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New Stories

  • T Not-So Comedic

    Twilight into a talent show with a comedy act.  · Stardom Freedom
    2,114 words · 57 views  · 
  • T The Perfect Baker

    Pinkamena Diane Pie lived a very distressing childhood, which might be the reason she's out of her mind.  · Harmonator
    3,085 words · 27 views  · gore  · 
  • T Do Not Go Gently

    Death's Harbinger needs Luna's help to solve a centuries-old mystery  · ShinigamiDad
    9,193 words · 20 views  · sex · gore  · 
  • E Spira's Spell

    Spira Trance is on the hunt for a rare treasure and she'll let nothing stand in her way, not even a pony's free will.  · Rathbane
    3,947 words · 54 views  · 
  • T Badge 1247

    Cole Phelps is back on duty, but this time: he's on a mission to put the Justice back where it belongs on the shady underbelly of Canterlot.  · CondesendingSarcasm
    3,876 words · 29 views  · 
  • T Fallen Shadow

    Sombra, after failing her mother the second time, turns into the shadow of his former self. Accursed, abandoned, with no friends to help him, what will te former King do?  · Snorting Gentleman
    1,107 words · 35 views  · 
  • E Dust to Diamonds

    Going from something to nothing, then trying to rebuild can be a rough life experience for anypony. Midas Touch is learning that now, having just lost his business and home in Canterlot. He's starting anew in Ponyville. How will he fare?  · reiyo_oki
    2,062 words · 23 views  · 
  • T Twist's Trouble

    Twist suddenly finds herself as a bit-too-gorgeous girl.  · Xtremo15
    2,962 words · 69 views  ·  11  ·  0  · 
  • T My Little Destiny: Titans are Magic

    Three guardians are teleported onto a new planet after defeating Atheon, the keeper of time itself. This planet also happens to be inhabited by strange, sapient talking ponies. Its up to these guardians to save Equestria. (DestinyXMyLittlePony cross  · TheLoneWanderer57
    2,628 words · 64 views  · 
  • T Project Midnight Book Two-Betrayal

    Sequel to book one  · Valiant Charge
    3,143 words · 26 views  · gore  · 
  • T Timeless Adventures

    A prehistoric park crossover. Discord is free, and has hidden the elements in earths past. The main six now must travel back in time into strange hostile worlds, and bring back the elements. However, there is something else they must bring back.  · Nick the Brony
    2,161 words · 48 views  · gore  · 
  • T Tables Have Turned

    Twilight discovers that Spike is...growing up. A quick retreat to the local pub ensues.  · JoeShogun
    20,802 words · 108 views  ·  13  ·  0 · sex  · 
  • T Farm Hand: Apply Within

    Your hard work on Sweet Apple Acres may cause heads to turn. You're hoping for just one . . .  · LightningSword
    6,730 words · 356 views  ·  77  ·  14  · 
  • T A New Flame

    A unique crossover with One Piece about a young man in Equestria with devil fruit powers, but just who is this man? Not even he knows. Takes place after the events of One Piece.  · Narasu Tyrule
    5,892 words · 127 views  ·  24  ·  3 · sex  · 
  • E A Little Reunion

    Apple Bloom goes to visit her real mother.  · SweetyBelleluvsu
    1,087 words · 63 views  · 
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Latest Updates

  • T The Other Button

    Of course waking up as a horse was on my bucket list as well as said horse being extremely young. As nice as it is to not have to worry about going to college I'd rather be at home rather than in horsey hell! At least button believes me or I'd go mad  · One of the Crowd
    26,032 words · 520 views  ·  71  ·  6 · sex  · 
  • E A Knight to remember

    When a knight and his squire get sent to a magical world, diffrent than the one they are used to, they will have to quickly adapt and learn to over come cultural, and language, problems if they are going to get back home.  · Lusewing
    32,437 words · 3,062 views  ·  322  ·  10  · 
  • T Heart of Steel

    Optimus Prime and his heroic Autobots crash land on Equestia after a spacebridge malfunctions. Soon, they meet with the planets serious inhabitants. The Autobots seem friendly enough, but how much can they really be trusted...  · Optilestia_Guy
    20,828 words · 182 views  ·  8  ·  7  · 
  • E Pony Tales

    A collection of short stories based around the ponies we all love.  · LoveAndTolerateEveryPony
    2,546 words · 47 views  · 
  • T The Mighty Lu Bu

    'Man among man Lu Bu. Horses among horses Red Hare.' Lu Bu was considered the greatest warrior of his time but, met his end at Xiapi. In unforeseen circumstances he finds himself in Equestria as a pony.  · I am crying
    9,906 words · 413 views  ·  67  ·  4 · gore  · 
  • T Switched

    Luna finds herself in the world beyond the mirror, the world of Reflections. And to make things worse, she is in the body of her evil counterpart. Oh dear...  · Noctus Noxia
    6,906 words · 151 views  ·  15  ·  2  · 
  • E Tritonus

    There is no Pinkie Pie. Twilight Sparkle is a fool. Princess Celestia's a legend. Equestria is ruled by a group called the Triumvirate. The question: How do you fix a wrong you don't know happened?  · Catullus Sedecim
    5,945 words · 86 views  · 
  • T The true story.... Of Little Cloud.

    Abandoned by the queen.... Fled to find safety..... Now he must hide himself, and what he is..... From both pony kind.... And his own...... So young, but still so hated.... This is the story of how he copes......  · Darkdark5p
    2,691 words · 57 views  · 
  • T Endstone and Harmony

    Faeron doesn't know where she is, or why her form has changed. All she knows is that she's coated in unfamilliar magic, and she's going to find out why.  · PrincessOfTheEnd
    2,259 words · 268 views  ·  18  ·  0  · 
  • T Flash in the Pan

    Flash Sentry must learn to trust himself in order to lead the students of a military academy through a chaotic invasion.  · Astral Blaze
    6,797 words · 31 views  · 
  • T Transformers Equestria Girls

    Twilight Sparkle and Spike returns to the Human Dimension to help the Rainbooms to survive the civil war between the Autobots and the Decepticons  · RedFire
    5,347 words · 108 views  ·  14  ·  7 · gore  · 
  • T The Great Fandom Man!

    Dragon Tales had magic, dragons, and rainbow rocks before it was cool. Time for Fandom Man to show these ponies whose boss!  · Jake Witt
    63,610 words · 611 views  ·  31  ·  33  · 
  • T New Beginnings

    A magical accident have a human end up in Equestria in the form of a unicorn.  · Hiver
    49,929 words · 1,149 views  ·  160  ·  17  · 
  • T Celestia's New World

    Princess Celestia finds herself in a strange new world, with a strange new body. With no knowledge of this land, and no way to return home, she finds herself relying on a kind-hearted person to show her what it means to be a human.  · Omega Dracomancer
    75,996 words · 9,856 views  ·  824  ·  81 · sex  · 
  • T The New Monarchy

    A tragedy has befallen Fluttershy and her friends. Rainbow Dash has been gravely injured, and the bits for the recovery are substantially higher than anyone could have even dreamed. All hope seems lost... until a solution is thought of.  · Death Star 813
    4,960 words · 116 views  ·  5  ·  5  · 
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