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*Based off of a true story*
*Image not mine*

Heroes are all around the world. Though, some of them don't get as much recognition as others. They seem like any other pony. But on the inside, they try to be as heroic as possible.

Would you try to be a hero for the ones you loved?

This is the story about a Father and a Son.

(Do NOT read comments! Spoilers!)

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What happens when your fantasy becomes a reality? The better question is...what happens when your fantasy fades away?

What happens when everything seems too good to be true...?

Special thanks to SuperSexyRainbowDash for proof-reading

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(Not an Assassins Creed crossover)

Swift Slash was born and raised as an assassin. Killing other ponies is all he knows how to do. He lives in Anvil, a town that is controlled by two major groups, The Assassins and The Guardians, both of which want full control over the town. The two groups have been fighting for as long as they can remember. Not with words, but with swords, knives, daggers, and well, you get the idea. One day, something drives Swift out of his town...something that he thought would never happen. He must now stay incognito for the remainder of his life, but where will he continue?

-Contains gore and minor cursing

-Swift Slash is the pony on the cover

-Like I said before, this has nothing to do with the Assassins Creed universe. However I did use elements from AC: The robes the assassins are wearing, the hidden blade, and parkour.(Why? Because those things are friggin' cool!) Other than that, it's a completely different story. (Plus, I have only played AC brotherhood and AC revelations so I'm not too familiar with the AC story.)

-For characters I have 'other' meaning more characters that I couldn't fit

-Feel free to ask any questions if you do not understand something

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A new stallion comes into Ponyville, but will his charisma and fiery personality win the heart of a rainbow maned pegasus?

Blaze is a determined, and athletic pegasus. He moved out of his old town because of the horrors and terrible memories it contains. He left to find a better life in Ponyville, but when he got there, he fell in love. How will he handle it? Will things turn out well? Will his past come back to haunt him? Will the mare of his dreams love him back? Why is Derpy so bucking adorable? Read and find out!
(This story has comedy in it, therefore it has slight language. Nothing serious at all though)

P.S. Yes, I understand this has a cliché story-line, but don't let that turn you off about it, I tried making it as unique as possible
This is out of topic but if you enjoy this story, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. I'm better with stories than videos
the link is here: http://www.youtube.com/user/NeonThePegasus?feature=mhee

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