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I’m a human with a love for all types of art either it be music or drawing. I’m kind but a little shy. Glad to meet you. Visit my New Frontiers Discord Channel! https://discord.gg/zgZ6Fmv

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Loss is almost foreign in Equestria, but Blue Jay – Ponyville's resident bird expert – has to help make his sister's final request happen before she dies. Sunny Meadow's requests him to take her to see the birds he loved to watch. Blue Jay agrees.

My first story like this. Criticism welcome.

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LGPE is the most important experience of my life. I love music an a hand full of other things, but mostly music. I’m nearly hit by a car and I’m sent to a place where my logic and physics is flipped as well as magic is a thing.

This will start at the beginning is season two. I’ll try to deactivate from the original story as much as I can.

Sex is implied

Extra Main characters are OC and will be later in the series.

Inspired by Diaries of a madman

Chapters (11)

This story is a sequel to Prototype: the kind evolve

It has been 9 years since I was torn away from Equestria and I still thank about it. I told Alex and James but they didn’t listen. I now command my team after my CO was killed. I led armies into battle and fought hundreds alone. But I found something I can’t do. For fuck sake, I don’t even have a heart or brain.


This will be a shorter story until I finish dishonored magic. Sorry if I inconvenienced you.

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Have you ever been framed of something that you never done, or was forced into a life that made it difficult to spill no blood no matter the rage you felt. John Mavericks, descendent of Corvo, the Anonymous Watcher, was lost in his home city with the government trying to clam his life. He evades them as long as he could until his luck ran out when he was ‘killed’ after completing a task after taking down politicians that helped kill hundreds in the four years he was on the run.

Now in Equestria, he fights to protect those he holds close and became less naive as he finds that killing no one... isn’t always an option. With his blade stained with blood and an obligation to protect, he knows when one option is the only option.

The Outsider, however, has taken an interest in him like he hasn’t shown to others... even if he’s still a pain in the ass. He has big plans for John... if he passes his test.

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Conner lost his home. He lost his parents. He almost lost his life. The last thing he sees is Alex Mercer before blacking out. When he wakes up Alex is there waiting for him to wake up. He doesn’t ask him to join but he asks him to hide it. He did until James Heller finds him and convinced him not to kill him. The next day the school is pumped with bloodtox and Conner is gone. He wakes up in a school in front of a white object. Can he live like he wants or will he be found out.

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