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"Why is a cupcake?"

A cupcake. Logic. A simple thought.

How can a humble confection find its place in a world where places are misplaced?

(Author's Note: Sweet Nothings is a companion to The Pastry Postulate. You can read either one first, or last, or at the same time. It doesn't matter.)

Tagged as comedy because my mum thought it was funny.

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I was at an unnamed toy store... and I fell through a portal. And now there are creepy horse things. Halp.

Chapters (1)

If you're a Pinkie sort of pony, you might enjoy this... Actually, it's not so much a story as a collection of generally random sequences I conjure up whilst attempting to work on my real stories. A word of caution: It's random. Please please PLEASE, in the name of Faust, do not leave me comments telling me you hate it because it's random. Don't say I didn't warn you. Please, leave me comments on anything else, like it, fave me, do whatever. Oh, and do enjoy yourselves.

Chapters (11)

"Logic!" said the professor. "What do they teach in school these days?"

A cupcake. Twilight Sparkle. A simple thought.

What could possibly make this an interesting story? No... it's not grimdark. Shame on you.

Twilight delves deep into the heart of Logic in order to determine whether it is ethically right to eat a cupcake. Drink coffee before proceeding if you are prone to headaches. A thanks goes out (from me...) to the people who make my life as crazy as it is. It's tagged as comedy because my mum thought it was funny.

Do enjoy yourselves.

POST MORTEM: Also, be sure to check out the companion story, Sweet Nothings. Read them in any order or both at once.

Chapters (1)

Zecora Gets Bored. It's... pretty straightforward, yes? Something I wrote just for the heck of seeing Zec do all this stuff. Enjoy and comment and stuff.

Chapters (1)

Twenty years into the future after... some undefined point in the future. I don't want to say zombie apocalypse or fallout specifically; I leave the Happening up to your imaginations. Let me know what your take on this story is-- I still don't know for sure what is mine. Incidentally, this is not in any way linked with any of my other stories. Just a dark fic for all the ponies who disliked Sunny Skies All Year Round. Leave a comment, please, even if-- ESPECIALLY if-- you didn't like it. Or fave it because it's random. Or whatever. If a lot of people threaten me I'll take it down, otherwise it's just kinda... here.

If you need explanations about the story or just have questions regarding my (in)sanity go ahead and shoot me... a PM.

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Haters like to stereotype. They either think we all write Cupcakes, or else we write goody twoshoes junk about sweet little ponies and their happy, boring adventures. But apparently we as writers fail to be politically correct. We disregard obvious truths and exalt the random, funny, and exciting- all of which is apparently VERY BAD. So here's to you, haters. I have written a short, easy-to-read, rated-E fic. It's PC. It's mentally stable (I think). I even threw in a moral or two throughout to hopefully persuade people to live safe, healthy lives. And the whole thing is sickening. Funny, but puke-inducingly perfect. So read it. Enjoy it. And don't forget to bring a bucket.

Here's mud in your eye!
-Sir Squidfish

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1939 angry gryphons. The world at war. Only the strong and valiant will survive. This is a story I am writing because I just wanted to put another clean, (hopefully) entertaining story out there for ponies to read. The T rating is for violence, I guess, and because the word "War" is in the title. I dedicate this to everypony who takes the time to read my stories, and to all my friends who give me a well-needed kick to the caboose whenever I don't feel like writing another chapter.

Chapters (3)

Daring Do dreams of being a great explorer. But her lack of funds and contacts has kept her grounded as a low-paid schoolteacher in Indianapples. This all changes, however, on the fateful day she first hears of the intriguing artifact known as the Gryphon's Goblet. This one is for Rainbow Dash. I know, I know. But really. I like to think she's out there somewhere reading this. Yeah, I'm just loco like that.

Chapters (6)
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