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So much skarping going on...:rainbowderp: I LOVE IT!!!!!:twistnerd::yay:

2613904 Thanks! But... Whoa. I'm not sure if I'm gonna continue this story... I thought most people would like it, but I guess I was wrong.

Hey, but thanks. You're cool. I just wish people who disliked also left comments.


First, I can tell you why you have such a bad up/down ratio at the moment. You've picked three categories that get a lot of flak; clueless human in Equestria, stylistically eccentric stream of thought storytelling, and a meta opening. Certain people will downvote the first without actually reading, and lots of people will downvote the second because it is a very niche preference. The third will turn a lot of people away as well, and you're probably a little lucky it went through moderation.

That said, I really liked this (and was sent here by ForeverFreest, so thank him for the referral). I noticed very few errors that weren't obviously intentional (aside possibly from selling heroines...), and the experience was fun and engaging. I encourage you to continue with this story, but keep in mind that it will have very little appeal to the mainstream of the site.

I am intrigued.

Please proceed.

Keep writing it, Squiddy! Ah beeleeeeeve in you!

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