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If I'm not writing pone, I'm drawing pone. If I'm not drawing pone, I'm writing pone. This is my life now. Pone.

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Memories are fragile things. So easily muddled. So susceptible to time's eternal erosion. For beings as old as Celestia, she knows this all too well, countless events, places, and faces mixing together into one giant blur. However, there are certain memories that her mind simply refuses to forget, and others that it seems far too eager to let go of.

When the princess finds an ancient relic, one of the few survivors from her nearly forgotten past, she believes that Luna may enjoy reminiscing with her about the things—both the good and the bad—that such an item brings.


Cover art created by me.

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It took many long years and far more defeats than he'd care to admit, but at last—at long last—victory was finally within the great Ahuizotl's reach. Absolutely nothing, not even that meddlesome Daring Do, would be able to stand in his way any longer. Yet even with his arch nemesis facing her inevitable demise and the ultimate power literally in his grasp, he can't shake the feeling that he's forgotten about something.

One tiny, crucial detail. Something very important. As in, 'could easily ruin his plans if not attended to' important.


Eh, maybe he just left the oven on again.

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For Spike, it wasn't easy coping with the fact that Rarity was gone. It seemed like it was just yesterday when he finally mustered up the courage to confess his feelings for her. Now that chance was gone. Thankfully, as the years passed by, all of Equestria changing around him, he found himself slowly coming to terms with the reality. Before long, he thought that he had finally gotten past the pain. Past his love.

However, when changelings are integrated into Equestrian society, a strange opportunity presents itself to him, one that brings to light a realization: He was never over his love for Rarity. In fact, it was as strong as ever, and he'd do anything to satiate it.

She wasn't gone. Not anymore. He was given a second chance, and he wasn't going to waste it.

Note: This ignores the S4 finale.

Chapters (3)

Celestia was fully aware of the risks that came with accepting this undertaking. She was fully aware that allowing Chrysalis back into not only Equestria, but into Canterlot, could easily backfire if she wasn't careful. She was aware of the panic that would ensue if word of Chrysalis' presence were to get out into the city, and she was aware that she needed to remain absolutely vigilant if things were to run smoothly.

What she wasn't aware of was that two females spending extended periods of time with each other, even if it was for official business, could be very easily seen as something else.

It likely doesn't help that their actions to follow won't exactly dissuade others from this idea.

It definitely doesn't help that Chrysalis herself is just a bit too happy to 'discuss things' with the princess.

"Diplomatic relations", indeed.

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No one is going to deny that they are very fortunate to live in the Equestria that they do. A land where tensions are low, the inhabitants are kind, and the environment tranquil. However, what if there existed other places, alternate timelines, where this wasn't the case? Worse still, what if such a place threatened to merge with the peaceful land that so many ponies came to know?

This is a question that Celestia poses to Twilight when a new, sudden danger threatens all of Equestria and beyond on an inter-dimensional level. Serving as Equestria's best hope for salvation, Twilight must cross dimensions into a drastically different world, one that will test her sanity, as well as her will to survive.

Little does she know, she will receive assistance from a very unexpected source: herself.

Borrows elements from the video game, Dark Souls, though not a crossover in and of itself.

Chapters (1)

Twilight Sparkle wakes up with a very passionate urge to ensure that every square inch of her library is 100% germ-free.

Meanwhile, Twilight Sparkle tries to study in a forest full of annoyingly loud animals [read: annoyingly loud to her].

As that is going on, Twilight Sparkle takes a sudden interest in the genetics of Rainbow Dash that gave her that curious rainbow mane.

While that's going on, the rest of Ponyville wonders why there is a sudden increase in Twilight Sparkles and a sudden decrease in sensibility.

Yes, it's Tuesday again.

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A world without chaos.

Such a place sounds absolutely lovely on paper, does it not? No unplanned events, no unexpected inconveniences, no unpredictability. Everything that a pony plans, they'll be able to do without being so much as a minute behind schedule. Surely, for ponies like Twilight, the ones that live and breathe off of organization, that kind of world sounds absolutely perfect for her. However, when chaos actually does disappear due to... things, it becomes very clear to her, and the rest of Equestria, that such a world is not an ideal one. In fact, it's grossly boring.

Fortunately—or unfortunately—there just so happens to be a lovely spirit of chaos who knows exactly what to do: Simply bring the chaos back. Of course, since he himself lacks his chaotic power, he'll need some help from a certain begrudging purple alicorn.

What could possibly go wrong? Neither of them know. After all, what's chaos without a bit of unpredictability?

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Everyone has their secrets. Everyone has their regrets. Everyone has made their mistakes, both small and large. Everyone has something that they simply want to forget. Something that they want to hide.

Always the curious one, Twilight discovers the hard way that certain things are hidden for a reason.

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"Oh, my goodness! Rarity, what happened here?"

"Oh, Twilight! It was horrible! Disgusting! Vile! A crime against nature! Look at what it's done to my boutique!"

"Wha-what did this?"

"A repugnant, repulsive, revolting… rat!"

"A… wait, what?"

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For as long as Rainbow Dash could remember, her life was simple, straightforward, and planned out with one goal in mind: become the best flyer in all of Equestria. Simple. But when she unwittingly comes across a tool that allows her to relive the memories of her ancestors, that simplicity is challenged when she discovers dark secrets hidden in her family's past as well as Equestria's history that not only challenge her perceptions of reality, but threatens to alter her very psyche.

As she's thrust into the remnants of a centuries-long war, as she questions the morals of those around her, as she battles to separate reality from fantasy, will Rainbow be able to hold on to her own beliefs or will she embrace her family's blood-stained traditions and finish what they started?

Chapters (22)
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