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Pictures or it totally didn't happen.

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Well played.

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im totally a writer

look at my writer fingers

actually you cant because this is on the internet

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Hey I put out a SMBZ writing challenge. SMBZ challenge

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So, are there specific rules to posting stories? If there is a thread or something talking about that set of rules, I would like someone to direct me to it.

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Hey guys. The Violent folder has 666 stories, thanks to me! :pinkiecrazy:

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it has been 5 days and my story is still not approved. it never take less than 2 days for me im sick of it. Why ? And no one answers my messages.

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Hello everypony!

I'm the project manager of Ambient.White (former Ambient.Prologue). At the moment we are looking for fiction writers who can write little pieces like letter from one pony to another or a note in a diary (just like in Elder Scrolls or Fallout games). If you are interested please contact me at piramidheaded.pony@gmail.com

For more info about our project visit http:/albdifferent.com

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Writing contests!

Like, those things were you get given a trigger, you write a story in the deadline, you submit and vote anonymously, and so on. Are there any going on? Where can I get into one?

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Over 225 weeks ago, I joined this group. Now, I am leaving it. I wish you all the very best. It has been a pleasure writing with you. :-)

-Damon Day

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I'm curious on people's thoughts on this. Feel free to comment and give criticism!


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My team and I are translating a story from Russian into English. Would appreciate some feedback on it:


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hello, i'm working on a story, and would like a critique on what i have so far


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Hi, I have a question, as I just joined the group. Is there a rule about posting in more than one folder or if the story fits in that category, go for it?

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I hope I'm allowed to do a little self promotion, but I'm getting back into doing fanfic readings again and would love some suggestions!

Here's the blog link

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Could I provide a link to some very useful information and someone place it in this group somewhere it will be utilized?

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Here's a question for you: I am curious to know if anypony has yet to try a story loosely based on an old British show called "The Tomorrow People"?  I'm considering doing something like that called "The Tomorrow Ponies", but it would be somewhat different, considering that such ponies would not be feared.  After all, if they accept magic unicorns, then telepathic ponies should not be all that odd.  Still, it would be a neat concept to try, but I didn't want to try to redo somepony else's work if it's been done.  Anypony got a line on that?

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>>409703 why are romance and clop in the same folder? They have nothing in common...

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Why do you have romance and clop in the same category?

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