Chaos and Harmony.

by NightmareBlaze


Time: ???
Place: Abandoned Lunar Castle

Deep in the everfree forest was a castle. One we are familier with seeing the history it has witnessed. It witnessed the rise and banishment of Nightmare Moon. It witnessed her ressurection and her transformation. It witnessed the Elements of Harmony be discovered. And now, it was going to witness the second breaking of a fragile heart.

Sitting in the middle of what used to be the throne room, an odd yellow pegasus slept. He was surrounded by dirt, pink wilted petals, and ceramic pot peices. His mane was short and a shade more golden that him with white bangs. His tail was the same but with the tip being white. His cutie mark was a wrench and a hammer with two fox tails that look exactly like his tail. The tools had wings on them representing his flying ability. The weirdest part though, was the half yellow green, half golden broken heart with a rose in the middle. The oddities did not end there when you looked closely. He sported two tails.

He stirred and slowly blinked his eyes open. The first thing he saw, or even cared about, was the broken flower pot around him. Tears sprung to his eyes instantly as he started to sob. His baby blue eyes became a waterfall as he relized what happened.

"NOOOO!!" He screamed as the walls echoed the sobs. His body convulsed with each sob that racked him as it became more and more obvious that this pot was beyond just a pot.

As the sobs stopped coming he looked around for the first time. He didnt know where he was at all. Standing up on his hind legs was impossible and he involentarily spread his wings to balance himself.

He looked at his back and saw the wings. Giving them an experemental flap he smiled. He looked himself over and reconized his new body from his time on Earth.

"Im a pony." he mumbled. His voice was high and had not reached puberty and was still hoarse from all the sobbing he did. He attempted to stand again but this time like he was crawling. It worked and he was running around in no time.

" Movement is good.... Lets try flying." He said. He started to spin his tails fast and he rose in the air alittle bit but he was exausted quickly.

"Ok....... can't spin my tails to fly. What about my wings?" he wondered autloud as he angled his wings like he wound his planes wings and ran forward. After running abit he jumped and flapped his wings in a circle and rose higher. His smile was quirky and kind and filled with sadness.

After training for abit he came across his broken pot again. His tears started again.

" Cosmo...." he wispered as his tears fell like rain. His wings kicked into overdrive as he bolted forward and up to the clouds as he flew faster and faster. His tails streamed and whipped behind him as he flew. He was flying about as fast as one of his planes. He was flying faster than hes ever moved or even been moved. His heart was shattering faster than he flew though as he relized that he would never see his love again. He didnt know if Sonic was alive either. His fragile young body couldnt take much more heartbreak.

As he flew his tears jolted awake a sleeping figure below him but he was moving way to fast relize.

His flying stopped eventually and he finally collapsed. His heart finally shattered. His loud sobs echoed through the foreset and called out the animals. They ran to a butter yellow pegasus a little bit aways who was already searching for the source of the sobbing.

She was a small mare with a beautiful baby pink mane and tail both long and having a slight curl at the ends. Her butter yellow colored coat was beautifuly groomed and her body was lithe. Her cutie mark consisted of a trio of pink butterflies. Her eyes were round and full of consern. Her sea green eyes that is.

Seeing the stallion just like she was when they had to fill up cloudsdale with water her fear melted and she went and gave him a hug.

Tails felt the other pony and just cried more. He didnt care who he was sobbing into. He just cried. It could have been a rock but he cried. The kind stranger stroked his mane and hugged him tighter.

"COSMO!" he sobbed and the kind stranger just hugged him.

"Youll be ok..." she wispered her voice like an angel.

He opened his eyes slowly and gave a small smile to the kind mare.

He eventually stopped crying and gave a sigh.

"Come on, Ill take you to my house." she said like a command and he, having no place to stay smiled and nodded.

They started to walk, the mare by his side. The silence was deafening, so Tails struck up some small talk.

" Whats your name?" he asked.

"Fluttershy." she answered. "Whats yours?" she asked.

"Tails." he responded.

This kept up untill they got to her house.

As they walked inside Tails stood awestruck at the cleanliness of the house. It sparkled and shined.

"Wow.... Your a great house keeper!" he exclaimed.

"Thanks! Now Im going to make dinner, you can take a shower if you want. Its the second door upstairs." she said as she walked over to the fridge.

"Thanks!" he said making his way upstairs to the shower.

As he stepped into the bathroom and struggled to turn on the water withhis hoof he though abot he kindness she showed. Getting tired of the acursed fauct he used his wing like a hand. It worked and a stream of hot water hit him making him smile.

He finished his shower and smiled as he walked downstairs and smelled the food.

"Smells good!" he said with a smile. She nodded and brought two bowls of carrot soup.

They ate quickly and quietly, their shy personalities showing.

"That was good!" he saidbefore yawning. A blush covered his cheeks as he apologized.

"Ill show you the guest room." she smiled leading to a room with white sheets. He thanked her and fell asleep by crying himself to a dreamless sleep.