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  • T Siren's Knight?

    Everyone hated Adagio... Well, most guys did. There was this one kid named Clef Rest, seemingly both a good singer and a brave guy. People don't really know him that much, but he'll be known notorious for defending such a villain like Adagio.  · MyLittleGeneration
    6,000 words · 0 views  · 
  • T Pinkamena’s Wake

    Pinkie has a bad Hairdra day, but she’ll make sure everypony else has fun again.  · GroaningGreyAgony
    2,479 words · 32 views  · 
  • E All hail the queen

    What if after the confrontation at the wedding, she didn't stick around, and was given dark powers by an interloper intent on messing with events?  · The oracle
    1,157 words · 41 views  · 
  • T Control

    I am under their control. There is now change and I dont have a set routine. After I was stolen they sent me to live with the blue one or Rainbow Dash as they call her. it doesn't matter what I say I am now under their control.  · Cherry delight
    1,480 words · 38 views  · 
  • T The Mare Who Thought She Was Alone

    There is a mare who looks out the window every night, wondering if someone out there truly cares for her.  · Dollie
    2,587 words · 23 views  · gore  · 
  • T A Shadow of Doubt

    One day, Fluttershy woke up with a feeling that something was amiss. What is this overwhelming sense of dread coming from her shadow and has it always looked so menacing?  · Astrocity
    1,738 words · 60 views  · 
  • E Why ___ is a Dumb Dumb

    Ever really hated somepony? Ever wanted to call them rude names and never get in trouble? Well look no further! 'Why ___ is a dumb dumb' is a book just for you!  · Aqua Drops
    1,030 words · 146 views  ·  16  ·  0  · 
  • T The Closing of Sugarcube Corner

    Twilight finds out that Sugarcube Corner has closed  · Fluttershyisthebestpony
    986 words · 148 views  · 
  • T Midnight Sparkle will be the New Kid at CHS

    Midnight Sparkle never really went away, she just stalked Sunset Shimmer for a while. Now, a couple of hours after Sci-Twi's incident Sunset has a magic obsessed room mate who insists on going to CHS. It is going to be one interesting year.  · NotanImportantPony
    1,169 words · 263 views  ·  30  ·  4 · sex  · 
  • E The Low Notes

    Troy asks Big Macintosh for some pointers on how to hit the low notes like he can while singing. During this session, he reveals that the director of Bridleway has been harassing him based on his looks not matching his body. Big Macintosh relates.  · Storm Butt
    4,166 words · 61 views  ·  13  ·  0  · 
  • E Help, My Brother's a Were Pony!

    This again!  · Cool Writer
    1,121 words · 42 views  · 
  • T The Life and Times of an Un-magician.

    Humble Pie is not a magician, she is an un-magician. By serving powers beyond the ken of mere mortals, she will try to run a bakery, find love, and otherwise be normal. She tends to fail at the last one.  · Between Lines
    3,082 words · 122 views  ·  27  ·  1  · 
  • E A Special Offer From Shutterfly!

    What, you've never heard of Shutterfly? The print shop owner who can print a picture on just about anything? There may be a reason for that. A really annoying reason.  · Estee
    5,564 words · 386 views  ·  58  ·  7  · 
  • T Persona 3:Magic of Harmony

    [Displacment] After signing for a package for my brother I some how ened up in this mess.  · Shadow Hero
    1,334 words · 79 views  · 
  • E An Awesome Bride and Pretty Groom

    Our favorite flier and fabulous fashionista finally tie the knot! Witness the adorable aftermath!  · GPizano
    2,199 words · 166 views  ·  23  ·  5  · 
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Latest Updates

  • E I'm Free?

    Is Discord out of his prison? Or is this simply another of his dreams?  · Julian the Dreamer
    13,272 words · 175 views  ·  12  ·  0  · 
  • E Twilight Sparkle has a Pokemon Journey

    Twilight recieves her first pokemon and goes off on an adventure. She meets new friends and rivals while striving to be the best Pokemon Trainer in Equestria.  · Darkmetroidz
    65,077 words · 712 views  ·  44  ·  4  · 
  • E The Forest Pony

    Story about the Everfree Forest, its inhabitants and one princess forced by odd circumstances to spend some time here. Will she be able to survive?  · EverfreePony
    6,420 words · 29 views  · 
  • E A Cavalcade of Cards

    Thirty-one random Magic cards. Thirty-one random-er stories.  · KingMoriarty
    39,439 words · 217 views  ·  40  ·  4  · 
  • E Diamond of Desire

    Black whispers from the core of a great, long-forgotten diamond caress Spike's mind with promises of the one thing he desires most of all: Rarity.  · GaryOak
    22,328 words · 397 views  ·  26  ·  3  · 
  • T When lightning strikes...

    A boy wakes up in the world of the Power ponies as The Azure Striker; Gunvolt. However, if they see him as a hero or not is another story[Displaced story][Azure Striker Gunvolt/MLP crossover]  · FrostTheWolf
    308,491 words · 4,977 views  ·  291  ·  41 · sex · gore  · 
  • E A Search for Something More

    Rough Draft is a senior in Canterlot High who writes fan fiction and dreams of finding love. He's also the only person in the entire school who still doesn't believe that Sunset Shimmer is reformed.  · HAKDurbin
    48,297 words · 225 views  ·  16  ·  6  · 
  • E Love times three

    Tender Taps, Rumble and Button Mash talk about their crushes that just happens to be the cmc . and they decide to confess their love to them but how...  · Flat spin
    3,381 words · 285 views  ·  27  ·  8  · 
  • E Broken Elements: Reforged!

    After a massive fight is over, 5 out of 6 elements break and the main 6 with spike must go to the extremes to reforge them into newer elements from were they came.  · NJH12
    4,033 words · 104 views  · 
  • T The Married Life of Cadence and Shining Armor

    Their love has defeated armies and defended an empire. This is their story.  · RoyalBardofCanterlot
    26,818 words · 660 views  ·  35  ·  6 · sex  · 
  • T Second chance

    Story about Dazzlings and their life after battle of the bands.  · DagiDazzle
    7,272 words · 166 views  · sex  · 
  • T Long far gone

    Princess Celestia is lonely, she's been that way for a very long time. Her sister was supposed to return safe, and now she's been taken once again. Celestia just wants her sister back. Nopony could have seen the solution would come from the stars.  · Actualphysicalautism
    12,310 words · 123 views  · 
  • T The Dusk Shine Anthology

    Dusk Shine doesn't know why but he can't shake the feeling that something is very wrong with the world. Are the Elements of Harmony trying to warn him, or is there something far more powerful and sinister behind his random hallucinations.  · H3lios
    72,154 words · 822 views  ·  38  ·  2  · 
  • T The song of summer

    Every foe might not have an equal. But every action does have a reaction. A tale of SunsetXAdagio shipping...and what might magic give after it.  · Summer Wish
    94,751 words · 2,059 views  ·  86  ·  12  · 
  • E The Solar Steward

    A lost princess fallen defeating a terrible Nightmare. Secrets a thousand years old. The end of a thousand year banishment. One pony stuck right in the centre of it all. Twilight Sparkle had better make friends. The world may well depend on it.  · kissfromarose2
    3,005 words · 90 views  · 
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