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I am the Autistic Writer. I have Autism (Aspergers Syndrome), but that doesn't stop me from writing great stories.

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Applejack realizes her feelings for Spike, however she is too late and has to bear the pain on her own. However a pair of watchful eyes are upon her.

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Human Dusk Shine had been uncomfortable around Sunset Shimmer lately. He came to the conclusion that he has fallen in love with her. The next big step is to confess.

Will the confession go alright or will it end in heart break?

For the 2016 Audio Drama Fic Group Contest

Coverart by JaquelinDreamz.

Chapters (1)

Applejack walks by Twilight's house and sees Pinkie spying inside the window.
At first, Applejack thought it to be nothing. However, when she looked through the window, she sees Spike growing up in an unusual way.

Rated T for sexual content.

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This story is a sequel to Groom of Eris

Sequel to Groom of Eris and Son of Eris, Butterscotch and Eris are having a lovely Hearths Warming with their families. However, when Eris tells a colt that there is no such thing as Santa Hooves, a being is summoned in order to teach the good ponies of Ponyville a lesson. Will a certain colt realize his mistake in time to save Hearths Warming?

Genderbend version of Hearths Warming Chaos by Disney Fanatic 2364.

Rated T for Horror.

Chapters (1)

Butterscotch yelled at his girlfriend and she is currently in the closet. Will Butterscotch be brave enough to confront her about their relationship.

Rated T for mentions of Sex and swearing.

Chapters (1)

A gender-bend version of Disney Fanatic 2364's "Bride of Discord"

She should have been imprisoned in stone. However, what if she escaped at the last second.

Three years pass by and Butterscotch still can't forget the female draconequus. The others have forgotten about her and have moved on with their lives. When she returns, she decides to wreck havoc on Equestria and turning it into her personal playground. The only way that she will stop is if she has a Groom.

Coverart by Fanshipping 713

Chapter 1 Edit by Danger A Dragon and AndromedaNova
Chapter 2 Edit by Danger A Dragon
Chapter 3 Edit by atronosthelast

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When Spike is rescued by a mare wearing the Mysterious Mare Do Well costume, he is smitten in love with her.

Meanwhile, the Mane Six learn that the Mysterious Mare Do Well costume was stolen. Who is the mare that has stolen both the costume and Spike's heart?

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Adaigo was going out with a boy named Dopey Hooves. He takes her to a love motel without knowing what a love motel is. He gifts her a gift to show how much he loved her. However, will Adaigo accept his gift or will she truly understand their relationship?

Dopey Hooves is the gender bend version of Derpy Hooves....No i am not calling her Muffins.

Pairing: Dopey Hooves/Adaigo

May contain some mentions of sex.

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In a fight against lord Sombra, a friend heroically sacrifices herself to save Twilight, however will the young girl tell Twilight her feelings before it's too late?

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Rarity loses a beauty contest to a guy named Zander. However, Rarity soon notices there is something different from Zander that separate him from the other guys that she has come across. Will she learn there is more than one way to look at beauty?

This story is for the What is Beauty contest for Weekly Contests.

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