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Ocellus The Changeling

A cute and kind changeling


It's a new semester at the School of Friendship. Things take an interesting turn when some new students join the school. New students doesn't sound so bad, until everypony finds out that the new students have come from the Crown Tundra. The School of Friendship's students will be dealing with some new creatures who are a lot more different than the Young Six.

Chapters (1)

As Twilight and her friends open the School of Friendship, a variety of ponies and creatures will attend there to learn the magic of friendship. Two new additions to the school will be a pair of dragon twins. Contrast to Smolder, these dragons question more to how

Chapters (4)

Cross, an ice dragon who was sent by his adopted mother, Queen Juniper of the new kingdom of ice dragons, to go to the School of Friendship to learn more about friendship and make more friends.

Chapters (6)
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