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By the time I've been a shipper I noticed that OTP is more like Oh The Pain than Own True Pairing

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This story is a sequel to Rarity's adventures

Cheese is in the lonely roads, and his cheesy sense warns him of a party in Manehattan; when he arrives, the only pony he could see was Coco Pommel, who insisted on spending her birthday alone, but Cheese decides to throw her a "Party for two"
Happens in the middle of Rarity's Adventures, not before, not after it.

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After opening another branch of Carrousel Boutique, but this time in Manehattan, Rarity decides to stay at home for a while resting from the cameras and the daily stress. For her surprise, Ponyville became much more interesting since she went to Manehattan to put everything together in her new boutique.
Warning: Sparity hints.

Chapters (7)

It's Pinkie's birthday, and to avoid the mistakes of the last year, her friends decide to call Cheese, the premier party planner of all of Equestria, but he has been hidding a little secret.

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We all know that Pinkie Pie inspired Cheese to become a party pony, and this is the same story, but longer and with more details.

Chapters (1)

"Daddy, could you tell us the story of how mother fell in love with you?" Little Honey insisted, untill her father gave up.

"Fine, sit down you two because this is a cheesy story" Cheese Sandwich said, and Pinkie, his wife, walked closer.

"Shut up and listen, kids, I love this story" Pinkie said, sitting in the middle of the two kids.

Chapters (5)
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