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I’m a human with a love for all types of art either it be music or drawing. I’m kind but a little shy. Glad to meet you. Visit my New Frontiers Discord Channel! https://discord.gg/zgZ6Fmv


I hate life · 5:56pm Nov 3rd, 2019

Don't you just hate when you do a hard reset on your phone and then realize you forgot to back it up.

I just did that so I'm starting from scratch on my phone.

God fucking damn it.

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Major writer's block · 2:37am Jul 23rd, 2019

Sorry guys, I'm completely out of ideas, more like I'm stuck on one that has no direction. My brain is fried and writing is beginning to hurt my head. Trust me, I've lost the will to do much of anything, so it's not just writing. Don't know how this will turn out, but eh, I'll do my best to come out with this new story idea.

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Rewrite · 1:28am Jul 14th, 2019

Hey my fellow brownies, I'm currently going to rewrite Dishonored Magic because of the weak story writing. This is because I like the idea of the story and now I'm more experienced in writing so I'm gonna try to make this better. Also, it's just a hassle to do this to the, not so, original story... Yes, that story was also a Rewrite... Somewhat.

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Final two (closed) · 9:22pm Feb 20th, 2019

After consulting my friends and someone actually commenting on the blog post, the choice have been narrowed down to two possible names. The winning name will be used in the next chapter of ‘When Worlds Collide: The Equestrian War’ but the other name will still be used in future chapters.

The names are:

1. Kita
2. Terra

Vote for the ones you want and I’ll see you in the next chapter.


A little help please · 3:00am Feb 17th, 2019

Ok, I got four names for my new character and I’m asking you amazing readers for a vote. And if you want to input a name, please do so I can use it for future chapters.

The names are

1. Terra
2. Kita
3. Arrow
4. Chara
5. Shevna (Sorry, forgot to put this in. My mistake.)

•Note: I also consulted my friends from school to help.

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