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Two things · 5:13pm February 8th

Hey guys, two things I need some advice on.

Firstly, I'm looking for some good adventure fics to read. Mature themes are okay, as long as they're done well (like Fallout Equestria).

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That explains alot I messaged you asking why. Same for on Fanfiction.com. Just ignore those since I have my answer. I can understand your need to rewrite this and I wish you luck on that. In the future if you are still interested in doing the project let me know. ^^

ah OK, guess I’ll look forward to that.

I’m rewriting the story. Looking back I feel I could’ve written the concept alot better, for numerous reasons. One thing an editor pointed out to me was that there was way too much telling and not showing, especially for emotion. Major grammar problems as well.

Another problem was that we barely got to see the A-Mane 6, and they didn’t really feel anything like the characters we knew. Furthermore, the premise of the fic wasn’t accurately portrayed, it just showed the mane 6 as tyrants, and their world was actually worse than canon Equestria not better. Finally, it just didn’t feel “in the spirit” of the show. There are other reasons, both literary flaws and sequels I have planned etc, but rest assured the next version is going to be even better than the previous one.

If you still want to read the original, I have it hosted on fanfiction.net: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12332496/1/A-Better-World

What happened to “A Better World”?

2395356 I do think they could maybe put some of them as animated shorts or webisodes on YouTube. That would definitely drum up interest in the comics and be a cool gift to the people who are fans of both he show and the comics.

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