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Thanks for giving Woundsalt a little love!

Me again! Thanks for the Fave of To Change a Heart. I greatly appreciate it, and I'm glad that you are still finding stuff of mine to enjoy.:twilightsmile:

Heh, that re-submit is so old that it probably needs to be revised again!:twilightsheepish:

Hey of course I did, it was a very insightful look into an aspect of Spike's life I never really bothered considering. He's male, but there really isn't anybody he can relate to.

What few males there are in Ponyville are certainly no help either. Pity that Dash never got around to introducing Spike to her father; that's certainly something that would have helped the little guy... possible misunderstandings aside, that is.

And now it makes sense! you resubmitted the Wander and Greenbrier story! I've been trying to figure out why it's not in my favourites any more. Imma take a look at the new and improved version over the weekend.


Hello again! Long time, no see! Anywho, thank you very much for the Fave of Every Little Bit! I'm glad that you could enjoy my look at the world of Dash and Spike!:moustache::rainbowkiss:

  • Viewing 15 - 19 of 19
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