Coco goes on a date

by azularmz06

I'll throw you a party, and you'll like it.

In the dry lonely roads of the Appleloosa desert, you could find a tall, golden pony walking in direction to the crimson sunset; his name was Cheese Sandwich. Everything was quiet, and the monotonous steps of this pony made a particular song in duet with the wind, he was humming a pleasant song, and his rubber chicken friend stood in silence enjoying the concert the desert was giving. The amazingly coordinated song was interrupted by the sound of an accordion, coming from the pony's flank.

"A party is at works... Manehattan" The pony whispered for himself, and redirected his way to his new destiny; Manehattan.

After what seemed hours of walking, the curly pony reached Manehattan, and for his luck, a few ponies were still awake so late at night. Cheese Sandwich raised his head to appreciate the beautiful night, and the moon, that used to have the shape of a pony, years ago, but now he couldn't find any.
He kept on walking, until his cheesy sense indicate him he had reached his destiny. He was in front of a tall building, and in the other side of the street there was a park with a stage that looked it was used little time ago. He got into the building and found a light blue maned mare, with shy eyes, sat in a chair of the building's living room, she was reading a birthday card, with a can of cherry ice cream by her side. Cheese got closer to her, and she turned around in sight of the unexpected guest, he smiled to her and took his poncho off, leaving a bright yellow polo shirt in sight, she returned the smile, and let him sit next to her.

"Hello, lovely filly, my name is Cheese Sandwich, make my dream come true and tell me your name" Cheese said in a flirty way.

"Hi, my name is Coco" Coco Pommel answered blushing a little.

"Today is your birthday?" Cheese asked and Coco nodded. "You seem lonely, and nopony like you should be alone in her birthday"

"Oh it doesn't bother me, the days in the boutique had been too busy, and its nice to have some calm" Coco said.

"Well, I'll have to insist, 'cause I happen to be the premiere party planner in all of Equestria. If there's a party in need, there I'll be. Be it wingding, hoedown, hootenanny, or shindig, I'm your pony." Cheese said, taking a mini version of his party bomb and making a mini confetti explosion in front of Coco, who smiled in return.

"Well, I'm sorry mister premiere party planner, but all I want to do is read this cards from my friends, and finish this ice cream" Coco said, taking the spoon out of the can and eating the ice cream in it.

"B-But, if I didn't have to plan a party, w-why would my cheesy sense send me h-here?! It never fails!" Cheese said, getting a little nervous, his face filling with cold sweat.

"Well, if you want to spend a calm time with me, you can still do it, I won't stop you, but not a lot of ponies, that's what I want to avoid" Coco said, taking another card from what seemed a bunch of at least 20 birthday cards.

"If what you want to avoid is a lot of ponies, why don't I throw you a party for two?" Cheese proposed.

"You mean a date? Right?" Coco asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh, that's how you call it? Well then, let's have a date!" Cheese said, getting up from his seat.

"What now!?" Coco tried to say, but she was cut off by Cheese taking her hoof and carrying her to the reception of the building.

The pony watching the door was a tall rough stallion, even taller than Cheese, and he was concentrated on doing his job, nopony actually knew his real dream was being a guardian of the royal army in Canterlot, but for acts of bad luck, he ended up there. Cheese and Coco got closer to him, and Cheese was the first on talking to him.

"Hey mister, may I ask you, is there any nice restaurant open at this hour, so I can take this daydream for a date?" Cheese said, and the stallion raised an eyebrow, Cheese was starting to wonder why everypony in Manehattan looked at him that way.

"Coco, dear, why did you get such a goofy jerk as a coltfriend?" The stallion said, and Coco blushed, not in flattery, but of anger.

"He is not my coltfriend, he is just a friend" She said, and the stallion smiled ironically.

"Okay, there's a nice restaurant three streets away that is open 24/7, this way" The stallion pointed with one hoof, and the two ponies walked in direction the stallion pointed out.

"Thank you! and I am not a jerk!" Cheese screamed when he was far enough so he could only be heard a few words.

The two ponies got into the empty restaurant, and a waitress attended them with all care possible, since nights used to be lonely there. They got a nice table in the center of the place and started talking. Cheese looked at the menu and located a daisy pizza.

"I've always wondered, why if pizza is round, they sell it in square boxes?" Cheese said, looking at the menu, and Coco giggled.

"Well, I think it's as ironic as you calling me daydream, in the middle of the night" Coco pointed out.

"Can you even daydream at night?" Cheese said, raising his sight from the menu.

"I guess in that case you night-dream" Coco said with an unerasable smile.

"Nope, that sounds as a nightmare, and you surely don't look like a nightmare" Cheese said, and Coco blushed, this time truly flattered.

"Ugh I hate you!" Coco said in a joke manner.

"What? already?! you just met me!" Cheese said, also smiling.

"You always find a way to make me blush, even if I don't plan to!" Coco said, blushing harder.

"Well, I guess it's not my fault being that handsome" Cheese said, smiling flirty and getting his face closer to Coco's.

"No! you're not even that handsome! and I could swear your heart belongs to someone else" That was it, the bomb that detonated Cheese's indestructible walls and left his feelings uncovered, his face got serious and his eyes flashed, showing that Coco's supposition was true.

"How did you notice?" Cheese managed to say, as the image of the mare of his dreams came to his mind, a pink, curly, bubbly mare.

"I... I don't know, nopony can be that bad flirting, even if that was comedy, so I just thought you had a fillyfriend" Coco explained.

"Not a fillyfriend, she's too special for being with somepony like me..." Cheese said, and cut his thoughts off "But we're not here for that! This is your party!" Cheese said, recovering his initial cheer, but something had changed, he was trying to rebuild his emotional walls, but somehow, he couldn't, the Coco bomb was way too strong for him.

"No no no, now that I have a hint, you have to tell me EVERYTHING about her!" Coco said, sat in the border of her chair, but Cheese only sighed.
"Coco, you have to understand the difficulties I'm going through right now, first, this party is not a party, it's a date, then you tell me I'm a bad flirting jerk, and then you destroy all the emotional walls I built so she wouldn't hurt while I throw a party, but I don't want to blame you, nor make you feel bad the day of your birthday, but I can't even-" Cheese tried to explain, but Coco cut him off.

"Shh, I never called you a jerk, and you are not THAT bad flirting, and I'm sorry for breaking your walls, I just wanted to help you"

"Thanks, but all I wanted to do was cheering you up, and now the only pony who needs to be cheered up is me" Cheese said, a sad frown drawn in his face.

"Come on, speaking about her would cheer you up?" Coco asked and Cheese nodded.

"She would always cheer me up"

"Then why does it hurt so badly when you think of her?"

"No, thinking of her doesn't hurt, what really hurts is the fact that I left her there, and I never told her what I really felt."Cheese explained, and he felt a big relief, he didn't need walls anymore, everything they protected was already shared with Coco, and she understood that what Cheese really needed was expressing his feelings.

"So, why didn't you tell her?" Coco asked, with a clear intention, helping Cheese express himself.

"I used to be very shy, and when I met her, everything changed, but it's hilarious how the pony that thought you how not to be shy, can take you back to shyness faster than a flash." Cheese started, and Coco nodded in sign of 'you can continue' "And since then on, I feel very guilty that I couldn't tell her, and my cheesy sense hasn't called me there ever again, and every time I make some time to visit her, a new party appears, and I must attend them all, I'm not called the premier party pony for nothing."

"I'm so sorry about that..." Coco started, but she did not know what to say.

"Oh, don't be sorry about me! We still have this party!" Cheese said, taking his real sized party bomb out of the nowhere and making it boom, suddenly, the whole restaurant was decorated thanks to his bomb, and it cheered up the employees of the restaurant, but somehow, Coco was still serious.

"Hey, don't you like my party bomb? it always works, and it's smaller than my party cannon, curious thing that canon, I can't use it indoors-" Cheese said interrupted by Coco.

"Not that I don't like it, but my condition for this party was avoiding a lot of ponies, and the employees do want a real party, and you surely can't let them down" Coco sighed. "Anyways, I guess I can never stay calm and quiet the day of my birthday." Coco finished, and started eating her food covered by confetti.

Cheese stood in silence for a little while, staring at the employees, who in themselves were begging for a party, but Cheese didn't party for them, what he did was something impossible for the rest of the ponies, but possible for him and a certain pink pony. He stood up from his seat and made an implosion of his party bomb, and all the stuff it had released, and as if nothing had happened, he sat down in his chair again.

"What?! How can you do that?!" Coco said, putting down her food in the plate, her eyes widened.

"Just a few of the magic party ponies have, nothing impressive" Cheese explained, with false modesty.

"B-But you are not a unicorn! We are both earth ponies! Again, how can you do that?" Coco said, getting frustrated.

"Coco! I already told you, earth pony magic! and explaining the joke just kills it" Cheese said, resigning to tell her.

"If that was a joke, it was already dead." Coco said, and Cheese's closed eyes opened in surprise.

"Me... telling a dead joke... WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?!" Cheese said, blaming Coco for his bad party throwing since the moment he saw her.

"Hey! It's not my fault you were not brave enough to tell Pinkie you loved her!" Coco said, and after she realized what she said, she put her hooves in her mouth, regretting her last spoken sentence.

"How did you know I was talking about her?" Cheese lowered his voice while saying that.

"I-I just thought you were... She is the only party pony I know, and well, she was the only mare I could think of looking cute next to you... and you do make a cute couple" Coco explained.

"Oh" Cheese said with an unknowable tone.

They both stood in silence, but after a little while Cheese started to laugh silently and his laughter became infectious and made Coco laugh too, they both laughed harder and harder, until Cheese fell to the ground, and that made Coco laugh even harder.

"Uhm, Coco, I think it's time to go, I really need to sleep" Cheese said and Coco nodded.

They payed the bill and headed back to the building Coco lived in. When they got into the living room, Coco looked at the mess she had made with the birthday cards and his almost empty ice cream can. She walked closer to the spot she was sat in a few hours ago and sighed as she took the ice cream can with one hoof.

She sighed. "Look, my ice cream is melted" She said, showing the melted ice cream to Cheese.

"Yep, melted cherry ice cream is my diagnostic" Cheese said, taking his poncho from the floor and put it on.

"What are you doing?" Coco asked, while Cheese prepared himself to go.

"It's been an awesome night, Coco, but I have to go" Cheese walked to the door, and Coco didn't stop him, she just waved goodbye.

When Cheese was already out of the building he said. "Whelp! Another job well done, but it's time for me to go... Another town, another party" And with that, he disappeared from Coco's sight, and the first sun rays of a new day appeared, the sunrise.