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http://squiby.net/adoptions/ I'm a young inexperienced writer who loves APPLEDASH!!


After a strange incident in an alternat universe twelve unlucky chumps and transported to equestria. Sounds good right? Wrong. The presence ends up awakening a terror far greater than Discord. One than even terrifies the gods themselves... One that will need all outside forces. One more powerful than the the elements themselves......... Sonic/MLP crossover

Chapters (4)
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Oh man I saw it right away.

Some people might not like the fact that this is a sonic crossover/ want to know exactly what kind of crossover this is, so you may need to mention that before you coax them into reading this fic. Also, I strongly reccommend getting a different cover picture, because people on this site have a strong distaste for OC generator art.

Just some suggestions.

Intersting i will fallow


Is the story


Like this?

Thats just the prolouge.

Hey! I made that cover art myself. :fluttercry:

You know where I think this fic is going... I think this fic is goingITS GOING STRAIGHT TO THE BOWELES OF AWESOMENESS!!!!

I like you!!! But stupid school starts tommarrow so no chapter........... I've been working on charecter pictures to be poseted in a blog though.

Who's next


Silver & Blaze or Cosmo.


I've decided on Silver and Blaze.

Huh you spit it out that's why my screen was distorted

2069184 Yep!

I have an evil thought. I'm gonna make it atleast two stories. One in equestria one in möbius.

2069275 you good sir are a genius

2069282 Yes, yes I am. I've kinda invisioned Modern city escape playing in the background of sonic (normal) and RD( normal) racing!

What. The. Fuck.

Cant wait for the next chapter!

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