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  • T It's High Moon

    He's been killed for his sins, but reincarnated as something more. Now, as a pony with no idea as to where he is, Jesse McCree arrives in the small town of Ponyville during the Summer Sun Celebration.  · DonDaGuido
    10,146 words · 1,890 views  ·  260  ·  18  · 
  • T Outta My Mind

    There's a new pony in Ponyville, today. He seems really nice, and he laughs funny, and *may* be a little insane, but he's here to stay. Let's just hope that Ponyville is ready for him.  · Punished Yamsmos
    164,916 words · 7,223 views  ·  664  ·  54 · sex · gore  · 
  • T Unfortunate events

    series of event that put tho characters on quest for survival  · knetch
    11,283 words · 393 views  ·  10  ·  15 · sex · gore  · 
  • T The Space Traveler's Dairy

    A Log of my time on a strange world and how I met the love of my life. This is going to be fun.  · RTSgamer18
    2,379 words · 167 views  · 
  • T The End of the Universe

    What happens when we receive a 20 year warning that our universe is coming to an end? We build a portal to another one of course!  · RTSgamer18
    3,421 words · 173 views  · 
  • T Memoir of Misery

    With her memories returning, Sapphire has to endure the mystery of why she is receiving visions of monsters that Equestria never seen before, as she continues to try to make a new life for herself while searching for her old one.  · Silvak
    4,524 words · 178 views  ·  36  ·  0  · 
  • E Trading a Rainbow for Black

    Starburst has felt disconnected from her Mom, the Princess Twilight, for a while. Anthea, noticing this, concocts a spell to trade her horn (her only way of 'seeing') for Star's wings for a single day. Will her coltfriend, T, help her through this?  · beckyyyyy
    1,707 words · 24 views  · 
  • E The Story of The Count

    This is the story of a monster, so evil it hunts down and kills other monsters, but the thing about this monster is that he's kind of a dick.  · The_Count
    2,840 words · 5 views  · 
  • E Sunset's Solitude

    Sunset is alone for the holidays.  · JediWyrm
    1,055 words · 31 views  · 
  • T Equestria Girls - A Whole New World

    Twilight's crown is stolen! The culprit has fled through a strange mirror with it. What awaits the new Princess on the other side?  · Dutch_Atlantic_13
    18,865 words · 209 views  ·  12  ·  8  · 
  • T A Cold Wind Blows

    Glacier Wind is your average pegasus stallion. He loves reading, writing, his friends, and what ponies in his family that still love him for him. Now all he needs to do is find a nice stallion to love as well. Who knows, it may even do him some good.  · Glacier Wind
    3,182 words · 14 views  · sex  · 
  • T Death Comes For Me...

    Death has come for Anon. Unfortunately, she has her work cut out for her.  · Anon A Mous
    3,993 words · 150 views  ·  26  ·  0 · sex  · 
  • T Silver Glow's Journal

    Silver Glow takes an opportunity to spend a year at an Earth college, where she'll learn about Earth culture and make new friends.  · Admiral Biscuit
    634,333 words · 6,935 views  ·  1,067  ·  64 · sex  · 
  • E Sweetie Belle And The Nutcraker

    On a magic Hearth's Warming Eve, Sweetie Belle gets a gift from her godmother, Celestia. It's a nutcracker who is on a journey to save the magic Land of Sweets and it's princess from Tirek! Can this duo save the kingdom with some help? Let's see!  · DisneymlpZeldalover
    2,621 words · 14 views  · 
  • T The Stone Queen

    A brief history of the queen of Elpida.  · albedoequals1
    15,282 words · 6 views  · sex · gore  · 
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