• Published 7th Jan 2013
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Chaos and Harmony. - NightmareBlaze

An evil is woken when twelve unlucky creatures get teleported to equestria. One that the elements alone can not face.

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Location: Everfree Forset.
Time: ????

The dark forest of equestria. Nopony's explored it all. Those who have tried were never heard from again. A black alicorn with a magic surpresor was uncouncious. His jet black coat was complimented by his patch of pure white fur. His cutie mark- an emerald. He stirred.

Urgg.... My head..he thought at he blinked open his eyes revealing the crimson irises. He put a hoof to his temples. He stood on his hind legs only to fall on his face.

Oww...... Well my back legs are fine. So are my ho-! His eyes widened as he saw his hooves infront of him with his signature hover boots on.

"Great." he said. His voice was dark. Not deep so to speak. It has a depth to it but wasn't as deep as other stallions. He rolled his crimson eyes and attempted to stand up. He wobbled abit before steadying himself.

"Well this is just great." she spat. Taking a look around he spotted his wings. "Oh so I can fly too. That's cool. Waiiiit. Why the HECK do I have a symbol on my BUTT!!!!!!!" he screamed looking at the odd emerald that adorned his flank. " come to think of it... WHERE IS MY EMERALD!" he screamed his eyes widening in panic.

He faced around a bit before hitting a tree. The leaves shook and an emerald fell out. The emerald looked exactly like to one on his cutie mark. He picked it up not realizing it was with magic and turned it around making sure it was not damaged. It checked out and he breathed a sigh of relief.

After a bit he decided to try to fly. Giving his wings a hard flap he ran towards a tree. His hover shoes activated sending him shooting forward passed the tree and into a lake.

"AHHHHHH!!" he screeched as he fell in. He struggled for a little bit before using his wings to propel him up. When that worked he climbed out.

"Well time to see how bad this look thing is." he sighed as he leaned forward and looked at his reflection. He was a well toned stallion with a spiky red and black mane and tail. His shoes looked the same as they did before but just on hooves. His power suppressors had merged into one and it was at the base of an odd thing growing out of his head. His white chest fur was there too.

"Guess I don't look so bad..." he said with a sigh. "Now for the pushing question. Where am I?!" he asked out loud to no one in particular.

"Chaos control." he wispered teleporting himself away with the odd emerald he picked up and landed in a bush next to another unconscious pony. Recognizing him he sighed.

"Why him?!" he wispered eyeing the unconscious pony. He was a blue earth pony with a matching colored mane. His cutie mark was a ring. A golden ring with lines in the back representing its speed. The pony himself was well toned. His legs were hard shoving that he ran alot. His shoes were red and white. The perfect running shoes. His neck was strong to, representing his running also.

A scream peirced the air. One the alicorn knew because he tensed up. Hearing the footprints coming this way he quickly wispered "Chaos Control." and they all teleported away just before a furious pink unicorn mare barged in holding a hammer with her magic. Her green eyes raged and her cutie mark was a hammer just like the one she was holding.

After teleporting again he ended up on and island. Smirking he lifted the blue one up in his crimson aura and left him there before moving to island around them. Flapping his wings he took off to a cloud high up and sat down to watch the blue one panic.

The day went on and yet he didnt stirr and the shadow alicorn's cloud drifted up. Sighing he thought about what had happened before this and sighed knowing he couldn't remember a thing after attempting to chaos control his way out of his tube. Sighing he thought about the normal things.

Where am I?

Why am I here?

Why did the chaos emeralds send us here?

What about.... Maria....? Tears stung his eyes at the last one. "Maria..." he whispered. His thoughts shifted to the beautiful night sky above him. The stars twinkled merrily and he lay on his back and looked for constellations.

"I wonder if they're the same as the ones home.." he whispered. Looking around he found that they were different. One was a butterfly. Gross. One was an apple. Is someone trying to tick me off? One was a diamond. Heh she would love that. He smiled thinking about his friend the bat. He soon found a lightning bolt under a cloud. Better... he found a ballon whipping away the smile he wore. SERIOUSLY?! he yelled in his mind. Finding the last one her face hoofed. It was a. Six pointed star.WHO PUTS A STAR IN STARS?! He sighed.

A while wenr by before his thougts took over again and tears started to fall before he shook them off and did the one thing he always did. He ran.

Swooping down he landed in a desert and ran. He ran, and ran untill his thoughts stopped.He found and cloud to fly onto and tried to get his berings with no avail.

Giving up he lay down his head and made a pillow out of the cloud and closed his eyes quickly falling asleep.

"Did you sense that my king?"


"Your prison is breaking!"

"My ssssssubjectsssss they mussssst misssssssss me."

"I'm sure they due my king."

"Celessssssstia and Luna.... Disssssscord even.... I will crusssssshhhh them....."

Author's Note:

Well first chapter of my story an I believe I've improve in my writing. So people- read?! It will have ships!!

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