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I'm a student at DigiPen with some skills in music, art, programming, and particularly writing. I've written a variety of fanfics, usually involving ponies in some form or another.


Update! · 8:10am

Two words: Summer job.

That's kept me rather tied down, save for evenings when I curl up with a beer and a few hours on Borderlands 2. Speaking of...

I'd like to announce that I'm going to be starting another fic involving a ponified version of Pandora. Has this been done before? Most likely. I honestly haven't bothered to check. So far, I've planned the line up as such:

1. Twilight Sparkle as the Siren

2. Rainbow Dash as the Gunzerker

3. Rarity as the Mechromancer, with a very dapper Deathtrap

4. Applejack as the Commando

5. Fluttershy as the Assassin

6. Pinkie Pie as the Psycho

Good idea?

Edit: This does not mean I'm suddenly dropping any of my prior works. Just thought I'd try to add one more.

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Author is dead. Rip in pepperonis.

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[Hey! You alive?]


[Hope that your phone or something will pop up a message saying that somebody commented on your profile...]

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Hey, just wanted to say I read your stuff and I noticed that you attend DigiPen. I myself was just recently accepted into the school and its cool that someone else goes there who also loves ponies and rvb. Anyway, keep up the good work.

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What be thine Fanfiction.net username?

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