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i love drawing, reading and listening to music.

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I am currently a bit over the middle, might finish when im going to have more time! C:

Heh. The snippets at the start of the chapters was sort of a sure of the moment thing after a couple chapters and work nicely to flesh out details I'd say.

As for gore....I cannot stand pointless gore or...well things just there for the sake of being there..

I like reasons being behind there even if the reader doesn't know those reasons.

How far along are you?

I still need to completely finish it, school is making it hard doing so, but I really enjoyed the story so far, with the logs it kind of reminds me of fallout but in a human war like enviroment, and I'm a fan of those stories if they're well written, and yours is gory and all but still has a story behind it, it's not all ''kill, destroy and flying guts'', and that's something I really enjoyed while reading it c:

Thank you for adding Soldier of Magic to your Favorites. :twilightsmile:

May I ask what you enjoy about it?

2306131 yaaas tis my fim account :O

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