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  • E Not your Rainboom!

    Word gets out how Rainbow Dash's Rainboom being the key that linked their friendship and somepony writes about how the Rainboom belonged to them... a Diamond Dog didn't agree  · qwefg
    1,650 words · 2 views  · 
  • E Princess Celestia Has Stolen All Your Bed Sheets

    Princess Celestia has stolen all your bed sheets for the betterment of all mankind. Or that's what she's telling you.  · naturalbornderpy
    1,178 words · 2 views  · 
  • E Racing to my Heart

    When Gilda crash lands in the mountains, will see find her special someone?  · SixShooterOutlaw
    3,486 words · 1 views  · 
  • E Dancing With Silver

    Scootaloo wasn't quite sure what she expected when she found a letter from her "secret admirer" asking to meet her after school, but it wasn't an invitation to the school dance. Nor was it spending Hearts and Hooves Day with Silver Spoon.  · ZOMG
    7,177 words · 2 views  · 
  • T Jeff The Undistinguished

    Jeff's just an average guy, who goes about his average activities.  · Portable Dingus
    3,416 words · 21 views  · 
  • E The Mares' Vengeance Pact

    The news of Discord's new fiancée has quickly spread throughout Ponyville. However, not all are pleased with his choice of mare...  · Lise Eclaire
    5,238 words · 3 views  · 
  • E Hearts and Hooves Day: A Formal Complaint

    Discord has a formal complaint about a certain lovey dovey holiday. Celestia listens while trying not to giggle. And in the end the magic of friendship somehow makes even this most romantic of holidays work out well for everypony involved. <3  · Azure129
    5,438 words · 7 views  · 
  • E Truth or Dare

    Muffins fanfiction. Muffins belongs to Reitanna Seishin. Slate and Dopey are left alone when the five other bakers leave to go to a party in Canterlot. They start to play a game things start to happen in the bedroom.  · CapitalofAwesome
    1,665 words · 43 views  · 
  • T A Seal and A Moon

    Navy Seal Sniper Lance Miller teleported into Equestria by unknown methods and is found by none other than Luna the Princess of Night herself when she goes in her bedroom.  · Military551
    2,599 words · 112 views  ·  5  ·  10 · sex · gore  · 
  • T A Minor Mistake

    Grumpy Goat's new client is a zombie! What does it want and can even Grumpy help it?  · De Writer
    2,287 words · 15 views  · 
  • T Let's See How They Like It

    Everyday, the Sirens are bullied at school by those few kids who haven't learned the true magic of friendship. The human 5, Sunset Shimmer and the rest of CHS has forgiven them. So Adagio comes up with a plan... Let's see how they like it.  · SilverShine
    1,743 words · 128 views  · 
  • T Newcomer

    Newcomer: A new pony has arrived in Ponyville who offers help from Twilight Sparkle or vice versa.  · demmasta
    2,372 words · 24 views  · 
  • T Adventures and New Life in Equestria

    Jyro (jErO), a normal 19 year old human, who woke up one day with blurry memories, and found himself in a unknown forest full of strange creatures, danger, and... familiar talking ponies?  · JeromyTG2
    3,348 words · 55 views  · 
  • T Child of the Stars

    Will the child of the Nightmare learn the power of Friendship? Or will she turn to the path her mother set out upon 1000 years ago. . .  · Forward-Unto-Fiction
    1,074 words · 100 views  ·  9  ·  3  · 
  • T Valor

    A lawpony and a mysterious stranger brave the dangers of the Frontier as they hunt down a notorious gang of killers to save a small town and perhaps the entire Frontier.  · Professor Tacitus
    755 words · 21 views  · 
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Latest Updates

  • E AAE Seasonal Holidays

    Equestria's most interesting thing to Anim is the familiar holidays that the ponies celebrate, as Anim joins Twilight and friends in the holiday spirit through Nightmare Night and more.  · Animatorsnake
    37,254 words · 36 views  · 
  • E Anim's Adventures in Equestria

    What would happen if a being with limitless power regenerates into a pony. Well this happened to Anim, with fragmented memories of the past, he lives in the town of Ponyville and sees what it's like being a pony, or could it all be a lie.  · Animatorsnake
    29,017 words · 76 views  · 
  • E A Split in the River

    What if Starlight didn't accept Twilight's offer?  · Bed Head
    4,546 words · 575 views  ·  33  ·  4  · 
  • T Appledashery

    Rainbow Dash lives an exciting life and is swiftly becoming the most daring, awesome pegasus in all of Equestria. She would gladly give it all up, though, just to confess her love to Applejack.  · Just Essay
    897,769 words · 6,664 views  ·  474  ·  74  · 
  • T Highschool Dragon

    Spike after getting killed on his first date is revived by a magical girl with the power of a dragon to help her and her friends combat the dark forces that lurk in the shadows.  · Wildcard25
    107,866 words · 3,792 views  ·  209  ·  25  · 
  • T Love can take the pain away

    A human depressed with his life but kept himself on his toes because he injoyed MLP but finds...  · Given Chance
    4,383 words · 36 views  · gore  · 
  • T Sombra`s Secret Prince

    Before being defeated by the Crystal Heart, King Sombra unveils one last secret, A secret heir to the throne.  · Golden Eagle
    4,061 words · 84 views  ·  11  ·  4 · sex · gore  · 
  • T Equestria Crossover Confusion

    Is the Mirror that connects Equestria to the Equestria Girls dimension limited to just that? How many more worlds are available to the mirror than just the one we've seen?  · Garfield23
    50,512 words · 367 views  ·  14  ·  5  · 
  • T Awkward Conversations And Other Stories of the SilverVerse

    A series of stories set in a world where humans fall into Equestria so often they need a government agency just to maintain it.  · Kiki Charles Steen
    26,581 words · 188 views  ·  11  ·  2  · 
  • T The tyrant of fear and hate

    The Doctor and his friends arrive by accident at the edge of the Crystal Empire while it's under the tyrannical rule of King Sombra. Naturally they get captured and must now somehow escape.  · Askre
    45,927 words · 83 views  · gore  · 
  • E Touch the Sky

    While her roommate is off chasing the wind, Monkey Wrench returns to the Wonderbolts Flight Academy, only to discover - alongside Midnight Storm and Leaf Wind - the truth of the Wonderbolt's mission and how far they have to go to measure up.  · Witching Hour
    10,109 words · 113 views  · 
  • T Baaad Future

    The mane 7 and the fighting 6 meet in foenum to unite bonds between 2 truly far away lands only to fight a new threat.  · trahzo
    19,884 words · 140 views  ·  4  ·  10  · 
  • T Family of a Lifetime

    Life can throw you many surprises, and Scootaloo is about to be thrown one of the biggest surprises she'll ever see.  · TyrannosaurusVenom
    39,097 words · 240 views  ·  10  ·  1 · gore  · 
  • T A Soul in Steel and Iron

    I was just a ordinary guy and lead a normal life, but when I died, I wish to live more and I got it.  · Cyber V
    78,731 words · 3,130 views  ·  260  ·  14 · gore  · 
  • T Love Degree

    A love story between Doctor and Derpy in a alternative Equestria Girls universe  · AngelDCS
    19,575 words · 303 views  ·  27  ·  3 · sex  · 
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