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http://squiby.net/adoptions/ I'm a young inexperienced writer who loves APPLEDASH!!


A young man distraught with the loss of his raven haired twin sister commits suicide and wakes up in equestria,finds love,a P.Oed monarch, and a... Dragonequus?!?! Rated T for gore and launguage. And this is my first story. Please if you don't like don't troll it.

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I feel your trying to be poetic and deep, but it is completely downplayed by the fact that you have incredibly shoddy writing skills. :facehoof:

Awww... sooo sad. Although it feels a bit rushed.

:raritystarry: a like?! This is my first story.. I'm not good at filler.

825839 My first story has 1 dislike and no other ratings and only like 4 people have read it so far.

Ok... If you don't like it stop commenting

Woah. Brutality....jeez, I had no idea a girl could be this violent...no offence.:twilightsmile:

Ash? He's a boy. And went a bit insane. Your talking to some one who loved cupcakes! :pinkiecrazy:

Hey, you're actually a great writer! All you need is a bit of help! Your plot is relatively original, the emotion is madness! (in a good way), and your vocab isn't too bad. Don't get down, and like I said. You just need some help. Just gimme a call if you want mine.:twilightsmile:

Aww.... Thank you!! I'll be sure to give you a ring. It'll probably improve as it goes along.

Hello, I represent the School for New Writers group here on Fimfiction and would like to make the suggestion that you join. There is no obligation and any of the large number of experienced writing professors would be glad to help you out.

Don't worry about dislikes and that, writing is meant to be personal. Also, look at my first story it has 13 dislikes and 1 like, I wasn't disheartened and decided to try again and my new story has over 50 likes now. The important thing is to never give up or be stopped by bad experiences.

One question (I ask pretty much everyone this.) Are you per chance British? I need to find more Bronies in my area.:twilightblush:

Nope- but I don't know any bronies off of the Internet.
That helped a lot- thanks!

I think I'll look at it!

I'm British! I never find other British bronies, nice to meet you.

I have a question- what does that little eye represent?

... Wow. So you just come and comment like that. I have a few beta readers for my next story already. :trixieshiftleft:

Not bad. needs a bit of work, yet a very good plot

so much confusion ???

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