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The Spirit of Evil

I like to write adventure stories. My favorite episode is The Cutie Remark, and a close second is the classic Return of Harmony. I'm a big fan of Fallout Equestria.


Two things · 5:13pm February 8th

Hey guys, two things I need some advice on.

Firstly, I'm looking for some good adventure fics to read. Mature themes are okay, as long as they're done well (like Fallout Equestria).

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You been awfully quiet lately.

Oh ok, just wondering.

I don’t remember since it was a while ago. My best guess is maybe that I found your Trump v Celestia piece funny (speaking in a non-partisan way).

I saw you deleted a comment on my account page, so I was wondering what the comment is. If you don't mind.

That explains alot I messaged you asking why. Same for on Fanfiction.com. Just ignore those since I have my answer. I can understand your need to rewrite this and I wish you luck on that. In the future if you are still interested in doing the project let me know. ^^

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