• Published 7th Jan 2013
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Chaos and Harmony. - NightmareBlaze

An evil is woken when twelve unlucky creatures get teleported to equestria. One that the elements alone can not face.

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Eleven tubes were over the place.

Each holding a captive.

Seven emeralds danced around.








The tubes shot there captives.

Thirteen figures were on the floor.

A rabbit.

Four hedgehogs.

An echidna.

A fox.

A human man.

An odd robot.

An alien girl.

A cat.

A bat.

Not moving.

Not breathing.

The gems danced slightly.

The largest lit up.

The massive green one.

A light glowed.

A portal opened.

It was a looking glass.

A four legged creature.

Six of them.







Two with magic.

Two ordinary.

Two with wings.

Five had necklaces.

One wore a crown.


A butterfly.

A lightning bolt.

A gem.

An apple.

A ballon.

A large star.


A rainbow erupted from them.

Eyes glowed white.

The emeralds mimicked them.

The lights faded.

Nothing was left.

Laughter bounced off the walls.

Shadows emerged.

Roses were scattered.

The blaze of fire.

Sonic booms echoed.

Silver light flickered.

Knuckles were cracked.

Tails ripped off.

Egg cartons laid open.

The cosmos were dark.

Rouge winds Knocked over trees.

Cream was left on tables.

All it took was a button.

The other world fared no better.

Rainbows faded.

No more twilight.

Spikes everywere.

Apple rotten.

No more raritys.

No more pie.

All animals shy.

The celestial bodies- gone.

The lunar body- in the land.

The nightmare was beginning.

Everyone was somber.

Everything was is discord.

No more whispers of mí amor.

No more carrots.

No bubbles.

Everything was changing.

Catapillers stayed in there crysalis.

They were guilty.

No more tricks.

No more film.

No more flam.

No lyres.

No octives played.

No more vinyl.

No more carrot cakes.

No more cup cakes.

No pound cakes.

No pumpkin cakes.

No lilies.

No roselucks.

No gold.

No diomands.

No silver.

No more rich.

Nothing blooms.

No bells ring.

No scooters.

No strong feet left.

No shining.

No nightlights.

No feathers.

No sunny days.

No noise.

The shadow crept forward.

It's form odd.

It was solid.

It was a ghost.

You could touch it.

You couldn't feel it.

It could be heard.

It made no sound.

The future is dim.

There are no shadows now.

Twilight still comes.

Pies are made.

Apples flourish.

The heroes stand tall now.

They will be cracked.

Darkness will infect.

Hearts turned to stone.

The worlds.



None will be left.

A shadow closes in.



Corrupting minds.

None left.

Free will gone.

Death imminent.




No longer.

Author's Note:

I'm not dead! And beleive it or not this came to me when I was bored laying in my bed.

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