Chaos and Harmony.

by NightmareBlaze

Silver and Blaze

Location: Royal Infirmary

Inside the castle is busy and bustling. Mainly around the infirmary. A pure white unicorn stallion and a lavender unicorn mare were unconscious. They were found together, unconscious , horns and hooves touching. The mare was a lavender, not as dark as the element of magic, but she has the same body shape. Her mane is lavender as well, but much darker. Her cutie mark is a flame. The oddest thing about her though, is the fact she has a red jewel in her forehead right below her horn.

The stallion was pure white. He had a white coat, white mane, and white tail. His cutie mark was barley visible, it was a sea green key-hole looking thing with no bottom. He wore sea green bracelets.

Both were in stretchers and were being tended to constantly.

The stallion stirred first, blinking surprisingly golden eyes open. He was rushed to by the doctors but then the oddest thing happened. A small white animal flashed in his place for a second before his hooves lit up and the doctors and machines were lifted off the ground.

During this the mare stirred as well. Her eyes blinked open, the same golden color as the male and her horn lit up, a royal blue, and flames were held in her grasp.

The panic had caused someone to hit a button to alert the princesses and everything stopped, held in either a dark blue, or yellow grasp. Two regal figures stood in the front of the room. The taller, was white with a flowing pink, lavender, sky blue, and sea green mane and tail. She wore a golden attire which included a tiara, a chest plate, and shoes. All had purple gems in the middle. The shorter was midnight blue with a midnight blue flowing mane that looked like the night sky. She wore black attire which included the same thing as the other alicorn's, but has a silver crescent moon in the middle instead. Her cutie mark was a black sky, with a silver crescent moon in the middle, while the taller one had a sun.

"Stop." said the white one as the room fell silent. They put all but the unicorns down and split the magic evenly.

The stallion glared at them as his hooves lit up again and the creature flashed again. "Put. Me. Down." he snarled.

The smaller alicorn chuckled. "Has thou no idea who thy are looking at?"

"Two idiots who want to die?!" he snarled loudly.

"Silver..." warned the mare and he instantly relaxed.

"Blaze... Are you ok? Do I need to kill someone?" he asked, his voice full of concern.

"No....." she said before turning her head to the princesses. "I'm sorry for the trouble my friend has caused, he has a tendency to hurt people when he doesn't
See me. " she explained. The princesses chuckled.

Letting her go, the smaller turned to the struggling stallion. "Does thou know who we are? We are Princess Luna, ruler of Equestria, Queen of thy night, Goddess of thy moon. Thy who stands next to us is our sister, Princess Celestia, Queen of Equestria, Queen of thy day, Goddess of thy sun. We must ask thy this," she said turning to the free unicorn, "What is thy person thy speak of?" she concluded.

"Luna, a person is a hairless monkey." the solar diarchy said. "But anyway, Silver was it? Where are you from?" she asked, her voice like silk.

"A place." he responded not ever looking at her.

"Oh. Really?" she said with a glint in her eye.

He just snorted and turned around. He lifted up a small screw with telekinesis, but unlike most unicorns, his hooves lit up earning a gasp from the sisters.

"How did thou do that?" Luna said, completely flabbergasted.

"With telekinesis, you did it to me." he said nonchalant.

"What we mean is, how did thou light thy hooves up?" she said again.

"I've always been able to do that, but with my HANDS." he said, his voice raising as panic set in. He was so used to change he didn't relize he had changed shape. His eye started twitching and a wave of power came off of him as everything was thrown into the air.

As the power surge died another one surged.

Blaze walked calmly through the power into the epicenter, and lit her horn. The power surge let out a massive blast with fire before it stopped.

When the power died down, Blaze had put her hooves on his, and her horn on his.

The princesses looked at each other and nodded. "Thy power.... It is dangerous! Thy just got angry and the power nearly flattened everything- that was not from your horn! That wasn't even a surge!! Our sisters student had that power surge when thy was a filly, and can flatten thee, but We will take thy on. We Princess Lumina Lunaria Luna will take thee as our student, we hope thee will be able to home thy magic." Proclaimed the Luna diarchy.

"Ummm O.K.????" Silver said confused, "Wait... Do you control the stars?! "

"Yes, we do. Why does thy ask? Does thy love stars?" She asked.

"Yes... Where we come from... There is no day or night. Only blackness and flames... Destructive.... Flames..... Iblis...." He stated as he starts to mutter as his eyes glazed over and tears sprung to them.

Blaze hugged him tight at this" Shhhh it's over now..."

"I agree with my sister whole heatedly. Blaze, your pyromagic is rare. Most ponies can't control flames, not less make them! Your regal ness intrigues me, so I, Princess Chromatia Celestia take you as my student." She said with a smile.

"I accept this offer with dignity." She answered still hugging Silver.

"Good. Now, we are expected at dinner, would you like to accompany us?" Celestia asked.

"Yes." Responded Silver with a smile.

"Auinties!" A young voice rang out as a pink alicorn raced over to the princesses.

"Hello Cadence!" Replied Luna with a smile.

"Me and shining have been waiting for you to arrive...?" She started trailing off as she spotted the two unicorns. "Who are they?" She asked calmly.

"Our new students, Silver and Blaze." Celestia said with a smile.

"Hi..?" Silver said with an awkward smile.

"Hello miss Cadence!" Blaze said smiling

"Dinner everypony!" Said the cook as everyone sat down.

After dinner, Celestia led the two unicorns to the bedroom.

"Sorry there is only one bed, I never expected to have two students at the castle at one time." She said

"No it's fine!" Said Silver quickly.

"Ok then. Good night my little ponies." She chuckled before closing the door.

Silver and Blaze crawled into bed and quickly fell asleep.