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New Stories

  • T The Light of a Dark Soul

    The Great and Powerful Trixie finds a mysterious being during her travels, a stranger from a land of fading fire.  · Redbow Rose
    3,356 words · 137 views  ·  21  ·  0 · gore  · 
  • E The Flightless Bird

    5 years after Cloudsdale's destruction, a young pegasus spy finds her prey- but not how she wants it.  · mckluv
    1,110 words · 76 views  · 
  • T Not to be Toyed With

    In which people are toyed with  · PangolinPersnickity
    2,708 words · 42 views  · 
  • E MLP: Origins of Friendship's Magic

    Years passed after Luna's return and restored the Elements of Harmony, Cosmo, Silver, and Shadow are out on a mission to find the remaining Elements  · Mymolly123
    2,320 words · 23 views  · 
  • T Equestrian Fugitive

    The most wanted criminal, convicted of numerous murders and other crimes tells the Royal Guard that is guarding his cell how he ended up in Equestria before he is given the death penalty  · AnonymousWriter
    1,768 words · 111 views  · 
  • E The Princess of Mares

    Twilight is now the Princess of Mares. She is unaware of when and how this happened.  · lavendernoodle
    0 words · 269 views  ·  17  ·  4  · 
  • T Story of Diane Pie: Family Ties

    Now Diane faces the biggest challenge ever: Re-uniting her 'real' family.  · Middle Ground
    15,647 words · 35 views  · 
  • T Distortion

    A small change can create massive distortions.  · DizzyWaddleDoo
    1,926 words · 49 views  ·  10  ·  1  · 
  • T A Fractured Tale

    a fallen and abandoned stallion is left to die in faraway wastelands, but he is not ready to. This follows his quest for survival against wild ponies.  · Conflict
    1,362 words · 27 views  · gore  · 
  • T Lyra and BonBon

    Lyra and BonBon live together as a couple. Though, there are few things that keep within the house that aren't the greatest of likings.  · LyraTheFeedee
    1,226 words · 34 views  · 
  • T The Terrarian War

    The story about an adopted gryphon named Jayk who steps forward to solve many problems that arise after an unknown enemy begins to cause chaos throughout Terra.  · TheFabulousWhale
    1,913 words · 48 views  · 
  • T Absolute Power

    Celestia. Princess, leader, some might say even a god. But not many know what goes on in the princess' mind. What she could be thinking, that fateful day. The day she was defeated at Cadance's wedding.  · Sollace
    1,217 words · 170 views  ·  10  ·  6  · 
  • T Punch Therapy

    Aria used to take out her anger by training on a punching bag. Now, she has a sparring partner.  · chillbook1
    5,307 words · 139 views  ·  23  ·  2  · 
  • E The Starlight Path

    Aurora follows the path of the stars.  · Ice Dawn
    1,331 words · 21 views  · 
  • T What About Twilight?

    A Bad alternate ending to the episode "What About Discord?", Twilight Sparkle is so mad of being left out of the fun that she destroys the elements of harmony, leaving Ponyville in an apocalyptic state.  · MuseScript
    5,866 words · 124 views  ·  13  ·  8 · gore  · 
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Latest Updates

  • E The Secret of Motherhood.

    A secret Starlight would have prefered to hide even from herself is out in the open. Will the truth drive a wedge between her and her new friends? Or will it draw them closer?  · EclipseSight
    34,111 words · 1,461 views  ·  59  ·  4  · 
  • T War driven by steam

    Caught in a foul plot Grease cap and Anvil must work out the mystery of Trottingham before Equestria is obliterated by machines of war  · MadModellerExtraordinair
    3,614 words · 27 views  · 
  • E The Enchanted Library

    When one fateful search through the Everfree Forest leads Rarity to a secret library inhabited by the spirit of an ancient alicorn princess, she realises that it may be time to start believing in fairy tales.  · Monochromatic
    233,574 words · 17,462 views  ·  2,135  ·  34  · 
  • T The Man in the Shadows

    Derrinus Gottrun felt the sting of death when he died in an old abandoned cairn. Rather than passing on, fate had other plans for our young thief.  · AmethystAce
    10,076 words · 70 views  · 
  • T Journey to the center of Equestria

    Tremors of the earth itself plague the land of Equestria. Soothsayer Twilight hopes to stop them with some help. Together with five strangers, she must travel to a place where nopony has gone before. They must go to where it all began and stop it.  · Rarity Belle
    487,674 words · 1,670 views  ·  99  ·  14  · 
  • T The Sirens Remorse

    With the Dazzlings pendants shattered and their bodies fully human, they are left to life's machinations. However, a fellow banished soul might be the key to returning their former selves and taking revenge with a gout of flame.  · TheronSniper
    373,063 words · 890 views  ·  37  ·  11  · 
  • T Spike Quits His Job and Goes on Numerous Quests

    Spike hands in his two-week resignation to Twilight when the books around him become a bore. He spends time working for Fluttershy to relieve his stress and untangle his thoughts. Then 'The Agency' comes to request him often.  · B_25
    46,568 words · 2,837 views  ·  196  ·  20  · 
  • E My Life as a Bipedal Quadruped

    Our hero finds herself in a strange world, and in a strange new form. Maybe this could be a fresh start, you ask? The thing is that she wasn't aware she needed one.  · Snakeskin Ducttape
    216,155 words · 7,405 views  ·  687  ·  24  · 
  • E Princess Twilight Sparkle's School for Fantastic Foals

    Princess Twilight Sparkle's School for Fantastic Foals is the place to go for friendship studies.  · kudzuhaiku
    299,322 words · 3,463 views  ·  496  ·  39  · 
  • T Perchance to Dream

    Linda settled for bed, only to awaken in the middle of a garden of statues of horses. She was one of them, only not so stone. When she eventually slumbered there, she returned home. Living two lives, can she make sense of it all? Fix it, or enjoy it?  · David Silver
    29,137 words · 647 views  ·  70  ·  13  · 
  • E Kingdom Hearts: Masters of Tomorrow

    Your name is Eternal Void and you have had an ordinary life as a Keyblade wielder at Crystal Prep; no friends, hardly any family, and no lover to hold...that is, until, you met six unique people.  · Golden Flare
    10,825 words · 738 views  ·  33  ·  6  · 
  • T Fire Emblem: Wake of Harmony

    It was supposed to be another battle against the Risen. Or at least, that's waht the Shepherds thought. When they rescue a strange girl with a stranger story, they will set in motion a chain of events that will climax in a battle of gods.  · Mkchief34
    11,605 words · 457 views  ·  31  ·  12 · sex · gore  · 
  • T The Adventures of a Tone-Deaf Pony

    Hi, I'm Fall Streaks, and I can't sing. Everyone who knows me knows that, and we can laugh about it. But when a freak accident struck my roommate and I and started the trip of our lives, my tone-deafness made things interesting. Very interesting.  · Pyrepinna
    42,121 words · 151 views  ·  17  ·  0 · gore  · 
  • E Full Friendship's Magic: The Elements of Unity

    Long before the elements of harmony exist, the first three elements were created; It's past was remain a secret until one pony unlocks it.  · Reykatan
    22,062 words · 306 views  ·  15  ·  4  · 
  • T Technicalities

    After being forced from their home, a master engineer and his AI end up in Twilight's basement, their only desire to rebuild what they lost. Although not everything is as straightforward as it seems...  · BionicBrony
    311,985 words · 4,852 views  ·  464  ·  32 · gore  · 
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