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This account is no longer in use. I'm leaving it up so people can read my stuff. If you need to contact me, send an email to dawnfade@gmail.com

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  • Duties Life is full of surprises. Sometimes, we must take on duties we may not be entirely ready for. by Denim_Blue 198,514 words · 14,713 views · 1,117 likes · 31 dislikes
  • The Mysterious Mare Do Well Equestria isn't the same; evil has taken root, and Mare Do Well is the only one who can stop it. by NotHereAnymoreProbably 591 words · 615 views · 28 likes · 0 dislikes
  • Green Rarity and Fluttershy have been friends for years, and every week they go to the spa. But after every trip, Rarity finds herself growing greener with envy over Fluttershy's beauty and grace, if not something more than just envy— by Steel Resolve 306,355 words · 24,438 views · 2,287 likes · 89 dislikes
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>>1908274 That is sad.


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>>1693857 This author is no longer is on fimfiction.

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Hey, your awesome. I've seen your works, and you are incredible. Also, you and a couple others started an OTP that has been one of the most consistently high rated ships out there. Truly inspiring.

However, I am requesting a fic... Your probably incredibly busy, and full of requests just like it, but you may be the best author I've seen who listens to fans, and responds. Have you heard of a ship called ButtonBelle? It was popularized by ShadyVox and JanAnimationStudios, but was brought popular in terms of FimFics by Harmony Charmer and a couple others. They are a unique couple, and one of them is a musician. A very interesting concept that I absolutely adore. How about you?

-ButtonMash, the derp who posts his username at the end of his comments

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I would hope you might change your mind in future. University Days was one the first fan fics I read and it started me reading more. My favourite pairing has always been Octavia and Vinyl.

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