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http://squiby.net/adoptions/ I'm a young inexperienced writer who loves APPLEDASH!!

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After a strange incident in an alternat universe twelve unlucky chumps and transported to equestria. Sounds good right? Wrong. The presence ends up awakening a terror far greater than Discord. One than even terrifies the gods themselves... One that will need all outside forces. One more powerful than the the elements themselves......... Sonic/MLP crossover

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A families rainbow Pegasus gets a little drunk on a special cider and accidentally ruins the Apple Family Zap Apple Harvest. She is forced to work off the debt but will she find that a certain orange earth pony can be more than she seems? Will sparks fly between the lovers? Or will they fizzle and die?

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A young man distraught with the loss of his raven haired twin sister commits suicide and wakes up in equestria,finds love,a P.Oed monarch, and a... Dragonequus?!?! Rated T for gore and launguage. And this is my first story. Please if you don't like don't troll it.

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