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I don't remember a lot of things from my past. But I do remember the show my little pony friendship is magic as well as a movie and game series called silent hill. But my last memory was of a convention and a merchant. Now I'm in Equestria as Pyramid Head version of Pinkamena Diane Pie. So sense I couldn't remember my name i decided to go by Pyramid Diane Pie but friends call me Diane and in some hehe other cases Death. But now I'm locked away in Silent Ponyville. Have been for 5,000 years now I hope someone or somepony helps me soon. It hurts so much and I hate being alone.

We have survived... and now we will try to move on in a strange yet familiar new world. Together Me, Harley, and Calypso will do everything we can to protect this world. We will not fail this home like our old one. This time we will fight for everyone's survival.

Colors for description text that may change over time.

Blue for Diana
Lavender for Calypso
Pink for Harley
Red for Paradox

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Hello my name is specimen 6 but everyone calls me 6 for short i was once a human female pegasusister but i met a guy that looked like mr. Wayland and i bought some stuff then got sent to equestria as a chest burster and well turns out I bursted out of my previous body and to make matters worse I am in a research facility were changelings have killed all the ponies by breeding xenomorphs so yeah when I get out I'm gonna do my best to kill/harvest all who are responsible for the deaths of the equestrians and I'm not alone in this [displaced fic]

Chapter 1-5 are the prologue to ark-1 of the story and the displaced crossover's won't happen till chapter 6 ark-1. So I hope you all enjoy the story and have a great day. :twilightsmile:

I don't own avp or mlp other than oc's

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This story is a sequel to A weapon in Equestria

Here's the original fic: A Weapon In Equestria

Ok so you all know about the displaced stories on the fimfiction website right? Well turns out there true who new right? Well i didn't because I thought that the people who went missing were just kidnapped not sent to another universe. But I'm getting off track, anyways I went to comic-con dressed as my oc which is a hybrid of several different monsters from games and movies that i liked. I met someone dressed as The Kreeper from the jeepers kreepers movies. I bought a obsidian tablet with ancient writing on it and he wanted me to put my own symbol/mark on it. So i did not knowing what it would do and I was sent to Equestria with the obsidian tablet and I was turned into a infent of my oc and was hatched in fluttershy's cottage and it turns out that the obsidian tablet tells the destiny of the monsters of this world of equestria and my destiny apparently is to fight the bad monsters...yay.

[Displaced fic]

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Reboot is out:A Monster In Equestria

Hello there so i guess you want me to tell you my story. Well it all started at a place called comic con i was dressed as my oc called Xeno-Blacklight-2039. Basically a human that was experimented on and turned into a monster of war (basically a living weapon) anyway I only had one thing missing from my costume and that was my oc's journal (basically my oc's autobiography/sketch book). So after looking around comic con for a bit I saw a huge flash of light and I saw a booth with the guy from resident evil. After talking to him for a bit I bought the exact same journal my oc was supposed to have then got sent to equestria not like the show but instead a futureistic (spiderman 2099) type of equestria. Now I work with the mane 6 and track down genetic Monsters and others like me and contain and try to cure them this is my story.

(displaced story)

Authors note: this is the story of my oc and it's something I've been working on since before I made a profile on here.

WARNING: There will be Gore in this story and some disturbing things READER'S DISCRETION ADVISED.

I don't own anything from mlp or prototype so please don't copyright me

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Hiya everyone I'm pinkiewise the dancing clown i wasn't always like this though i use to be human but i can't remember anything from before the Halloween festival but anyways when I got sent here after buying a puffy multicolored wig, glowing yellow eye contact's, and pinkie pie's cutie mark except the 3 balloons were different colors of red, yellow, and white but I was tuned into a pinkie filly version of pennywise and ended up on the rock farm were I was "adopted" and taken care of till I left with my sis pinkie pie the real one you see due to us looking similar they decided to give me a name similar to pinkie so here I am pinkiewise and thanks to me being the same thing as pennywise I have all sorts of crazy powers and I'm the town's most popular clown for all foals and fillies...but at night when everypony is asleep I come out and hunt down the more evil ponies and other creatures and feasts on them it turns out that the whole hibernation thing doesn't apply to me but once I fill up I don't have to feed for 27 years unless I want to

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Remastered version here: Siblings-of-blacklight-and-nemesis-remastered

So... yeah you should know the basics me and my brother went to a con bot stuff from a murchaint and... got sucked into equestria about 30 years before Nightmare Moon and got turned to stone because they saw my little brother as a f***ing monster and attacked him and of course we retaliated and I consumed a guard. you know the rest basically got blasted by rainbow's but hey I'm not holding it against Celestia and Luna I would probably reacted the same way if not more brutally if I were in her place. anyway when we get out we're probably going to find a secluded place and practice our abilities... Although I'll have to convence my brother that he's not a monster and that despite his new looks and virus flowing in his vains he's still my little brother... Now if only we could stop the ponies from using my brothers DNA to replicate the T-virus (displaced story)

(Story edited by: https://www.fimfiction.net/user/179817/vortex123)

Author's note: I'd like to say that I do not under any circumstances own any characters from mlp, resident evil, or etc. I only own my oc thanks for listening and enjoy the story

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