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  • T When Zombies Take Over

    Everything started out the same as any day for Sunset Shimmer. But nothing is the same about today.  · Equestria realm Spectre
    1,190 words · 52 views  · gore  · 
  • E Sweetie's Scared Of Storms

    The Cutie Mark Crusaders decide to have a sleepover, and a thunderstorm's on it's way. Sweetie Belle's scared, so her friends decide to help her out.  · The Pony Spartan
    3,763 words · 87 views  ·  11  ·  2  · 
  • T Unread letters

    Tia writes letters to her sister that she will never read.  · 27
    1,026 words · 47 views  · 
  • E Discontinued Stories: an Anthology

    An anthology of all of my old, bad stories from the past which have never been posted.  · LOL3evee
    2,341 words · 10 views  · 
  • T The Sleepover

    Pinkie invites Fluttershy and the others to a sleepover. Everyone except Fluttershy doesn't show up. What go wrong?  · FlavoredMoon
    1,914 words · 67 views  · 
  • E Zecora's Exile

    Giving up everything is never pretty.  · KingMoriarty
    2,656 words · 109 views  · 
  • T I Can't Do It

    All the wild mood swings, strange and obscure cravings, increased appetite, nausea, lack of energy, and swollen hooves had led up to this very day… and she can't do it.  · Auburn
    3,670 words · 211 views  ·  25  ·  3  · 
  • T человек, лошадь, диктатор

    A rumor stalks the government of the USSR, the appearance of a creature with powers science can not comprehend. Time for Stalin to handle the situation.  · Just A Random Earth Pony
    1,969 words · 40 views  · gore  · 
  • T Get with the times.

    After an accident whilst experimenting, Starswirl the bearded is thrown from his own time and even his own world.  · therenegadebrony
    3,038 words · 71 views  · 
  • T The Changeling Attack

    Changelings attacked Canterlot, we all know this. What happened with Berry Punch during the invasion, exactly? She was drunk off her ass, and looking for a fight. Perfect timing, wouldn't ya say?  · AnonymousAlicorn
    1,548 words · 33 views  · 
  • E Punch Drunk

    Trixie has reached a point in her life that she'd never thought she'd reach — has she really lost her enthusiasm for life on the stage? What she needs is time to think and reflect. What she doesn't need is Pinkie Pie arriving with a stupid request!  · Strides_the_Stars
    5,971 words · 42 views  · 
  • E Equestrian Side Stories

    Take a peek into the daily lives of the Equestrian populace.  · LOL3evee
    2,949 words · 14 views  · 
  • E Death of a King

    Once, we played every morning. Now, the seat remains vacant, and the ache in my heart does not seem to my fade. This is my story, and this is my life.  · DeathFox4
    2,331 words · 15 views  · 
  • E Where did you come from?

    During one of Discord's visits and a visit from Rarity's cousin, two new colts arrive claiming their from different times and universes. Could there be any truth to their words?  · Maskinos
    1,695 words · 32 views  · 
  • T Luna's treats.

    A Hungry Princess Luna enters a new world and finds some delicious treats: 6 Human teenagers in costume at Halloween night.  · MrAquino
    9,225 words · 185 views  ·  13  ·  8  · 
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Latest Updates

  • E Adventures at Canterlot High

    Takes place after the Friendship Games. Follow Twilight and her new friends to see what adventures await them at Canterlot High.  · MLP Fangirl
    8,079 words · 1,117 views  ·  89  ·  4  · 
  • E Snake Pie

    The girls get to meet Pinkies Step-Father and he's not really what they were expecting....  · Brown25
    7,616 words · 3,037 views  ·  468  ·  20  · 
  • T Sunny, Moonie, Twily

    Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer and Moondancer are best friends, living in a dorm together.  · Jetto
    130,856 words · 3,087 views  ·  323  ·  9  · 
  • E Run of the plague

    A biologist come across a dying pony and is sent to Equestria to save it  · reader8363
    3,167 words · 39 views  · 
  • T The Pony That Fell From The Sky

    When Sweetie Belle saves a young colt's life Ponyville may never be the same  · zurvan
    56,480 words · 659 views  ·  34  ·  6 · sex  · 
  • E Maybe I'm Dreaming

    How do you feel when someone tell you you should get married with someone you don't know? Maybe you get angry but Rainbow dash acts different. By the way this is Rainbow dash. She loves to be different...  · Night Flight
    64,520 words · 1,163 views  ·  56  ·  21  · 
  • T The Halloween tales of Bubblegum Splash

    Bubblegum Splash and all of her friends go trick or treating for Halloween. What kind of fun will they all have? Will they scare all the little fillies and colts? What kind of parties will they go to? Well lets see what happens  · ScarybowFeathers2015
    3,921 words · 31 views  · 
  • E Magnificent Changes for the Changelings

    Three months after "A Canterlot Wedding," Queen Chrysalis finds that her subjects are starving, so she sets off with them to return to Equestria and alter the changelings' way of life forever.  · LOL3evee
    9,485 words · 303 views  ·  11  ·  0  · 
  • T The Crystal Vizier

    When the first Equestrian Lich King is in need of guidance, who better to help him than the second in command of the Azerothian Scourge? Follow Kel'Thuzad in his new unlife in the colorful world of Equus.  · TheCrystalLich
    6,828 words · 304 views  ·  38  ·  4 · gore  · 
  • T In The End

    It has been 7 years since a terrible plague swept across the land of equestria Turning the once magical land into an apocolyptic wasteland. The only known survivors of the plague have locked themselves away and hidden the key...or so they thought.  · djpon5
    22,791 words · 158 views  ·  6  ·  8 · gore  · 
  • E Applejack's Vacation

    Applejack is a hardworking mare. But perhaps she is working too hard? Perhaps she needs a vacation to take some time away from the craziness that appears so frequently.  · Airchi
    7,041 words · 182 views  ·  11  ·  0  · 
  • E Son of the Sun

    You love MLP or just like it, you perhaps shamelessly have a crush on the Princesses; what happens when one of the Princesses, is your mother?  · BlackHat6
    34,891 words · 1,388 views  ·  78  ·  37  · 
  • T The Taking of Tartarus

    When the Lord of Chaos conquer Tartarus, he use every villain in there to get revenge from the ponies who ruined his plans and also to spread his darkness. Will our heroes win this new battle agains the most evil being that exist?  · Rakoon1
    140,328 words · 321 views  ·  11  ·  2  · 
  • T White light

    Lunas world changes after she discovers a filly in the everfree forest, but can Luna help her before her secret causes ponies their lives?  · Hinata Linn
    27,632 words · 135 views  · 
  • T Ten Seconds of Sunrises

    Alicorns have dissappeared long ago. And Equestria has moved on replacing its wonder with technology. But what has been lost? And that have we lost can we regain?  · Spacecase101
    12,480 words · 106 views  · 
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