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  • T Over the Edge and Over Again

    Having failed to reach the Davy Jones' Locker, how will Captain Hector Barbossa cope with the perils of Equestria instead?  · Perpetual Motion
    157,067 words · 11,741 views  ·  1,227  ·  39  · 
  • E Spike the Affection Therapist

    Spike does affection.  · CAPTAIN YOSHI HD
    1,257 words · 89 views  · 
  • T Hidden in Plain Sight

    What does a Changeling do when he gets stranded in enemy territory where everything wants him dead? Well he hides until he can get back to friendly territory of course. That shouldn't be too hard.  · ShadowGear
    1,017 words · 38 views  · 
  • E From Haltmann's Invader To Harmony's Defender

    [Unit Model# I-7090] (Or Robobot as a pink puffball called him) was an Invader Armor that ended up helping to save the day! But after the final battle, was left floating in space! What if it/he crashed into Equestria, where Friendship is Prosperity?  · The Quidam
    4,609 words · 63 views  · 
  • E The Trouble with Phoenixes

    Phoenixes are like a three-legged kitten: adorable in small numbers.  · Cold in Gardez
    7,219 words · 7,186 views  ·  894  ·  12  · 
  • T All Systems Online

    Rainbow Dash was walking through the woods one day, when she found a rather strange wristwatch. It was made of a strange material, and didn't have hands on its face. Oh, and it's from another dimension, has a name, and can talk. Did I miss anything?  · Critical Mass
    4,902 words · 157 views  ·  10  ·  1 · gore  · 

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