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Kody Wiremane

Male, of age (technically); wire low power networks, read, sometimes write; born and reside in Russia, GMT+3 (PST+11). Your help in improving my English will be appreciated.)

In my blog:

- a brief analysis of Luna's old habits shown in S2E4 "Luna Eclipsed" (love her <3);
- a small piece of info about me;
- my piece of poetry inspired by Fluttershy's cutest smile in "Filli Vanilli" (love her too, of course <3);
- one more piece of "about me";
- thoughts about possible unicorns' superiority over the other tribes;
- thoughts about rock farms;
- an intro article about the fictional Radical Church of Ponies (it must be seen right here, on the frontpage);
- a little note regarding the current weather;
- a January 1st post;
- thoughts about what elements MLP characters could represent in programming;
- a youtube video with a dancing horse;
- a youtube video, Soviet animated cartoon about a pony working in a zoo, who helped an old general;
- thoughts about differences in magic for different pony species;
- an advice-asking post about software for The Proofreader Group;
- another piece of poetry;
- coronavirus ponification examples;
- an etude about how Twi x Tempest shipping could start;
- an etude about embodied clemency visiting NMM right before her escape.

a-and that's all for now). Rise and shine:)

P.S. If you click a blog's title to open its actual page instead of viewing it in the blog feed, it would increase the view counter and get me some statistical data. It's anonymous after all )


Call me slowpoke (posted in the summer of 2015), but Celestia looks absolutely stunning in this dress! and she's so happy having Twilight at her side^^

Thanx MLP Wiki for their Gallery :3


One of the most epic episodes I've seen)))


Rarity is the epitome of femininity in this episode -^___^-
And I love that music and the scenary)))

Have you heard of PonyOS?)

September 23, 2014

I saw Luna in my dream, so cool!


Geopolitics · 10:40pm March 2nd

I assume everyone is aware of the situation in Eastern Europe.

I regret to say that I live in the attacking country, and that I have practically zero influence on its actions. Those who appeal for peace, are opposed by the authoritarian government, enforcers, and brainwashed people.

I have been receiving messages from my friends outside, including the war zone, quite terrifying; but now my connections start being severed, by factors both within and outside the country I inhabit.

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Report Kody Wiremane · 33 views · #nowar

The Proofreader Group, the TwiLuna group, stuff

I perform duties as a technical administrator (as I now call it) in The Proofreader Group. I usually do not proofread or supply art (due to the lack of time and professional skills), but I answer questions about the group, and help with the documents. Also I am a lead developer (<:'D) and maintainer of TPGDB. I may get online throughout the day, though more essential things are usually limited to the 3 hours before midnight, when I'm around my desktop. Well, and days off.

As for the TwiLuna group staff, my role there is rather unimportant, something between a counsellor and an assistant. So I do not do much administrative work there.

(not mine, but useful)


The Radical Church of Ponies (a concept) · 11:02am Nov 28th, 2015

   "The Radical Church of Ponies" (RCP) is an international militarized religious human organization founded in the early 21st century. Its members believe in the existence of Equestria and the future coming of ponies to Earth that will bring peace and harmony under ponies' reign.

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As a kid, you know nothing, and problems pass away. As an adult, you know everything, but that isn't helping x)

Think of it like 1st grade. I like potatoes. You like potatoes. We tell each other. We are best friends.

I wish making friends was this easy in real life.

The Cow Party, then, I presume.
And our currencies' names start with the same letter x)

Befriending through telling each other the things is an entirely new concept to me x)

HE DID IT! HE SAID THE THING! Now here is me being a stereotypical Indian guy.

Helo. My name is Rajesh from microsoft assistant servises. Your computer has bhairus, plz pay ₹30 lakh at thes bank account for fix.
You like chai? I like masala chai. Britisher is bad. Pakistan bad! China bad! Russia is friend. NO COW EATING ALLOWED!! I WILL JAIL IF U DO!

sent from Samsung phone in underground luxury house.

Ah, the thing!

Where is your ushanka, comrade? Do you need a spare one? Have you already applied for joining the Communist Party where you live? Who is your Leader there?

Vodka probably gets even funnier if you mix it with cola… :trollestia:

You saw Luna in your dream?! So cool.

Even touched her ^___^
7 years ago, but still that was a sign, I think.)


The thing refers to any of the stereotypical Russian things to say. (plz say vodka good, cola bad)

You saw Luna in your dream?! So cool.

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