good stupidity, though—the kind you don’t feel bad for laughing at.

To delve into the story’s plot would be an exercise in both futility and spoilers. It meanders through several scenes of no real consequence aside from the aforementioned stupidity, only to culminate in a climax of dumb. There’s a narrative thread running through it all, of course; it just zig-zags more than a sock’s elastic. And, of course, it answers that ancient and powerful question: what is the Equestrian Tooth Fairy like? The answer is definitely not what you’re expecting.

Furthermore, it succeeds in multiple brands of funny. There’s the absurd, with the Crusaders finding themselves in increasingly bizarre and outrageous scenarios; the witty, where the dialogue spins itself into a verbose whirlwind before hitting you in the head with a rock; and the prompt, where the rapid shifts in the prose force the reader to draw their own comical conclusions. More than any of that, however, it sets an irreverent tone and makes great pains to maintain it, which is what makes the rest of the story click.

So, if you still feel the need to dig your canines into some toothy goodness, take a bite into this one.


And nothing but the tooth, so help me, God!  Err… Am I thinking of something else?

Maybe not.  Because this fic is absurd.  And I mean absurd.  In a good way, though.  theworstwriter has a knack for comedic timing and stretching the boundaries of awkward, two skills exemplified in this short fic.  Did I mention this story is absurd?

Basically, the CMC find out about the Tooth Fairy and how she leaves bits under the pillows in exchange for teeth.  They, however, like the synopsis implies (and could be assumed from the fact it’s a CMC fic), try gaming the system to horrifying results.  Lovecraftian-ly horrifying results.

There’s plenty to laugh at, both in the Lovecraftian vein and in CMC shenanigans, and theworstwriter’s writing actually isn’t the worst.  (Please don’t kill me.)  The pacing of this story feels mildly rushed, but at the same time helps string the funny moments together better than a slower story would, which balances out, I’d have to say.

My only real complaint with this story is that the CMC seem to have more of a ‘partner in crime’/’I’m stuck with these dolts’ relationship rather than the canon BFBFFs they are.  This, though, is played up in a comedic fashion, so if the idea doesn’t bother you it’s easy to laugh at like the rest of the fic.


Up There, by Miller Minus

I understand you wish to learn more about my dreamwalks, as well as what I did with my time on the Moon. Well, listen carefully when I say I do not entertain these types of inquiries lightly. My life and my work are my business alone, and no amount of sheer curiosity will get me to delve too deeply into them… Well, perhaps you should pull up a seat.

Belligerent Sock:


The fandom has written many volumes about what Luna got up to during her imprisonment on the moon. Some of them are mundane, some of them are abstract, and very few have anything to do with socks, much to their detriment. This one rests firmly on the “abstract” side of the spectrum, given it’s all about dreams, and happens to be told from Luna’s perspective, in her voice. Thankfully, it doesn’t bother with Ye Olde Englishe at all.

Beginning with Luna escaping from the great dusty sock drawer that is the moon, we are swept into the inferno of dreamland, and without a Kirby in sight. The premise may clash with canon a bit, as it presupposes Luna’s consciousness is somehow not subsumed beneath that of Nightmare Moon, but so long as you can swallow that, it leads into quite the interesting tale.

There are some cool concepts on display here, from the way Luna affects the dream to the manner in which the dreamer’s identity is gradually revealed. As with any dream in fiction, symbolism abounds, and Luna has to decipher many a clue to discover the truth about who she’s dealing with. It almost reads like a crime scene investigation, with all the little details adding up to a logical conclusion.

And when that conclusion is reached, the moment is pretty darn heartfelt. This is one fic very much deserving of its “Sad” tag. If we didn’t know that Luna’s story had a happy ending in the show proper, it’d be downright depressing. It still kind of is, in fact.

But don’t let that stop you: this is the good kind of sadness, the kind of pathos that is needed every now and then. If that prospect sounds good to you, don’t hesitate to give this one a read.


Apparently, I have a knack for liking second-person Luna fics… But for good reason!  Because they’re good!  And not just because this is my most favoritest picture in the whole wide world:

Best Pony 2015

This second-person fic isn’t so much second person in the idea that you yourself are a character.  This story is Luna retelling an experience she had while banished to the moon.  Whether or not that distinction bothers you or relieves you, this is still a story worth your while.

Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way first.  The beginning is a little slow, as it takes its time getting into the meat of the story, and the narrative itself toes the ‘wordy’ line.

Okay, on to the good stuff.

Have you ever had that dream?  You know, the one where you remember everything, and every vivid detail makes perfect sense despite how truly undetailed or illogical they are?

Miller Minus hits this perfectly.

Up There is a story about how Luna manages to enter a filly’s dream while stuck on the moon, that being a thing she couldn’t do for reasons explained within the story, and what comes of it.  Immediately the dream world feels real.  The nuances mentioned and explained suck you into the thick of things and keep your eyes glued to your screen:

When I opened my eyes in the dreamworld, I was standing in the center of a vast, two-coloured canvas. Green was below me, blue above. While I waited for my eyes to adjust, I inhaled deeply, hoping to reclaim the pure scent of Equestria's greenery. The air was indeed familiar, but only because it was the same lifeless and lacklustre scent that was always found in the dreamworld.

Smell is one of the two least nourished senses you dreamers apply to your dreams, but at least it is proof that I have arrived.

But a snippet of the immersion you’ll fall into with this story.

The surrealism here is simply astounding.  Many authors stumble through dreamwalking scenes, but Miller time and again excels at it throughout.  

You can’t go wrong here.  Not in the slightest.

“So… has anyone seen the Segway?” said Professor Plum.

“Or my wagon?” chirped Ferret.

Burraku Pansa looked up from the treehouse’s main table, upon which was set an ocean of discarded sheets of paper and loose typeface. Setting aside his scissors and glue, he said, “Allow me to answer your question with another question. Where are Sock and Corejo?”

Ferret looked around. “Hmm… Come to think of it, I dunno.”

“Oh boy...” Plum punctuated his sentence with a sigh.

BP nodded. “Now, a further inquiry. What is currently the talk of the local news?”

“Uh…” Taking a TV remote in hand, Plum activated the treehouse’s wall-spanning flatscreen. Immediately, images of police cars, flashing lights, and a highway in turmoil filled the space. A maelstrom of activity surrounded a lone Segway and its towed little wagon in what the headline called the “Slowest Police Chase in History!”

“So, I take it this means the reviews will be late?” he said, as an orange glow suddenly lit the screen.

Ferret’s jaw dropped open. “Wait, why would the wagon explode?!”

BP took up his scissors once again. “Now we’re asking the right questions.”

Feel free to visit our group for more information and events, and to offer some recommendations for future rounds. See you all next time!

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I am a unique look at a historical hero and an alien intelligence.  I am a contest winner.  I am today's featured story.

I Am Demon

[Dark] [Adventure] • 15,842 words

I am Cold, swirling snow that turns ponies against each other, searing ice that freezes them solid. I am Survivor, the one the Friendfyre spell didn't catch, an exception that proves an impossible rule. I am Fear, Frustration, Anger, Hatred, every emotion my Creator has ever felt. I am her Future. I am her Past.

I am Demon, and Clover the Clever is my Master.

FROM THE CURATORS: Aquaman's ponyfic credentials are impeccable — every time we turn around, he's placing highly in yet another competition — but even so, I Am Demon stood out, both to Equestria Daily's contest judges and to ourselves. "It just did what it set out to do so powerfully," Horizon said. "Round about chapter 3, it sank in its narrative teeth and did not let go ... and its worldbuilding makes it feel like a definitive windigo story."  JohnPerry "really loved I Am Demon for its unique perspective," and Present Perfect concurred: "The best part of this is the alien perspective, seeing Demon define words, slowly figuring out the world around him ... it's altogether a really excellent story."

The first thing you'll notice about the story is its use of colored text (read more about that in today's interview), and we agreed on its effectiveness.  "The color gimmick really adds to the story," JohnPerry said. "I don't tend to think of writing as a visual medium, but this story makes me question that assumption." And while I Am Demon isn't unique in that presentation, that didn't detract from our assessment. "[The Pony Fiction Vault-featured] "White Box" did it first," Horizon said, "but this is the story that made it work, using the gimmick in a way that both fit intuitively within MLP canon and dug deeply into the emotional resonances of the other characters' tales."

Read on for our author interview, in which Aquaman discusses chlorine sweat, unwritten sequels, and why not to ask for advice.

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Groups Posts are a monthly group advertisement blog open to anyone who wants a signal boost. If you're interested in having your group advertised in one of these, send me a PM with the name of the group, a link to its front page, and a brief description of what the group is for. I'll copy this directly into the post, so write it like you're trying to tell other people about your group - anything up to around 150-ish words is fine.

The Resurrection of the School for New Writers

The School for New Writers was one of Fimfictions Primer groups for helping authors. It was modeled around the idea of organization and lessons as opposed to discussions, though we certainly have those as well. For the past few months, however, we happened to have many mods and teachers step out at pretty much the same time leaving the group almost completely dead.

But as Celestia was freed from her changeling cocoon, we have come out of this harrowing situation with grace and strength. We're back. We have dedicated mods and professors eager to help every author whether they are new or experienced. We are still touching up everything but in the coming weeks we will be updating the group so that you can find over 130 lessons easily. That's right, over 130 lessons about horse words with several more every week.

So how bout you come down and join us sometime, you just might learn a thing or two.

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We're a group of readers who want to share stories that we also enjoyed. We're not about reviews or submissions. We read stories, add them if we like them, and promote one story each at the end of the month in a Monthly Spotlight forum post. Each reader keeps a log of stories they added, but our folders are cleared for fresh content each month.

There's no pressure on the reader to justify why they want to add a story, just that they like it. This is us reading stories and finding some that we like. We hope you find something you'll like, too.

The Babs Seed Fan Club is a fan group where you can discuss Best CMC..

Soldiers in Equestria wants people who are interested in writing and telling the story of human soldiers who find themselves in Equestria.

Cards Against Equestria

Have you ever wanted to join a group as random as Pinkie, and can rival her for the laughter gained? Do love the game Cards against Humanity and its slogan, "A terrible game for terrible people"? Then come join Cards Against Equestria! Here we are dedicated to not only your random thoughts you can put in the forum, but also to scheduling games of our namesake. There is never a dull moment when you're in Cards Against Equestria!

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As today's story reminds us, there are some things in life that are constants — like death, taxes, and Pinkie Pie showing up at the end of the universe.

It Doesn't Matter Now

[Random] [Slice of Life] • 1,334 words

The Spirit Pony is responsible for the End of All That Ever Was. It has always been so. This particular End looks like being a straightforward one – until a certain pink pony intervenes to prevent it happening. Pinkie has a very, very good reason for stopping the Spirit, too...

FROM THE CURATORS: This fun little eschatological romp (and how often do you get to use those words together?) is what it says on the tin: Pinkie Pie at the End of All That Ever Was, stopping the universe from ending because she's got some unfinished business.  "It's a fresh subversion of a theme that has been done to death with the show's immortal princesses," Horizon said, but we found depth beyond that. "It’s more a look into the power of Pinkie, something that goes beyond crass fourth-wall breakage while still giving her a magic of her own," Present Perfect said.

One of its core strengths was that clever examination of a pony who is among the most difficult to write.  "I was impressed by the way Pinkie's character is used in this story," Present Perfect said.  "It benefits from letting her act in that situation as she does in all situations: like Pinkie."  Chris was impressed, too: "It definitely speaks to the kind of dramatic whimsy Pinkie's capable of.  She's more than just a goof, after all — she takes her goofiness seriously."

Add to that the strong writing which carried this to a UK of Equestria contest win, and this short little tale sailed through to an easy feature. "It plays with contrast and tone in clever ways," Horizon said. "It's got a cute and simple premise which might not carry a longer story, but it packs up enough gravitas to give the ending a satisfying impact."

Read on for our author interview, in which Loganberry discusses wanderlust, tea, and Egg-Kings.

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EFNW 2015 Pre-Con Contest

Everfree Northwest's Weekly fic Recommendations #26

The Everfree Northwest Convention, known for having one of—if not the—strongest writing tracks in the MLP fandom, is back with another great writing contest! Last year’s EFNW writing contest had over 75 entries with a combined total of 30,000 views in their first month, which we're pretty proud of. We gave away some great prizes too.

This year we're back, and we’re better than ever, ready to pit authors against each other in an exciting contest to see who can best portray friendship via the written word. We’re looking for writers who want to have fun and who enjoy winning awesome prizes.

Some of the prizes include: a customized high quality pen and pen holder declaring you an award winning author, patches telling people your place in the contest, a bookbag, an interview to be posted by EFNW's media team, various gift cards, tons of swag, and more.

The Everfree Northwest Writing Contest will accept entries from March 1st until 11:59 pm PDT on March 24th. This contest is open to everyone. To enter, you should write a 1,000-3,000 word story that had not been posted before the contest started. You do not have to attend the con on May 29-31 in order to enter. Do note, we will have a different contest, our 2-hour Iron Authors Competition, during the con itself.

Find out more details, such as the theme, at the Everfree Northwest blog. As always, keep up-to-date on the latest Everfree Northwest news by visiting our website, viewing our FIMFiction account and group, liking us on Facebook, and following us on Twitter and Tumblr.

Did you know, Everfree Northwest scours FIMfiction in order to bring three recommends a week? In fact we recently posted our twenty sixth post. We try to focus on enjoyable lesser known fics. If you know of some good lesser known fics by authors other than yourself feel free to let us know.

If you want to post your convention's fanfiction related news on a FIMfiction site post like this one, you can find out more here.

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