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New Stories

  • E Magic Wings

    Everypony gets different magic wings.  · Flighter
    1,165 words · 16 views  · 
  • T The Canterlot Caper

    Who, what, when, where, why? The Equilibrist? The Illusionist? The Clown? The Bearded Mare? The Escape Artist? The Tamer? The Wizard?  · Silvermyr
    12,429 words · 8 views  · 
  • T Shadowbolts Adventures: Regrets

    After Lemon Zest receives a worrying warning from Vinyl's ex-girlfriend, Octavia Melody, she confronts Vinyl about the truth, and hears the story of their ill-fated relationship.  · DragonShadow
    4,425 words · 17 views  · 
  • E End Of Pony World

    When a massive storm almost Kills Carson, something comes out of it that saved his life  · --SweetieBot--
    1,149 words · 21 views  · 
  • T The Return of the Night

    The immortals Ripper and Waith's lives have been on a downward spiral ever since their banishment. Endless years of mercenary work have left them exhausted. The one thing that kept them going was hope. Now that hope is in their house sipping tea  · jizzerman
    2,808 words · 27 views  · gore  · 
  • E What happened to Sunset?

    Sunset has returned to Equestria for 2 weeks but when she returns to early in a even fouler mood than when she was a raging she demon, Eg Twilight investigates.  · Farejack32
    2,865 words · 12 views  · 
  • T Against All Odds: Derpy's Greatest Misadventure

    A long time ago, Discord created a machine meant to plunge the world into perfect chaos. Now, after countless millenia, its cogs begin to turn. Only Derpy Hooves, the least likely pony in the world to stop it, has any chance of stopping it at all.  · Mannulus
    25,376 words · 13 views  · 
  • T Emotion Breaker Tales

    Starring OC Emotion Breaker Slayer as she goes through her life. Following the finding of her pony-wolf companion, becoming Luna's student, reuniting with her brother, and earning her cutie-mark before being reccomended to join the Lunar Guard.  · EmotionBreakerSlayer
    3,873 words · 12 views  · 
  • E Equestrian National Railway

    Journal Box has just passed training for the ENR and she has a lot to learn about railroading.  · JandT
    353 words · 6 views  · 
  • T The Ever Ash Project

    After several bloody years of war, we are about to defeat King Sombra. I almost wish we would have lost.  · shortskirtsandexplosions
    4,527 words · 113 views  ·  36  ·  0  · 
  • T To Serve In Hell

    (Inspired by the Season 5 Finale) -- Rarity is Nightmare Moon's most faithful servant. But inwardly she longs for a better world, and she may yet risk everything to fight for one...  · CoffeeMinion
    1,728 words · 49 views  ·  9  ·  1  · 
  • E The Twilight Years

    Short stories about Twilight's and Raegdan's life in the years before the events of The Lunar Guardsman  · Crimmar
    2,806 words · 15 views  · 
  • E Finally Reunited

    11 years passed since Scootaloo last saw her Mother, Daring Do. Now on her sixteenth birthday, they will finally reunite  · Krystal Twilight
    1,657 words · 30 views  · 
  • T Dat Place

    Starlight Glimmer ends up serving an unexpected sentence for her crimes against Equestria.  · MythrilMoth
    1,398 words · 84 views  ·  18  ·  5  · 
  • E Trust Me

    When Starlight Glimmer steals a time travelling spell, threatening the fate of Equestria, Luna decides it's time to find out why Celestia hasn't been doing anything to stop it.  · Casca
    4,044 words · 169 views  ·  16  ·  6  · 
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Latest Updates

  • T The normal life of Nitpick Bittersweet

    Meet Nitpick Bittersweet, a painfully average guy who transfered to CHS in his second year of High School. There he will learn the values of life with other people and how to be someone more likable. This is his story.  · Ryusun
    46,653 words · 146 views  ·  8  ·  2  · 
  • T Equestria Wars Episode XII: Return of the Scourge

    During a congress meeting, Danny has sensed a change of balance and has informed everyone that Havoc and Arthas have returned. Danny and Twilight will be dealing with Havoc while Charming Thunder will take on the Lich King.  · sonicdash123
    12,409 words · 45 views  ·  4  ·  6  · 
  • T The Other Journal

    My name is Sunset Shimmer, and I wanted to speak to the human Twilight about a closely guarded secret. I have a journal... one that contains secrets... personal secrets about my life from past to present...secret feelings about my friends...  · Ganondorf8
    99,124 words · 635 views  ·  32  ·  5 · sex  · 
  • T Gunsmoke

    Sunset Shimmer and Desert Mirage... what exactly is the connection?  · Wanderer D
    10,819 words · 341 views  ·  66  ·  6  · 
  • T Trixie and Maud: Heart of Stone

    Trixie Lulamoon has led a hard life, especially after the events of her magic duel with Twilight Sparkle. Now trying to piece herself back together, can she learn the meaning of friendship from her first real friend, Maud Pie?  · TheCrimsonDM
    321,397 words · 2,767 views  ·  160  ·  22 · sex  · 
  • T Friendship is Scaleless

    Seath the Scaleless was meant to be slain by the Chosen Undead, instead he finds himself wrenched from Lordran just before dying and abruptly tossed into a new role as the teacher of a kindred spirit: a pony called Twilight Sparkle.  · Limescale
    220,772 words · 3,497 views  ·  421  ·  14 · gore  · 
  • T Memoria

    Shorts about Luna's time in a strange place called Memoria  · Li Cruz
    5,147 words · 23 views  · 
  • T Learning

    A year and a half of Rarity and Applejack's life as a couple, learning about each other, and themselves.  · Magatsu Orpheus
    3,705 words · 265 views  ·  25  ·  5 · sex  · 
  • T Second Blood

    Three months have passed since Applejack was cured from being a Queen Vampire and Equestira saved. But soon a new vampire begins to attack! Who is it now? Someone is out for a second round of bloodshed...but who is the mastermind behind it all?  · Lunarpony
    6,563 words · 52 views  · gore  · 
  • T City Scape

    Rainbow Dash has to clear Twilight Sparkle’s name of a crime she didn't commit and save Cloudsdale from terrorists that want to control the city. Inspired by Mirror's Edge.  · TigerSwirl448
    87,891 words · 532 views  ·  51  ·  15 · sex  · 
  • E Disowned

    This is about a little pony named Wind Charm. And he as a secret that has been eating at him.  · littlebrony
    4,907 words · 74 views  ·  7  ·  5  · 
  • E A Dash of Harmony

    Harmony Glade is a normal girl at CHS. Well as normal as the lead in the marching band can be. She finds her day to day routine and norms changed once Rainbow Dash asks her for help. A hopefully cute oneshot inspired by Rainbows pep rally song.  · Hop3l3ssRomantic
    12,156 words · 141 views  ·  16  ·  1  · 
  • E Sugarcoat Interferes In Pony History

    Sugarcoat goes back in time and gets involved in pony history.  · Twinkletail
    33,596 words · 1,841 views  ·  205  ·  16  · 
  • T A Humerus Tale

    Sans ends up in Equestria.  · Dontaskaboutit
    3,135 words · 1,015 views  ·  82  ·  7  · 
  • T Your Own Worst Enemy

    So, where do you go when you make a mistake? Like, a really big mistake? Like, a smash your life with a hammer, lose all your friends, and almost die mistake? My name's Sweetie, and right now, I wish I knew the answer.  · Distaff Pope
    26,515 words · 252 views  ·  42  ·  5 · sex  · 
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